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04 |
> 42 years old
> Caregiver
< Angeli Castillo
JULY 2013
@ Manarat Al ...
08 |
FILIPI... | 11
My Gibson Les Paul electri...
12 |
Samosa is probably India's most popular appetizer. Its triangular shape comes with savory filling... | 13
Irreverent/ unpredictable fiction-writer Seumas
writes an online blog (which he sees as a modern-...
14 |
I tell them that life is much more beautif... | 15
I am really glad to say that I have
successfully mas...
16 |
By Mylene GomeraFILM
“The Journey” a short film ... | 17
No one embraces the spirit of adventure
quite like Julie Lewis! Jules is the
founder and director...
18 |
By Asma Suhail Al AmeriART
Fatima Abdul... | 19
Apart from ice hockey and photography, Fatima
loves football, basketball and travelling. Tempo
Blakniss|OriginalgameheadfromAtaritoXBox! Shahid Saeed |TalkerfortheNon-Techies
game hedz tech talk
A co... | 21
> PHOTOGRAPHER: Beno Saradzic
> PLACE: Zighy Bay, Oman
> TITLE: Luxury Villa
> SETTING: Manual Mo...
22 |
WHERE DID YOU MEET?My friend’s house in airport road,
Abu Dhabi
At our common friend’s house
WHEN... | 23
Recently, Tempo contributor
and award-winning poet,
Dorian “Paul D” Rogers, met
for coffee and co...
By Rhea Oomen
the planetarians
Theresa F. Weberwomen in business
Zulekha Husenitamakkan
MR. HANI SOUBRA, Regional Director, MENA for the BBC Worldwide,
writes this as Tempo's guest colu...
28 |
Dr. Alma Kadragicmedia
It isn’t often that the work you...
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  2. 2. AtTempoweloveinnovationandaresmittenby technology.Ibelieveitistheideaof'possibility' thatturnsuson.YoumayrememberthatinMarch 2008weembracedMicrosoftTagduringthesame weeksitwasleavingbeta,andgotapleasantcallfrom MicrosoftinRedmondtellinguswewerepioneers inourregion.Now-withthisissue-wearehappy tobeintegratingAugmentedReality,breaking newgroundonceagainintheregionwithARin publishing!Thisispossiblethroughanexciting partnershipwithUKbasedVirtualMobandtheir barely-off-beta"PointAtMe"[PAM]ARplatform. AtTempowelovetosharethejourneyofdiscovery andexperimentation,withstartups,visionariesand mavericks.AlthoughARisanascenttechnology (intermsofdaytodayapplications)wethinkitwill increasinglyimpactourlives,andatTempo,we welcomethefuturewithopenarms! Speakingofinnovatorsandrisktakers,ourissuethis monthischockfullofheartwarmingstoriesabout peopleinourowncommunitythatarechangingour worldforthebetter. Asalways,reachouttotheTempoteamwith questions,concernsandideas...Tempoisanopen platformofcollaboration-andyouarethecentre ofit! Feelfreetoreachmeonmyemailor throughTwitter. Boldlyforward, Sana Bagersh ManagingEditor FollowoureditoronTwitter@bagersh 14 17 18 TO ADVERTISE IN TEMPO, CALL: 02 491 8624 EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS MANAGING EDITOR SanaBagersh EDITORIAL COORDINATOR AjirShujahi MARKETING DIRECTOR ManjulAbhishek DESIGN & LAYOUT MarkDeCastro WEB & VIDEO SubinJohnMathew PHOTOGRAPHER AngeliCastillo DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR MelakuMuluneh Alma Kadragic Asma Suhail Al Ameri Azza El Masri Blakniss Diji Shujahi Dorian “Paul D” Rogers Dr. DMS Ethar Ahmed El Tinay Hani Soubra Manar Al Hinai Mylene Gomera Rhea Oomen Rita Mayer Seumas Gallacher Shahid Saeed Sneha Celina Augustine Theresa F Weber Zulekha Huseni ADDRESS To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. NOTE TO ADVERTISERS Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 email: DISCLAIMER Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 23 04 notesandcyberchatter 05 uspace 06 what’shot 07 peoplecalendar 08 tempo’stop10songs/what’sonyouripod 09 bandbanter:borderless 10 mystyleblueprint 11 timecapsule 12 citybites 13 theblog 14 coverstory–magicalmoein 16 thejourney 17 madlyinlove 18 actionthroughalens 20 gamehedz/techtalk 21 phototripping 22 fromAbuDhabiwithLove 23 articulatecafé 24 docinthehouse/theplanetarians 25 womeninbusiness 26 tamakkan 27 viewpoint 28 media 29 horoscope 1 Download the app pointatme for free from the app stores (Android or iOS) to your smart phone 2 Run application 3 Scan each page that has the icon and have fun with videos, images, links and lots more. AR SCANNING GUIDELINES POINTATME
  3. 3. 04 | THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: Whatsweetmeatsanddessertswould youpreferforRamadan? Basbousa1. Pisang Goreng (Indonesian2. Banana Fritters) Kunafa with cheese3. Ashure4. Layali lubnan5. Cakes and pastries6. TO VOTE GO TO POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES RESULT OF LAST MONTH’S VOTE: Tempoasked,whatyouwouldbemostlikelyto orderfromthelist? ButterPopcorn44% CaramelPopcorn20% ChiliChocolate20% MintToothpaste16% “HELLO TEMPO! I FOUND THE NEW RECYCLED STAND AT AL WAHDA MALL NEXT TO THE 1ST FLOOR ATM COUNTERS.” > 26 YR OLD LAMA HAMAD tweet @abudhabitempo like us on facebook PAUL RAMOS HEY GUYS! I’VE BEEN READING TEMPO MAG SINCE I’VE BEEN HERE 4 YEARS AGO... AND I LOVE YOUR CONTENT ESPECIALLY MY STYLE BLUEPRINT: INSPIRING PEOPLE LIKE ME. Very inspiring and creative! Beautiful -Fatema Where can I get these!!? I need two pairs for my daughters! -Jessica ON: ARTFOR SOLE ON: TAKING ASTAND Lovedit!“Youmaynotcontrolallthe eventsthathappentoyou,butyoucan decidenottobereducedbythem”. KeepitupSara–Fatema Peopleonlytrytosuppressotherswho intimidatethem.Youshouldbevery proudofyourself. –Sara Salam HEYSARAH,YOUAREAN EXAMPLEFOREVERYARAB MENANDWOMEN.WECAN STANDUPFOROURRIGHTS PEACEFULLYANDNOT WITHVIOLENCE.PEACE –WASSIM (TempoinvitedPaultoshowcasehisown styleinthisissue.) ON: SEUMASGALLACHER PUBLISHINGPHENOM HeisarealinspirationandIrememberhis inspiringspeechinTamakkan.–Asma ON: FROMABUDHABIWITHLOVE Sooooocute!!GreatideaTempo.SpreadtheLove! –Vaiga ON: RE-FASHIONISTA Whatanawesomeidea!Timetoemptyoutmy closet….orshouldisay“re-fashion”!!–Claire D Ihopethisarticlereachesthosewhoneedsthe advice…itshouldalsoactasawarningtothose whobullyotherpeople.– Tejas Tejasyouareright.Themainintentionbehind writingthisarticlewastospreadthismessage toallthosepeoplewhobullyothersandtheir victims!– Manisha R Manikuttan ON: FACINGBULLIES TEMPOWISHES ALL OUR READERS RAMADAN MUBARAK!
  4. 4. | 05TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 HIJAB, OUR CHOICE By Ethar El Tinay TALKING BOOKS By Azza El Masri ONE FIFTH AVENUE by Candace Bushnell, Hyperion 2008 A lot could happen in a building that you wouldn’t even know about it. ‘One Fifth Avenue’ is the most sought after address in Manhattan - for the pedigree of its tenants and its vintage architecture. But don’t be fooled by the exterior’s elegance and poise (the very embodiment of traditional elite New York society) - because a lot lies behind closed doors. From drama to lust, to murder and romance, ‘One Fifth’ reveals a lot... Candace Bushnell is acclaimed novelist and creator of the world of ‘Sex and the City’, which enthralled many women all over the world by giving them a glimpse into the lives of New York City’s favorite four girls. This celebrated author delves into the society she knows best, writing about the pain, loneliness and torture behind the glitz and glamour of New York society. She brings us an intriguing look at the five women who “rule” the building of ‘One Fifth’—from Ened Merle, the oldest tenant of the building to Mindy Gooch, the head of the building’s board, all seek ways to move up the ladder of New York high society. Poignant and direct, Bushnell’s writing leaves no room for flourishes and instead makes the point with wit and irony as she sheds light onto the changing sociological and political contexts of New York’s elites. ‘One Fifth Avenue’ is a great replacement novel for Gossip Girl fans who are still recovering from the abrupt end of their beloved series. It is the perfect mix of drama and romance yet it is not the kind of novel from which you would expect a happy and easy ending. Rather, expect a more of a realistic—even tedious—conclusion. AzzaElMasriisanavidreaderandisalways lookingfornewrecommendations!Ifyou wanthertoreviewabookyoufellinlove withorleaveacommentonherbookbulletin, thenyoucanreachheron: ETHAR AHMED EL TINAYisa28yearold Sudanesewhostartedpoetrysincetheageof10.She wrotethispoemonwhyHijabisnecessary. FROM: OREO, THE KITTEN ADDRESS: A VILLA IN BATEEN On12Juneataround7pmmylifechangedforever.Iwaswithmymother andmyfivesistersunderatreenexttoBaynunahStreetwhenweall decidedtoplayhideandseek.MymotherwasnappingandIdecidedto findaplacenoonecouldfindme. Isneakedawaytohideandthenext minuteIfoundmyselfontheroadwithbigscarycarsdrivingallaround me. Icalledformymummybutshewasn'tthere.SoIclosedmyeyes andstartedrunningasfastasIcould. ThenIstoppedandlookedback andsawthatIhadcrossedthreelanes,managingtododgetheoncoming cars.ButrightthenIsawabigcartyreabouttocrushmeatthetraffic intersection. Ifroze.ThenIheardscreechingsoundsasabighumanhandpickedmeupandplacedmeintothe movingcar.'Kidnap'Ithought,isn'tthisillegal?IwhimperedasIheardthethreehumansoohingandahhingabout howsmallIwas. Theytookmetotheirhome,andallofthemgatheredtolookatme.Iwasterrified.Everytimetheyputmeonthe groundIranandhid.Ispentthewholenightcryingastheytriedtofeedme.Thenextdaytheytookmetoaplace wheretheystuckneedlesatme,putstuffinmyeyesandwashedme. IthoughtIwasgoingtodie.Theylookedatme andtheydecidedtocallme"Oreo"becauseI'mblackandwhite. ThenIwenthomeandmetthefamilyagain.They cuddledmeandcomfortedmeandIstartedtofeelsafe.Theygavemeyummyfoodandputmeincagethatwas warmandcozy. Ilikethelittlekids,AhmedandSara.TheyplaywithmeallthetimeandIliketonuzzletheirtoes. I stillthinkofmymummyandmysistersallthetime,IwishIcouldletthemknowI'msafeandhappy. (Maybethey'll gettoseethismessage?) -Oreo Ameaningwraps Aroundmycover.. Inthesizeofthisworldaswhole, Betweenthebodyandmycloak Thereliesathousandmiles.. Thereliesasolemnmeaning Onlybornfrommostancienttimes: "OurFreedomtochoose".. Toprotectmyself Fromthosewickedstares,and pitfalls.. Toleavebetweenthosethoughts Andme, Unfoldingsheetsofinfinitelands.. Sothatthefrivoloussightwhich wanders insearchofvainnourishment returns, exhaustedinshamefromthat labyrinth.. andallituncoversareitsmirages.. Thatismyright,tochooseapath Tobringamessageuntothisworld.. Tocraftoverthisscaredgem, Aheftycoveranditsstole.. TomakeitknownthatIholdamind Whichchantsadreamoflonesome people.. Amindentrustedwithprotection Toaheartthatcarriesacollosal nation, Onewhichhidesinthesheathof darkness.. AndIcalltothosewhoareoblivious Totheworthinessofmyreligion: Watchhowyoulosesight ofthisimagebeforeyou, andisblinded fromthefigure.. Whenyourmindenlightensa conscience borntofollowwhat’snaturally righteous.. Andknowthatchastityisbutascale Onewhichpeoplemountupon.. Andthatwhenmodestyis confiscated, You’vewitnessedthefirstwhispers ofthedevil.. Andthink.. IfyouweretoaskAdamandEve Ofthestoryofthefirstseduction.. Orthenaskyourmindinsolitude Onwhatisproducedbyheatof passion.. Andanswerthisinnothingless Thenyourbareandoverttruth: Ifyoureyesightwhenitwanders Unleashestormenttothosemeager hearts, Whynotthenholditbackfrom straying Sofarawayinthiscloudeddarkness..? Soknowthatyouareofmeretwo options: Holdoffthewhimsofthosebelittled Andsoarinrisinghighoverspirits .. Orbowtodisputeofone’sdesires Andfallsodeepinsorrow tothelowestofdoom’splaces.. Sotakenoteofwhatshallbesaid, dearfriend Beconscioustothesesubsequent words: Allowthehearttokeeptranscending Overthewayofthebelittledsouls, andliftitselfuntograndestof heights.. Allowyourmindtobeatease, Workingonitseverybreath Fortheattainmentofnothingless Thanbegettingthosemightygoals: PleasingthyLord,constructingthe earth Extendingthoughtandcivilizations.. Thisadvicehasbeenrevealed Throughthebooksofallreligions.. Tohoardyoursight andsaveyoursoul, bringsblissatpresent.. bestowssalvation.. andgrantsaneternaltasteofheaven.. Oreo(7wks)withAhmed(7yrs)andSarah(10yrs) SCANTHIS PAGE ANDWATCH THE POEM RECITED IN ARABIC
  5. 5. TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 862406 | Y O U R G U I D E T O T H I S M O N T H S ’ H O T T E S T E V E N T S FOURTH RAMADAN FORUM 2013 July 9 – August 18 Family Development Foundation Centers , Abu Dhabi Ramadan is the month of goodness, forgiveness, harmony, kindness and love. Events which are serving all family members, elevating their spiritualities and values appropriately with the holy month will also be held to support family’s riorities in maintaining sound family values and culture and the commitment of family members to their roles and responsibilities, which will strengthen social values and deepen positive manners through offering great bunch of various social, cultural, religious and health programs. > Details: DUBAI INDOOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 July 2 – July 6 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre The Dubai Indoor football championship is organizes by the Dubai World Trade Centre and runs alongside the Dubai Sports World. This championship will be held in the 1800sqm FIFA- approved indoor pitch. Every year international legends bring in their spectacular display of skills indoors and compete with challengers from across the Middle East region. > Details: UNITED NATION OF COMEDY SHOWS IN SUMMERFEST ABU DHABI July 4 – July 5 Du Forum, Abu Dhabi Yas Island The United Nations of Comedy (UNOC), featuring four major international comedians Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, Mike Batayeh and Nemr Abou Nassar, with special appearances by Mohamed Kamal, Omar Allouba and Hilal Bilal, will perform a pair of two-hour shows at the du Forum on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island entertainment destination on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. > Details: ZSC RAMADAN FOOTBALL CUP July 9 – July 30 Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi The annual ZSC Ramadan Football Tournament will kick off in July, pitting some of the city’s most avid football teams against each other in their quest for the title. Social, corporate and government teams from around the capital will vie for the trophy and their share of AED 30,000 in cash in this seven-a-side tournament. > Details: A VERSE IMPRINTED - ISLAMIC ARTS June 4 – August 31 The Ara Gallery, Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai An exhibition displaying a collection of calligraphic artworks inspired by the Holy Quran, quotes from the Prophet Mohammed PBUH and Arabic poetry. This exhibition will bring together a group of calligraphers who have adorned their pieces with meticulously chosen words and phrases. > Details:
  6. 6. GINA P. HIGOM > 42 years old > Caregiver < Angeli Castillo JULY 2013 ECO FUTURE WORKSHOP: HANDMADE ECO PAPER @ Manarat Al Saadiyat Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi JULY 6 AFOC 17TH OPEN SPORTS FESTIVAL @ The Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel, Abu Dhabi JULY 10-31 RAGE INDOOR SKATING ANDBMX CHAMPIONSHIP@ Dubai InternationalConvention and ExhibitionCentre, Dubai JULY 19 LIWA DATES FESTIVAL 2013 July 18 – July 25 Al Gharbia, Abu Dhabi’s Western Region Abu Dhabi will organize the 9th edition of the Liwa Date Festival from the 18th to the 25th of July, 2013 in Liwa city in Abu Dhabi’s Western Region (Al Gharbia). The unique event, which boasts a heritage dimension and prides itself on keeping alive many aspects of history and past civilization, seeks to dig into desert secrets, tales of local people and their rich heritage. > Details: RAMADAN & EID FESTIVAL 2013 July 20 – August 10 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center Halls 1 – 5, Abu Dhabi The popular exhibition combines a consumer show with traditional celebration. The event showcases family-friendly consumer goods, unique gift items, Arabic food, toys and games, as well as traditional song and dance to bring in the festivity and an ambience of togetherness during the month of Ramadan. > Details: | 07 FINALS OF DUBAI AIRPORTS 9BALL CHAMPIONSHIP@ Third exit of Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport JULY 7
  7. 7. TEMPO’S MUSIC CHART LETS YOU DISCOVER THE LATEST TOP 10 SONGS IN THE UAE. 08 | MUSIC KAREEM MACHNOUK is an 18 yr old British student who loves music as much as he loves to play rugby. Givemelove-EdSheeran1. Wearmeout-SkylarGrey2. Teasingtoplease-CuteIsWhatWeAimFor3. ICouldbetheOne-Aviciivs.NickyRomero4. Hearme-ImagineDragons5. NeonCathedral(Ft.AllenStone)-Macklemore&6. RyanLewis Calling(Losemymind)-SebastianIngrosso7. WhenIwasyourman-BrunoMars8. Years-Alesso9. Nobeef(Ft.MissPalmer)-SteveAoki10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 RADIOACTIVE Imagine Dragons CAN'T HOLD US (FEAT. RAY DALTON) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis GET LUCKY (FEAT. PHARRELL WILLIAMS) Daft Punk CRUISE (REMIX) (FEAT. NELLY) Florida Georgia Line BORN TO FLY (THE VOICE PERFORMANCE) Danielle Bradbery DANNY’S SONG (THE VOICE PERFORMANCE) The Swon Brothers WHY (THE VOICE PERFORMANCE) Michelle Chamuel MY SONGS KNOW WHAT YOU DID IN THE DARK (LIGHT EM UP) Fall Out Boy COME & GET IT Selena Gomez WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN Bruno Mars SCAN AND CONNECTTO TEMPOPLANET.COM View the #1 song in the UAE
  8. 8. | 09 TheAbuDhabiband“Borderless”hasasimple motto:“Musichasnoboundaries,nolimits.Musicis BORDERLESS!”Tempocaughtupwithbandleader JoshwinSequeiratogetthelowdown… “Weuseourmusicasatooltospreadtogethernessamongcommunities.In timesofdespairitismusicthathelpshealtheworld.‘Borderless’isafusion ofsongsindifferentlanguages. “Whenwefirstformedourband,thereusedtobeconflictastoinwhich languageweshouldsingoursongs-English,Hindi,Frenchetc.Thenwe collectivelycameupwiththeideaoffusingsongsofdifferentlanguages together.WewerealsoinspiredbandslikePennMasala. “OurschoolAbuDhabiIndianSchoolwastheplacewherewestartedit all.Theschoolprovidedusthefacilitytopracticeandperformonvarious occasions.Ourfamilieshavealsobeenprovidingusconstantsupporttohelp pursueourpassion. “Wewouldlovetoplayatanyvenuewheretheaudiencecanhearourmusic. ItwouldbegreatifwecouldplayatCornichefortheBeatsontheBeach festival.Welovetheinteractionwiththepopulationandwouldloveto entertainAbuDhabi. “OurbiggestachievementsofarwasourrunnersupfinishattheBattleofthe BandscontestheldinAprilthisyear.Wewerethrilledtohavewonsecond place,butevenmoreexcitedtohaveperformedforanamazingaudience.We wishtocontinueperformingmoreinnovativefusionnumbersandwantto promotetheideaofmusicthatunitespeopleofculturesandnations. BAND BANTER: BORDERLESS By Sneha Celina AugustineMUSIC JOSH INTRODUCES THE BAND: JOSHWIN SEQUEIRA 18, Indian - Vocalist “I am the all time Simpsons fan. If I’m not watching the Simpsons I’m either finding out awesome new songs for the band or busy eating food”. FAZAL MIRZA 16, Indian – Drummer “Fazal is an enigmatic and ecstatic being with an open mind, who dwells on each little detail of life through the driving force that is music”. ROHITH RAO 18, Indian - Vocalist “Rohith is fun, adventurous, talkative and loves to live life on the edge!” WILARIO RODRIGUES 16, Indian - Rhythm Guitar “Wilarioistheyoungestmemberofthebandandhetriestofind anywaytoplayfootball,evenifitisduringbandrehearsals”. IAN FERNANDES 17, Indian - Lead Guitar “Ian is the most passionate about music, and he tries to find any way he can to perfect his guitar skills. He also loves basketball and loves to make new friends”. ALLEN JOJO 17, Indian - Keyboard “Joso sees himself as the "Piano Master". He loves sports and gaming”. JOEL D'SOUZA 17, Indian - Bass Guitar “Joel is a great lover of Hindi Music and aspires to be like his idol Atif Aslam”.
  9. 9. TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 PAUL RAMOS FILIPINO AGE:25 STYLEBLOGGER STREETPHOTOGRAPHER < Paul Ramos DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Casualandsimpleyetdapper. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BUY OF THE PAST MONTH? GraphicteesfromAmericanEagleOutfitters, ablueblazerfromH&M,Broguesandabrown leatherdufflebagfromICONIC. WHICH ARE YOUR FAVOURITE STORES? H&M,Iconic,AmericanEagleOutfitters, CottonInandZara. DOES THE UAE HAVE STYLE? DefinitelyYes!Wehavebeenadoptingalotof extra-ordinaryculturesandwhenitcomesto fashion,it’sreallymovingfastandcatchingup withthelatesttrendsthatthefashionindustry hastooffer. DO YOU HAVE ANY FASHION PET HATES? Peoplewearingtheincorrectclothingsizes. > CONNECT:LOOKBOOKProfile: > YOUTUBE:PAULRAMOS03 > TWITTER:@itsmepaulramos FASHION STATEMENT: It’sreallygreattofollowthelatest trendsbutatthesametimeitsbetter ifyouhaveyourownidentity:"You canbuyfashionbutnotstyle...the eternaladage" 10 |
  10. 10. | 11 LIFE MUSIC FOOD TRAVEL BASIC INFORMATIONS YOUR MOST VALUED POSSESSION: My Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, and oh yeah my collection of VW beetle model cars at home. WHERE DO YOU HANG OUT: PJ's, Le Royal Meridian, Heroes, The International Playboy mansion ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Music, being able to sing and perform. I’ll be extremely unhappy without it. CAR YOU’D LIKE TO OWN: Anything shiny that ends in an "i", or a real classic Porsche could do as well. A yellow one pleases. WHO IN YOUR LIFE DESERVES A BIG OLD THANK YOU? My sister, for always just being there, even though she is thousands of miles away. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS YOUR PURPOSE OF LIVING? I think that we should all just try to make ourselves as happy as we can, and live life to the fullest without hurting others in the process. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? To make other people happy through the music I make, even if it’s just a little bit. ABOUTME TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 WHAT IS THE EARLIEST MEMORY YOU CAN RECALL? For some reason, certain smells stick with me for longer. I remember the smell of my first lunch box of first day kindergarten. And it definitely had a Twinkie in it! WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO BE STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH? AND LEAST LIKE WITH? Most likely would be George Carlin. Least like would be ex girlfriends, or even worse, CERTAIN EX BAND MEMBERS! IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? Kruger National Park, my home country. The most beautiful place in the world! Unspoilt Africa, real "Lion king" stuff! IF YOU WERE ON DEATH ROW, WHAT WOULD YOUR LAST MEAL BE? The Big Hardees meal from Hardees. Gotta love cheeseburgers! Johan du Plooy Profession:Singer/Musician Nationality:South African Motto:Lying to yourself only makes it worse. Age:29
  11. 11. 12 | Samosa is probably India's most popular appetizer. Its triangular shape comes with savory fillings of all kinds. So popular is the Samosa that it has found a permanent place in Indian and even Arabian menus - with a growing selection of fillings to choose from, including veggies, meats, cheeses, and more. Tempo went Samosa hunting... SCRUMPTIOUS SAMOSA FOOD By Diji Shujahi WHERE: Samrat Restaurant Salaam Street WHAT: Punjabi Samosa BUILD: Vegetable samosa with Mint and Sweet Chutney COMMENT: Samrat is a modern Bollywood inspired restaurant which was surprisingly empty when we went there. There’s nothing “friendly” about the customer service here. We noticed that they had only samosas in their savory section as opposed to a fully fledged sweets section. The samosa platter arrived fast and though it wasn't fresh from the pan, it looked pretty good. Both the chutney’s had a pleasant semi-thick consistency which was something overlooked everywhere else. The samosa pastry was baked to perfection with the right amount of outside crispiness and softness inside. The filling had atypical stuffing like cashew nuts and raisins, which complemented the usual potatoes and peas fare. A well laid out samosa platter made with lots of creativity and care. RECOMMENDATION: They mark their creativity not just with the subtle Bollywood décor but with small details in their meals too. A word of caution though – check your bills properly since they managed to confuse our bill with the only other customer dining there! RATING: 3 ½ STARS WHERE: Arab Udupi – Tourist Club Area WHAT: Punjabi Samosa BUILD: Punjabi Vegetarian Samosa with Mint and Sweet Chutney. COMMENT: Stay clear from Arab Udupi in the evening! It’s jam-packed inspite of their two floors of space. When we went to sample Samosas they didn’t have any empty seats so we decided to munch our samosas outside in a small chat corner. It took some time for our samosas to arrive, which isn't ideal considering samosas are supposed to be a “quick bite”. When the samosa arrived, they looked good even though both the chutneys were runny. The sweet chutney was too sweet to be had with the samosa and the pastry was too oily. But once you go past that the filling brings back nostalgic memories of perfectly seasoned samosa fillings. Despite the flavours, this one fell short of perfection because of the oil. RECOMMENDATION: Their samosas pack in memories of Indian street food and are the cheapest of the lot. RATING: 4 ½ STARS WHERE: Foodlands Restaurant Madinat Zayed WHAT: Punjabi Samosa BUILD: Punjabi Vegetarian Samosa with Date and Coconut Chutney along with tomato ketchup. COMMENT: Foodlands is a bit more upmarket than your regular Indian eatery; hence the samosa is comparatively expensive. You also have to wait a good 15 minutes for your “snack” to arrive. The samosas were piping hot and freshly cooked, and were served with coconut chutney instead of mint chutney - which gave the dish a decidedly South Indian zing. The food presentation was lackluster, but the samosas had the right stuffing, the right masala and a near perfect pastry (albeit a few burnt edges). RECOMMENDATION: The samosas are more of a side dish, rather than a go-to main meal. RATING: 4 STARS SCANTO WATCH THEVIDEO REVIEW
  12. 12. | 13 Irreverent/ unpredictable fiction-writer Seumas writes an online blog (which he sees as a modern-day equivalent of the author’s candle-lit garret) and pours the overflow into Tempo… …ye can’t get to there from here…oh yeah?…just watch me!… …having been at this writing game ‘properly’ for just going on a couple of years now, I’m delighted to say that the initial pink-cloudness is still hanging around…let me back up a bit…y’see for the best part of nigh on 45 years, I donned the pinstripe-suit uniform and attendant sober necktie demanded of the financial world…yes, I confess, I was part of the banking fraternity…although I hasten to add, of the ’older school’ that still believed in ‘my word is my bond’…and a handshake was better security than a lawyer’s guarantee…then… I ‘went over the wall’…I escaped, and given the pawn broking debacle the global money markets have devolved into, no happier man than I to be out of it…but here’s the thing, the idea of formal retirement has never sat well with me…I set up my own wee management advisory business in Abu Dhabi, focused on restructuring and troubleshooting for corporates…keeps me out of mischief…but more importantly, has allowed me the luxury of indulging in my new-found love of writing…and what an amour de Coeur it’s turned out to be… They say ye can’t teach an old dog new tricks…well, with no false modesty here, it seems I’ve been catching on quite fast…20 months on Amazon Kindle have resulted in 65,000+ downloads for my first two crime thrillers, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK…comes now the question…‘how the heck did that old bustard manage that?!’…it confounded me at first…but with a little time, all becomes clearer…I picked up early in the piece that writing is a business…I’m a businessman… always loved the process of any corporate operation… It’s the kind of stuff I fix for a living now…and the process with the writing only BEGINS with the actual book/novel/short story/poem/play/whatever… the real task is getting it out there in the big wonderful world of readers… and bang on cue, the coming of age of SOSYAL NETWURKIN fits right in…at no prior time in history has it been possible to potentially connect with hundred of millions, if not billions of people with nothing more than a click of a computer mouse…this old Jurassic had to re-align the grey cells and ‘get with it’…and the ‘it’ has certainly been ‘got with’…I budget daily time across the various elements of the business…writing, editing, blogging, Twitter-ing, Facebook-ing, LinkedIn-ing, Goodreads-ing, and Anything- else-ing, that helps to BUILD THE PLATFORM…the spreading of the word (quite literally)…it’s not about spamming…it’s not about pleading for book purchases…it’s about developing personal linkages…being a PERSON, Heaven forfend…and d’ye know what?…it works…so next time sumb’dy says, ‘ye can’t get to there from here’…invite them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and get busy on yer keyboard…ye’ll have to excuse me now…I’ve got another best- seller novel, SAVAGE PAYBACK, to finish…see yeez later… > Follow Seumas on his blog at THE CANDLE-LIT GARRET the blog By Seumas Gallacher On a Saturday morning recently in Abu Dhabi, a small group of writers gathered together to hone their craft, share ideas, and gain inspiration. The event was, “First Strokes: A Workshop for Fiction Writers,” held on 15 June at Café Arabia. Led by locally-based established authors Jody Ballard (The Smell of Mud, 2013) and Seumas Gallacher (The Violin Man’s Legacy, 2011; Vengeance Wears Black, 2012), and presented by Tempo Magazine, the day proved to be filled with invaluable insights into the writing, marketing, and publishing processes. The ten men and women in attendance came with the tools of their trade: pens and pencils, notepads and laptops, and lots of questions and input into the seminar, which lasted from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and included a break for lunch. They were from various backgrounds and stages in the authorship process; from complete novice, to others with completed manuscripts, and still others with published work already under their belt. All felt they had something to gain from the workshop, which was comprehensive in its scope. Topics included how neuroscience and personality traits influence an author’s work; specific character and plot development techniques; peeks into the publishing world; and how a writer can build a platform to market and cultivate his or her brand. Blogger and attendee Sharifa Al Hinai was pleased with the outcome of the workshop. “I liked learning about the relationship between writing and psychology. This might push me into writing my own novel.” Young adult fiction and horror writer Samantha Wood added, “I have found the information on structure to be very helpful. And the psychology stuff is really great not just for me, but for my characters as well.” This was the first such writing workshop by Ballard and Gallacher, but they hope to do more in the future. “It was absolutely successful. I am delighted with the quality of input from the participants,” said Gallacher. “Watching the seeds of knowledge take hold was gratifying.” A PEN, PAPER AND LOTS OF INSPIRATION For information on future writing workshops, contact or By Rita Mayer SCANTHIS PAGETOWATCH SEUMAS GALLACHER’STIP ONWRITING
  13. 13. 14 | WHAT DO YOU SAY TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE MAGIC TRICKS? I tell them that life is much more beautiful when you believe in magic. We all believe in magic when we are kids as everything is possible in our minds. But when we grow up we adapt ourselves to real life and we grow to forget the beauty of magic. Through magic tricks we magicians try to bring people back to childhood and those feelings again. WHAT CHALLENGES DO YOU FACE? In our society magic is looked down upon, because of references to black magic. But what I do is different; it is entertainment. But even then it is difficult for an Arab person to explore the art of magic in a society were magic is discouraged. My family was against my art, and the society was also against my art. But I did what I thought is the right for me, and I decided to follow my dream. Now I have become a pioneering magician in this art, especially in the Arab world. I was so afraid in the beginning that I used the name of Momi Illusions to hide my identity. That was until I decided that it was enough and that I needed to tell people who I truly am, and that was how Moein Al Bastaki became a TV personality. HOW DID YOUR JOURNEY PROGRESS? It was difficult with no teacher and schools in this field. I started with my grandfather teaching me some tricks and l looked around to learn more and read as much as I could. I did my first magic show for my family when I was nine, A UAE ORIGINAL: MAGICAL MOEIN COVER STORY Moein Al Bastaki is a bit of an oddity. The 32-year-old Emirati, who holds a Masters degree in business, is a magician who performs at events and enthralls audiences with his amazing bag of tricks. Is he the UAE’s only Emirati magician? Tempo was bewitched by his charm. WHY MAGIC, MOEIN? I want to be able to create miracles. When I was a kid I always dreamt of being able to fly and disappear. I got hooked on magic at the age of nine after seeing David Copperfield for the first when my father got me his VHS tapes. At that time I didn't know who this person was but I just wanted to do what he did. Some time later there was magic show in my city and the organizer was my father’s friend. I attended every show by that magician even though all the tricks were similar to each other and not very good. Since then I have been totally fascinated by magic. Initially I was very shy to perform any magic tricks in front of anybody but I gradually built up my confidence by practicing a lot. WHERE DO YOU DRAW YOUR INSPIRATION, AND WHO ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MAGICIANS? I am inspired by the environment, people, and everything around me. My favourite magicians are David Copperfield and Derren Brown - in fact my performances have influences from both of these masters.
  14. 14. | 15 DO YOU HAVE A TRICK THAT YOU HOPE TO MASTER? I am really glad to say that I have successfully mastered a lot of the magic tricks that I dreamed of doing. But right now I am working on what I hope will be a full levitation in front of people on the street, and get it covered on TV stations. I plan to execute that very soon. {WATCH THIS SPACE, TEMPO WILL KEEP YOU POSTED} and I can say it was one of the worst magic shows ever performed. To encourage me my uncle gave me five dirhams after my show. My family didn't want me to continue this art and I didn't have anybody else to support me but still I decided to stay committed. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN YOUR FUTURE? We are getting known more by the day. We are working harder and audiences are responding well. I think we can take this art internationally and represent the Arab world. I believe soon people will come and see our show in Dubai rather than traveling to other countries to see such shows. I am privileged to have performed with big names in the world, and with celebrities in the Arab world. We have been featured on TV shows in the region. My show is updated continuously and I thank my team for their hard work. DO YOU HAVE A TRICK THAT RAISED EYEBROWS? There was one when I made the famous UAE singer Abdullah Bulkhair vanish from his house and appear in the studio and then back from the studio to his house – all on a TV show. That made a great impact in my career, and set off a domino effect that still continues today. SCANTHIS PAGETOWATCH MOEIN PERFORMING A MAGICTRICKTO WWE SUPERSTAR JOHN CENA.
  15. 15. 16 | “THE JOURNEY” THE LITTLE FILM WITH THE BIG HEART By Mylene GomeraFILM “The Journey” a short film produced by BrandMoxie, directed by Hana Makki, and written by Sana Bagersh was recently selected to screen at the Leiden Film Festival. The lead actress Mylene Gomera, who played the role of Almas in the film, attended the screening and sent this report to the entire film crew. Tempo shares it as an inspiration for other film-makers. “I am happy and proud to announce that "The Journey" was extremely well received at the Leiden Film Festival! There were specific reactions from the beautiful and historic city of 120,000 people - I could feel the tension in the crowd during the opening scene (after the screening many told me that they were so worried in the beginning about what Rafiq would do to Almas), the ADNOC petrol station scene had the audience CRYING of laughter (they loved you Jamal!!!), and I got goosebumps as I heard loud gasps when the audience saw that Almas forgot her family picture in the taxi. The organizers set up a short Q&A afterwards and EVERYONE wanted to know how Almas liked her new job... the question kept being repeated and I kept thinking of possible outcomes for Almas' new chapter in Liwa. Lastly, the organizer of the festival generously shared with me that the reason they chose The Journey as one of the films for the festival (from the thousands of submissions) is because it shed light on a universal truth. Remember that regardless of who you are, where you're from, and what you do, there is no perfectly smooth journey to any place worth going to, and to never struggle is to never grow. BRAVO team journey, much love and gratitude for this experience! I was known as "the FREEZING actress from Dubai”! A SHORT NOTE FROM SANA BAGERSH, MANAGING EDITOR OF TEMPO AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THE JOURNEY: “ ‘The Journey’ has become the Little Engine that Could. The short film continues to make the festival rounds. It first won the Special Jury Prize in The Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012. It was admitted to the Short Films Corner in the Cannes Film Festival 2013, was screened at the Goethe Institute’s The Abu Dhabi Heritage Film Festival and more recently at the Leiden Film Festival. The film seems to touch audiences because of its simple and universal truth. The story traces the experience of an Ethiopian housemaid taking ‘the journey’ from Abu Dhabi Airport to the home she would be working at in Liwa. Almas, the housemaid, meets Rafiq, the Indian taxi-driver, and along the way they talk about their fears, hopes and dreams in the ‘journey’ of life (a double play on the word). THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL TEAM WHO MADE THIS FILM A REALITY! Director Hana Makki, the two main actors Mylene Gomera and Jamal Iqbal and the entire production team. What a journey!’ The crew posing after the shoot Mylene at Leiden Film Festival Mylene at Leiden Film Festival Mylene at Leiden Film Festival
  16. 16. | 17 No one embraces the spirit of adventure quite like Julie Lewis! Jules is the founder and director of Mountain High, a company that organises global expeditions, retreats and coaching services. She is a five-time arctic explorer, mountain climber and seasoned adventurer, and is deeply passionate about empowering women to take charge of their health and transform their lives. Tempo caught up with her in between her many expeditions… HOW DO YOU DEFINE THE JULES ‘BRAND’? The Jules / Mountain High brand is all about leading with courage and confidence in whatever you do (personally or professionally). It is based on what I call “MAD LOVE: Making a Difference through Lots of Valuable Experiences and on living life by the Mountain High Power of Three philosophy - that is to do something every day that involves: Freeing Your Mind, Energizing Your Body, and Nurturing Your Spirit of Adventure. In a nutshell, it's about being the highest and healthiest version of your true self! WHAT ARE THE INFLUENCES THAT HAVE SHAPED YOUR LIFE? There are so many….I start with my parents and a very supportive family (two sisters and a brother) and many diverse friends. I am lucky to have been able to play out in the fields where we lived as a child and throughout my life and to spend quality time in nature -I am a great believer that much of today's stress in life is caused as a result of our separation from nature. Going to boarding school at the tender age of eleven has made me become independent at a very early age. I studied sports science at university and was always fascinated by the capabilities of the human body and the powers of the mind. Leaving the UK to work in the Middle East when I was 27 gave me the opportunity to work with and get to know a very diverse group of people and to learn so much from them. And then, of course falling in love with Calin, my husband – a man who wants to climb mountains with me! ANY PROFOUND EXPERIENCES THAT CHANGED YOUR PERSPECTIVE? Experiencing the death of a loved one, and using that sadness to honour a life well lived and being grateful for the gift of life itself. I was also intimately touched by holding my brother’s baby daughter in my arms just after she was born - what joy ! WHAT DO YOU SEE AS YOUR TRUE CALLING? I was born on World Health Day ( 7th April ) so you can say it's my Dharma/ mission to share the message of the importance of health and well being, and to make everyone I meet feel like a million dollars ! I believe my calling is to impact peoples’ lives by what I say and do - inspiring them to take charge of their health, to be happy, to do the things they think they cannot do... and to have fun in the process ! I see myself as a catalyst in people's lives for positive change. HOW CAN A PERSON ACHIEVE BALANCE AND PURPOSE IN LIFE? Where do I begin? Live the Mountain High philosophy. Apart from that, drink lots of water, laugh and smile more, be kind to every living thing, be true to yourself, follow your passion and dreams. Balance time between work, family, friends, home life, and personal quiet time alone - to just "be" with no distractions. Never stop learning! Feel the fear and do it anyway. Be curious - ask lots of questions! Make a difference to the lives of others by what you say and do. Stand for something and live by your values. Take long walks alone and take them often. Go to the mountains, swim in the ocean, and sit round a fire and tell stories. Spend time with kids as they have a lot to teach us. WHAT DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE HOLDING FOR YOU? I see lots of mountains to climb. In fact Calin and I have signed up to do the Seven Summits over the next three years, and we start with Mt Elbrus in Russia this July. I’m also running a trek in Bhutan this October! I will continue to lead teams around the globe as part of their personal development programme - especially teams of women - the world needs more female explorers! I hope to run adventure/ wellness retreats in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Ethiopia, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take time out, refresh, recharge, learn, grow and go back home as an even better version of themselves ! I’m planning to write books and photographic journals - as we have so many amazing pictures and stories to share from around the globe - it's Mountain High's 10th Anniversary this year so there’s lots to celebrate ! I’m working on becoming a world class speaker whose words change lives and inspire people to get into action. I’m looking forward to having a gorgeous cabin in the mountains with Calin, along with huskies, horses, and lots of friends and family members around us – with TEMPO always welcome! MADLY IN LOVE WITH LIFE By Ajir ShujahiCOMMUNITY Find out more about Julie Lewis and Mountain High: Jules & Calin in tent on Cho Oyu SCANTHE PAGE ANDWATCHTHE ARCTICWOMEN’S CHALLENGE 2012VIDEO
  17. 17. 18 | ACTION THROUGH A LENS: By Asma Suhail Al AmeriART EMIRATI PHOTOGRAPHER FATIMA AL ALI Fatima Abdulhameed Al Ali is a 23 yr old who is the first Emirati female sports photographer and a key player in the Abu Dhabi Storms, the capital’s own ladies ice hockey team.
  18. 18. | 19 Apart from ice hockey and photography, Fatima loves football, basketball and travelling. Tempo caught up with Fatima after the victory of Hong Kong Hockey 5’s Champions over defending champions WIHO Saints in the finals, to talk about the heady mix of photography and hockey. WHEN DID YOUR LOVE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY START AND WHY SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY? When I was ten years old my mom got me my first camera. Mom also loved taking photos and I always borrowed her camera to take photos. In 2006 I bought my own digital camera and started taking photography courses. Then in 2007 I bought my first professional (SLR) camera and continued taking photography courses, and also giving courses, in my first year at Zayed University. I loved watching football and played sports almost every day in the neighborhood. That’s when I decided I wanted to combine my love for sport and photography. HOW DID YOUR FAMILY REACT TO YOU BEING A SPORT PHOTOGRAPHER? When I first started my mom didn't like the idea of me being around men taking photos but my dad was supportive. Soon after that my mom started to accept the idea after watching me on TV or coming with me to a game while I worked. WHO INSPIRES YOU? Actually nobody - I just wanted to take a do something totally different and hopefully become an inspiration for others. DID YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS ALONG THE WAY? Yes at the beginning it was difficult - it was really hard to get media passes as a freelancer, but later on I found some photographers that helped me to get passes for sport events. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? I’d like to find a job in media or sports. I’d also like to improve my skills in ice hockey, and keep on photographing the UAE ice hockey teams. HOW DID YOU GET INTO HOCKEY? I loved watching hockey movies since I was a kid, then in 2008 I heard there was a hockey tournament in Abu Dhabi. I was shocked and kept wondering how come we have ice hockey in UAE and yet nobody knew about it. So I went to watch the tournaments and started to take photos. That’s when one of the organizers called me and asked me who I was taking photos for, and I told him it was for myself. Then he asked me to take photos for the team and since that time I've been doing that. In September 2010 they started a ladies team but I didn't join immediately because they were teaching them how to skate which I already knew how to do. But after the team went to Hong Kong in May 2011 for the first time, I asked the club for the hockey gear to start playing. I joined a camp to improve fast before they came back. I was ready to join the team when they did and have been playing hockey with them ever since. HOW DOES IT FEEL BEING A MEMBER OF ABU DHABI STORMS LADIES TEAM? I'm so happy and proud of my team because even though the Storms have only been around for three years, the team has improved so much and got to another level - imagine, we have already taken first place in the Bangkok Battle tournament and in the Hong Kong Hockey 5's tournament! FATIMA CAN BE REACHED ON: > Facebook: Fatima Al Ali (falali7) > Twitter: @FatimaAl_Ali > Instagram: fatima_al_ali
  19. 19. Blakniss|OriginalgameheadfromAtaritoXBox! Shahid Saeed |TalkerfortheNon-Techies game hedz tech talk FLIPBOARD HTC ONE A combination of stunning design, supreme screen and explosive power makes it one of the best smartphone around. HTC one is wrapped up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 4.7 inch full HD 1080p 468 PPI screen, 4 megapixels rear camera and 2.1 megapixels front camera, full HD video recording and more. It has 2300 mAh battery, giving almost 18 hours talk time over WCDMS. Available at all major electronics stores and priced Dh 2699. SONY XPERIA Z Sony Xperia Z one of the most impressive Android experiences I have seen in quite some time, the 5 inch screen size maybe not suitable for all but this is the best phone by Sony yet. It has 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB Ram, 5-inch 1920x1080 pixel Reality Display 443 PPI, 13.1 megapixel rear camera with HDR recording, front facing camera, HD video recording, and other options. It has 2330 mAh battery with up to 11 hour talk time over GSM. Available for sale, priced at Dh 2499. NEWS & GOSSIP MY FAV APP } JUSTINE CALDERON Follow me on @shahidaasi MICROSOFT XBOX NEEDS DAILY INTERNET CONNECTIVITY! Are you a game lover who spends most of the time playing games? Then you may not appreciate the confirmed news by Microsoft that Xbox One console will need daily internet connectivity at least once in 24 hours or the gaming will be blocked on the device. Microsoft recommends a broadband connection of at-least 1.5 Mbps to get optimal results. Follow this story on the Microsoft Xbox blog. VIBER IS BLOCKED BY SAUDI ARABIA! BBC News states that Viber has been blocked in Saudi Arabia. In March 2013 Saudi authorities warned Viber and other encrypted messaging services that they would be blocked unless they provided a means to be monitored. Viber has refused to provide the data requested by Saudi officials and thus got blocked. Millions of expatriate workers there had been relying on Viber’s free messaging services to stay in touch with their relatives. 2013 IS 50% DONE. ACHIEVEMENTS..? I'm going to wax a bit poetic here at the midpoint of the year. Ahem. How's the year been for you Game Hedderz? If it was your favourite game, would you be winning? Have you got the achievements you've been scouring this particular stage for? Have you won the boss fight, or are you constantly restarting from the last checkpoint? You know what - it doesn't matter as long as you stay in game. Stay in the game baby. And back to games... It's been an eventful month, Apple's WWDC, The Last of Us and E3. Wow. Not to mention the XBox One announced in May and the PS4 waiting in the wings. The gaming universe is on the very cusp of change, or more of the same. The console wars are heating up again, but we won't know who the real winner is for another year or so - not until a full crop of games have been developed for the new consoles. And up to now most games being developed are still crossover titles that are compatible with new and old console generations - a smart move. WHAT'S AHEAD? I see a crop of games that will straddle media and a wholesale move toward more survival horror games across platforms. The Walking Dead game took a quick pinch into the TV world because of the existing franchise, but we'll see more integration in the upcoming and subsequent seasons. Defiance is making a go at a full crossover with an interconnected game and TV series. But starting from scratch, it is at a disadvantage. It could be great, or a total wash. Look out for more survival horror in The Evil Within (cross platform), Dying Light (cross platform), Darkwood (still in dev), Slender: The Arrival (PC, Mac) and a good few others. Why? Because the undead are still alive and kicking. TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 862420 | Are you always looking for up-to-date news? Then check out Flipboard, your personal magazine. It is a great way to catch up on the news you care about. You can discover amazing news from around the world or stay connected to people closest to you. You can save and collect things you love into your own magazine and share it through your preferred social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The app is available for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.
  20. 20. | 21 > PHOTOGRAPHER: Beno Saradzic > PLACE: Zighy Bay, Oman > TITLE: Luxury Villa > SETTING: Manual Mode > PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: “Exterior night time view of the villa and its private swimming pool” > CAMERA MODEL: Canon 5D Mk2 > F-STOP/APERTURE: f/8 > ISO: 100 > SHUTTER SPEED: 30 sec > TIP: In general, the older the structure, the more environmental context is required. ARCHITECTURE PHOTOGRAPHY Whether classical or contemporary, architectural photography can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Be sensitive to the direction of light as this can increase contrast, shadows, textures and reflections. A fish eye or wide-angle lens is ideal because it enables photographers to frame the entire building within an environment. White balance can be difficult in an interior setting, especially in artificial lighting; so compensate by using a white balance menu or by taking a reading from grey card. The sun going down offers an opportunity to capture a new form of architectural photograph. To shoot a structure such as a silhouette during sunset, position the architecture between yourself and the sun. Reflections can add an extra dimension and can create a canvas on which a building can be playfully distorted. By Shahid Saeed > PHOTOGRAPHER: Beno Saradzic > PLACE: Slovenia, Ljubljana > TITLE: Slovenian National Theatre and Ballet > SETTING: Manual Mode > PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: “Exterior view of the opera's main entrance elevation” > CAMERA MODEL: Canon 5D Mk2 > F-STOP/APERTURE: f/11 > ISO: 100 > SHUTTER SPEED: 30 sec > TIP: Using your hands or your mind, crop the preceding images and see if they still work. BenoSaradzic alsowon2ndplace at3rdAnnualSpaces ofLightPhotography Competition 2013
  21. 21. 22 | WHERE DID YOU MEET?My friend’s house in airport road, Abu Dhabi At our common friend’s house WHEN DID YOU MEET?May 10, 2012 May 2012 HOW DID YOU MEET?In a party arranged by my friend. Later knew that he had planned it earlier. I saw her photos in the Facebook and asked my friend to invite her for the party next day. YOUR FIRST IMPRESSIONThat’s him?!?!? I believe it was love at first sight and my mind kept saying love, love, love!!! HOW DID YOU CONFESS YOUR LOVE? I was waiting for him to make the first move and once he did, I said yes! I was on my knees saying “I love you” and “Will you marry me”. MAYSA MALAS 24 | Syrian | Secretary AHMAD ABOUD 30 | Syrian | Engineer Curated by Manar Al Hinai
  22. 22. | 23 Recently, Tempo contributor and award-winning poet, Dorian “Paul D” Rogers, met for coffee and conversation with Michelle Nickelson, founder of Women in Film and Television (WIFT)-UAE, to discuss exciting developments in film and cinema in the region. PAUL D: What is Women in Film and Television and how did you get involved with the organization in Los Angeles? MICHELLE: WIFT is a non profit organization that supports women in the media industry. They have been in existence for 40 years, and the UAE WIFT Chapter is currently the only chapter in the Middle East. The backbone of the organization is for women in the industry to support each other's projects and mentor young, women filmmakers. We try and introduce filmmakers here to experienced industry professionals internationally and have networking sessions where people can meet each other and visiting professionals from Los Angeles. Last year, we hosted Lesley Chilcott, the producer of the Academy Award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. It was an opportunity for WIFT members to meet and talk to her in an informal setting. PAUL D: I was honoured to perform at the meet and greet for her. I really appreciated the invite. When did you start WIFT-UAE? What are your long term goals with bringing the organization here? MICHELLE: A year and a half ago. My long term goal is to help women filmmakers achieve their goals and bring their projects to the screen. I would also like to see more people here, especially women, learn more about the business end of the entertainment industry. That and writing are still slow getting started here and we are working to help close that gap. PAUL D: How long have you been in the filmmaking industry? COFFEE AND WOMEN IN FILM AND TELEVISION MICHELLE: Since 1993, then a few years off, and back in 1997. I have always been involved in the business end and was working in the financial industry between 1993 and 1997. PAUL D: Have you ever acted before or have you always been behind the camera? MICHELLE: When I was a kid I was into acting and modeling, and that lasted into my 20's. I have been more in "the office" than behind the camera. That is something I am starting now... being a producer. PAUL D: Cool! I acted in community theatre in Cleveland as a child and haven't since. Would really like to get back in to it soon. As a performance poet, I feel like I have really developed some of the prerequisite skills to be decent. You have made quite the buzz with your recent progress with getting MENA Cinefinance going. Can you tell us more about the company? MICHELLE: It is an entertainment investment fund. We either acquire or develop projects for an international audience, finance them, then get them produced. I have been very lucky in that I have an amazing group that is behind the company who have international experience in both film and finance. Also our company president is one of the young Al Nahyan sheikhs so it's a very eclectic, creative group. PAUL D: You are full steam ahead with 51, the first movie production with your company. Tell us a little bit about the movie without giving any spoilers away. MICHELLE: It's a short film starring Navid Negahban from the Emmy-winning Homeland. I wrote the film and am executive producer which means I get to deal with funds. It could best be described as a cross between The X Files and The Fugitive. My long term goal for the project is to develop the story line for a US TV series. If possible, it would be great to shoot this here in the UAE. The film is the first Emirati/Hollywood project where the local film community is working with talent and a producer from Hollywood. PAUL D: You have created ways for people to donate to the production of the film and possibly make it in the film as well. How can readers find out more about this? MICHELLE: Check out our page at Sponsors can also contact us privately from the website if they wish to do something in kind or want to pay by check. MICHELLE OFFERSTHREETIPS ON“HOW THE UAE CAN DEVELOP ATHRIVING FILM INDUSTRY”SCANTHIS PAGE NOW.
  23. 23. By Rhea Oomen the planetarians GET ENGAGED. BECOME A PLANETARIAN. | Dr. DMS|AdocfromtheBronx doc in the house THE JOYS OF BEING IN MEDICINE Greetings from Hollyweird. Presently I am cooped up in a freezing conference room, breathing stale air conditioned oxygen, and drinking awful coffee at the crack of dawn. Its not all bad right, a trip to California? Well...I am here for a medical conference. I am here to brush up on my continuing, never ending, medical education, and NOT lounging on the beach, as you were suspecting. Life long constant education is a good thing, right? How many other professions require its practitioners to continue with active learning to maintain their credentials? I am not talking about just reading a book or watching a video, but actually having to take exams yearly, then a major exam every 10 yrs to make sure that we are practicing up-to-date medicine. Practically speaking, its a pain in my a$$. Come on, after “x” number of years of practice, and seeing thousand of patients, surely, we know all we need to know from experience? Almost daily, I see some docs doing some crazy stuff and it does make me wonder. Medicine is always changing and evolving. Constantly, our theories on how BEST to treat change over time, and those changes can be quite radical. Our goal is to offer the best treatment possible, and clearly this is important. This sometimes differs from some of those other hospitals (names go unmentioned) I deal with. A general sample of doctors clearly proves that we are NOT “on the same page” when it comes to best/ appropriate treatments. This is frustrating and probably bad news for the patient. Surely you would like to know, that your doc knows what’s going on and is up to date with basic knowledge and current advances. This explains why you may hear differing opinions about your therapy from the “doc in the box” and something different from ‘us’. Well, rest assured, I’ll be studying this summer. I have a big comprehensive exam waiting for me at home, and what “fun” it will be studying. Just like the “good” old days. 24 | 1. SPREAD USEFUL GOSSIP Glossy magazines are topped with a coat of clay which makes them particularly hard and annoying to recycle. So make sure to cut down on unwanted magazine subscriptions and if you’ve purchased and read any great magazines, pass them around to your friends. 2. BAG IT UP Get a big, cool colourful hipster bag made of cloth to replace plastic and paper ones that stores provide. Also, don’t limit them to just groceries. You can put anything in cloth bags! Most are strong enough to carry heavy machinery. 3. GO VINTAGE Old clothing and reused materials are probably not going to create any more damage to the environment. Plus, vintage is totally back in style. 4. MAKE ‘THRIFT SHOP’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis YOUR THEME SONG. Donate everything you don’t want. “One man’s trash is another man’s come up” so look out for thrift shops around the UAE, or give away well maintained clothing to charity bazaars. 5. EVERYBODY LOVES STARING AT THEIR SCREENS ANYWAY. Even if you were old school and classy enough to pledge to read the printed word, getting the online version of a book ultimately leaves the world a better place. Also, try to use the last few empty pages of old notebooks. 6. PLANT A TREE. Plant a tree in your own yard. Trees are beautiful and make for nice décor and shade from the blazing sun! 7. RECYCLE EVERYTHING Nowadays people are more aware of recycling newspapers, plastic and paper bags. Considering our progressive society, we can now move on to painstakingly recycling any tiny, insignificant pieces of paper such as receipts, airplane tickets, and sticky notes. 8. COFFEE? ICE CREAM? If you’re going to stay in an air-conditioned coffee shop, ask for a ceramic mug before the server instinctively gives you a cardboard one. And if you’re getting ice cream, get a cone not a cup. Cones taste better anyway. 10. GREEN AT COLLEGE Make sure your school does not stop at paper/plastic recycling facilities, but incorporate other ‘go green’ initiatives. Thousands of students walk and talk the streets of the UAE and are able to make a significant difference to the capital’s environment. One example is providing goodwill donation bins outside a college’s dormitory on move-out week for students to throw any unwanted books, clothes, electronics or houseware. TEN WAYS TO BE A TREE HUGGER SCANTHIS ANDWATCH A CUTEVIDEO ON A FLASH MOB CELEBRATING A RECYCLER
  24. 24. | 25 Theresa F. Weberwomen in business Inthebusinessworlditoften seemsthattherearen’tenough hoursinthedaytogetwhatwe needdone,sowestayuplate working.Butthesecrettosuccess maybetheoppositeofthenight- owllife. Manysuccessfulwomen inbusinesswakeupearlyandsay thisincreasestheirproductivityin boththeirpersonalandworklives. Starbuck’s President Michelle Gass gets up at 4:30am to run to clear her mind while Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour plays tennis at 6:00am. The pre-breakfast morning hours are important to successful people because that is when they have the most control over their schedules. But if you are like me and can’t imagine waking up early to exercise, there are other reasons to wake up early. You can use the extra hour to have some alone time to plan out your day or do something you enjoy before your husband, kids, or roommates wake up. According to time-management expert Laura Vanderkam, author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast (Portfolio Trade 2013), “ If you wait until the end of the day to do meaningful but not urgent things like exercise, pray, read, ponder how to advance your career or grow your organization, or truly give your family your best, it probably won’t happen.” Even if you aren't a morning person, you may have more willpower in the early hours than later in the day. "Willpower is like a muscle that becomes fatigued with over-use," says Vanderkam. During the course of the day as you are dealing with difficult people, making decisions and battling traffic, you use up your willpower, leaving you feeling depleted toward the end of the day.” Starting off the day with success – accomplishing something meaningful to you, no matter how small - can set the tone for a happier or more productive day. With the lazy days of summer upon us, instead of sleeping late on the weekends or hitting the snooze button four times before getting out of bed to go to work, try waking up an hour earlier to make your day more productive. For those who are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, which begins around July 10th, this summer might be the perfect time to start the transition from night owl to morning bird. Instead of going for extra sleep, wake up to partake in suhoor, the morning meal before dawn, pray, spend time with family and start the day off with positive energy. THE SECRET TO SUCCESS WAKE UP EARLY! ABOUT THERESA WEBER: TheresaWeberisCo-Founderof AlexandriaConsultingTeam(ACT)LLCan internationalmanagementconsultancy. Terryisalsoeditorofthedailye-newsletter: MENA #WomeninBusiness Forum Youcanfollowherontwitter @ TheresaFWeber and @ACT_LLC SCANTHIS PAGETOWATCH ROBIN SHARMA’S FIVETIPS ON HOWTO GET UP EARLY
  25. 25. Zulekha Husenitamakkan STARTUP FINANCING: FUNDING OPTIONS TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 862426 | Oneofthebiggestchallenges startupsexperienceisaccessto capital.Settingupanewbusiness canpresentadauntingchallenge –particularlywhenitcomesto securingfinancetomeetyour startupcosts.Yetstartupcapital isrequiredformanyreasons-for officespace,permits,licenses, inventory,productdevelopment andmanufacturing,marketingor anyotherexpense. Thereareseveralplaceswhereyoucangetthe moneythatyournewbusinessneeds: PERSONAL SAVINGS• –youcanfund yourbusinessyourself. BOOTSTRAPPING• –yougetthe businessgoingwithasmallinvestmentand thenusetheprofitsfromeachsaletogrow thebusiness. BANK LOAN• –youcanborrowmoney fromabank. Unlessyouarealreadyawealthyindividual,all ofthesethreetechniquescomewithlimitations. Therefore,afourthwaytoacquiremoneyis byofferinginvestorsequityinyourbusiness, throughwhichyoucansometimesobtainlarge quantitiesofmoney.Thismoneycanhelp businesseswithbig-start-upexpensesorthose thatwanttogrowveryquickly. Therearedifferenttypesofequityinvestor optionsandunderstandingthedistinction between‘Seed’,‘Angel’and‘VentureCapital’is criticaltoworkingwithandmarketingtothem. Seedcapitaliscommonlyknownas"friends andfamily"investment.Thesearetypically individualswhoknowyouwellandbelievein youridea.Theyinvestsmallamountsofmoney tohelpkeeptheideaalivewhileyouareworking feverishlyonbringingtheconcepttolife.Forthe mostpart,aseedinvestorisnotaprofessional investorandyoushouldbeparticularlycareful howtheystructurethearrangementtoavoid futureproblemswhenyouseekotherformsof investment. SowithAngelinvestors,beginwiththemost importantattribute,whichis–aretheytruly professionalaccreditedinvestors?It’simportant toworkonlywithprofessionalinvestorswho knowhowtomanagethetransactionfairly.Angel investorshavevariousmotivesanddriversthat willgetthemtobecomeapartnerinacompany. UnlikeAngelswhoworkindependently,Venture Capital(VC)Fundsaremanagedbyateamof peoplewhoareanswerabletoshareholders.The VCgroupraisesaFund,targetingaspecific mission.Bythetimeapotentialinvestmentis beingconsidered,thereisacouncilofvoicesthat mustbeattendedtoandreasonedwith. Sotheexperienceismuchmoreinstitutional, withlayersofprocesses.SmallerVCfundsare morestreamlined,butingeneralthedifference betweenworkingwithanAngelandaVenture Capitalistisnormallyanindividualversus agroup,andsmallerversuslargersizeof investments. CANYOU HANDLETHE ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP? SEETHISVIDEO BY DAVID HAUSERA
  26. 26. | 27 MR. HANI SOUBRA, Regional Director, MENA for the BBC Worldwide, writes this as Tempo's guest columnist. CSR is a new concept in the UAE. The first corporate social responsibility conference in the UAE was in Dubai in 2003.There are CSR initiatives in the UAE in the absence of dedicated programs. CSR initiatives are PR driven and short lived, mainly led by multinational companies operating in the UAE; programs are dedicated and committed plans embodied in the company’s strategic outlook. All social responsibility so far has been driven by virtue of existing local culture, tradition, and Zakat or almsgiving, the fourth element in Islamic jurisprudence. The fusion of these elements results in providing welfare and security for the individual, environment and businesses in general. Corporations in the UAE are showing interest in pursuing further CSR programs. However, applying the same global CSR trends such as those in the USA or Europe has to be reconsidered in the light of these cultural and social orientations. Managing the relationship between the company and the society is one of the backbones of CSR. CSR policy makers are to watch out for the changes in the economic trend, mainly the privatization of family businesses, globalization and the effect of foreign direct investments. These are the forces that will create changes in the stakeholder’s composition. Such a change will be the catalyst for pressure groups and lobbies for better socially responsible behavior. The system in the UAE bestows too many virtues that no conventional CSR agenda can compete with. Still, corporations have to fulfill their social obligations. In order to gain acceptance and recognition, CSR policy makers should be culturally intelligent and should possess an understanding on the uniqueness of the UAE system, in addition to tailor-make CSR programs especially for the UAE, just like the finance sector did when Islamic finance was introduced in the mid 1970’s. The latter became a major success with global appreciation and acceptance. In the UAE corporate life is blended with local habits, tradition, culture and Islam. Such predicament poses a challenge for ‘imported’ concepts such as CSR. The UAE is not resistant to change. On the contrary, it has strived to modernize itself and to follow pursuit of the leading cities and economies. It is more a matter of cultural sensitivity and benchmarking. While the former is self explanatory, the latter is about understanding of the unique virtues of the system when introducing these programs relative to Europe or USA. It is too early to pass judgment on CSR due to the novelty of the field. Yet, it will be over- optimistic to predict that the future of CSR is an imperative. The future of having CSR dedicated programs in the UAE will depend on the level of understanding and acceptance of CSR policy makers of the UAE system as far as culture and tradition are concerned. Moreover, and due to the uniqueness of the system, some of the ‘taken for granted’ corporate mantras are not applicable. The agency theory and the conflict between managing and owning are not applicable. Also, the role of the individual and the role of NGO’s, traditionally a forceful tool in society, is not available. The individuals in the UAE have a wide comfort zone that makes the demands for change timid and shy, and the NGO’s are virtually the off springs of the government. In the midst of this unique landscape, CSR programs need to be unique. They do not have to be an extension of their mother companies in the USA or Europe in the case of multinational companies. On the contrary, cultural sensitivity is a recurring theme in the UAE and involves incorporating the elements of cultural and tradition in all aspects of corporate life. In the finance sector for example, factoring in cultural sensitivity has given birth to a whole field now estimated at billions of US$ : Islamic finance. There is an opportunity for CSR policy makers .The issue should not be about competing with the existing system to offer ‘more’; that might be far fetched for corporations. The emphasis should be on competing differently in a complementary manner to the existing system. HANI SOUBRA is Regional Director, MENA for the BBC Worldwide Ltd. He has worked in the field of media for 21 years. He can be reached on GROWING CSR IN THE UAE
  27. 27. 28 | Dr. Alma Kadragicmedia RECEIVING THE OFFICER’S CROSS FOR SERVICE It isn’t often that the work you are paid for and enjoy doing turns out to be historically important, but that’s what happened to those of us who reported news for western media organizations in Communist Poland in the 1980s. I was bureau chief for ABC News in Warsaw from 1983-90 and with colleagues covered events from when Lech Walesa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 through the mostly-free elections in June 1989 and the formation of the first non-Communist government in Poland since the end of World War II. After ABC News, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I started a PR company registered in the US and in Poland. By 2003, I had had enough of Central Europe and sold the Polish company to return to the US. Two years later came the offer to teach media at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, and I jumped at the chance to come to the UAE, with Zayed for four years and then three years at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi about 18 months ago, I received a call from the Polish Embassy in Washington D.C. Would I be willing to accept an award from the President of Poland for my work as a journalist in the 1980s? Of course, I said, what’s next? The caller didn’t know and as time passed, I forgot about it. Finally in January 2013 the mailed invitation reached me in Abu Dhabi. By that time, I was preparing to leave the UAE in March, so the timing worked well. Because the elections on June 4, 1983 were not entirely free as the ruling group had seats reserved for their candidates and competed with Solidarity members for others, no one expected that 99 out of 100 Solidarity candidates would win their contests; polls conducted by the government showed its candidates were winning in most districts. All of a sudden everything was different. A non-Communist government was formed and election of a president by popular vote was scheduled for late 1990. Solidarity leader Lech Walesa became the first freely elected president of the III Republic of Poland. Since then, politics in Poland has been a changing mix of personalities and parties, not including the Communist party which was disbanded and lost its main sponsor when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. As parties from liberal to conservative, religious to secular have taken power and lost it, what really happened in 1989 remains a hot topic. Many people believe that when the Communists realized Moscow would no longer help them, they compromised with Solidarity, leading to the Round Table talks February-April, 1989. That’s the version of history supported by the Civic Platform which has led parliament since 2007. In 2010 the party also took the presidency with the victory of Bronislaw Komorowski. Five years ago supporters of Civic Platform decided to commemorate the 1989 elections with a new holiday called Freedom Day. Not yet accepted by some other parties in parliament, Tuesday, June 4, was again a normal working day except for those of us who were being given official recognitions by the Polish government for our work toward creating the new III Republic of Poland. Over the previous four years artists, actors, and others who supported Solidarity received the awards, Maltese crosses in three categories, Commander, Officer, and Soldier, white, blue, and red. This year the committee organizing the festivities decided to recognize journalists, most of whom were foreigners reporting on events in Poland for foreign new media. On June 4 I was very proud to join old friends like Newsweek photographer Chris Niedenthal and BBC reporter Kevin Ruane as we waited to be called forward to receive our awards from President Komorowski. My award – the Officer’s Cross for Service - was pinned, we shook hands with the President, and took turns being photographed and taking pictures. We weren’t Polish; we didn’t take sides; we watched what was happening and reported on it; by doing our jobs, we were part of the creation of major historical changes in Poland. The President of Poland with me and some honorees. Follow Alma Kadragic on @almakad
  28. 28. ARIES:Pressuresatworkwillbegintoeaseoffthismonth.Youcansafely begintotakechargeagaininareaswhereyoumayhavebackedoffdue topersonnelorhealthissues.Payattentiontodetailsandorganization withoutmuchfuss.Themonthalsosupportsbusiness,incomeandmoney- baseddecisionsinyourpersonalaswellasprofessionallife. TAURUS:Thevalueofpartnershipsandrelationshipsisakeylessonfor Taurusthismonth.Trytoexpressandembracethegiftsoflovearound you.Thesegiftscanbematerialaswellasemotional.Therewouldbefiery passioninyourbellythatcanhelpyoureachdeepintoyourheart’sdesires. Itisokaytotakeactionandbemoreimpulsiveduringthecourseofthis week.Therewillbechallengesforyouatwork. GEMINI:Thisisyourtimetoshinebrightlyandhonorrelationshipsofall kinds.Thismonthcouldstillpromptyoutochangefriends.Thismonth, acceptandgivealltheloveandnurturingyoucantothoseyoukeepclosest inyourheart.Energeticallyyoumaynotbesurewhichwaytogothis month. CANCER: Yourfeelingsoflovewillbestrongduringthemonthahead.Be suretoshareandexpressyourlovewithothersandtowardyourself.Now isthetimetocomeoutofyourshellandexpresswhatyoufeel.Thisperiod couldtriggerhiddenfeelingsofloveanddesiredrelationships.Itishigh timeyoudosomespringcleaningofyourthoughtsandactions. LEO:Getreadytoroarintoactionthismonth.Keepyourtemperand tendencytowardself-righteousnessincheck.Yourworkloadwillheighten youremotionsfortherestofthemonth.Theenergyofthismonth, though,willhaveyouusingmoretoughlovethanromanticlove.This periodcouldtriggerpeoplewhohavebetrayedyouinthepastre-appearing suddenly. VIRGO:Youareenteringintoaperiodofhardworkbothprofessionally andpersonally.Anydelays,stagnationorresistancewillseemtodisappear now.Yourcareerandgoalsarehighlightedandenergized.Besuretoputall ofyourselfintoyourworkthroughthemonth.Marriage,partnershipsand loveareonyourlistsofpriorities.Youmayfinditnecessarytobudgetyour timebetweenlovedones,socialeventsandwork. LIBRA:Lovewillbetoponyourlistbythismonth.Therewouldbeample opportunitiesinfindingacareeryoulove,apersontoloveoraspiring tobemorelovinginallyourrelationships.Ifyouarelookingforanew relationshiporstrengtheningyourcurrentone,thenthisisthetime. Duringthismonthtravelishighlighted. SCORPIO:Thismonthmayhaveyouchangingyourbeliefsaboutlove, relationshipsandmarriage.Noticehowyoushowandreceiveaffectionand attention.Youmayfindthatsomeofyourstrongestrelationshipsarethe onesthathavethemosthonestyandintegrity.Makeplanstotravelortake extratimetopamperyourself. SAGITTARIUS:Yourpersonaltransformationcontinuesduringthe courseofthismonth.Thisisapaththatistobeadventurousandfilled withenlightenment.Dospendmoretimeinnatureandunderstandingthe cyclesoflife,deathandrebirth.Relationshipstakeanewmeaningforyou thismonth. CAPRICORN:Anyplansthathavebeendelayedoverthepastfewmonths willbegintomoveforward.Asthepiecescometogetheryouwillalso experienceanenergyboost.Youwouldbeeagertoaccomplishand impatientwiththosearoundyou,especiallyatwork. AQUARIUS:Youcouldfindyourselffallinghead-over-heelsforsomeone whohasallthecharmandcharismatolightyourfire.Youmightbe takingrisksbydivingintorelationshipsrathergettingtoknowallabout someonefirst.Themonthaddslovetoyourpassionatefeelings.Enjoythe peopleinyourlifeandshowthemappreciationfortheirfriendshipand companionship. PISCES:Payspecialattentiontoyourhealth,dietandenergylevelthis month.Exercisewilldefinitelybeimportantforyouinthistimeperiod. Yourrelationshipswillbecomehealthiertoo.Asthemonthmovesonyou maywanttotakeaneasy,relaxingvacationorspendquiettimeasthe summerbegins.Thismonthwillbefilledwithstrongspiritualexperiences andinsight. TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624