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An Introduction To Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is taking the business world by storm! However some are still hesitant to start their mobile marketing venture - well here is a quick and easy guide explaining the who, the what, the how and the why of mobile marketing.

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An Introduction To Mobile Marketing

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Mobile marketing, First off... why do you need to start using mobile marketing? you already send emails right?
  3. Mobile marketing, The most dangerous phrase in language is, we ve always done it this way. ,, , ,, Grace Hopper.
  4. Mobile marketing, The mighty mobile phone has grown in power and importance over the last couple of years, it has overtaken it’s rivals to be crowned... The King of Marketing.
  5. Mobile marketing, (Frost & Sullivan) of all text messages get read of all tweets get read of all emails get read of all Facebook posts read 98% 29% 22% 22%
  6. Mobile marketing, The fantastic little hand held device is our new best friend, it goes everywhere with us. Our need and want to communicate via mobile make it the perfect channel to contact your customers on. Still not convinced?
  7. Mobile marketing, Mobile Marketing produces engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email (Cellit) Mobile is the only media consumption that is going up with TV, Online and Print all in decline (eMarketer) Here are some more stats that should do the trick... of adults have their phone within arms reach 24/7 (Nielsen)
  8. Mobile marketing, So where to start... the numbers. Hopefully you will already have an existing database of your customers mobile numbers. Uploading them to your Text Marketer account is easy and can be done through several different ways, Excel files etc.
  9. We suggest segmenting your database of numbers into different customer groups, this means that you will be sending more relevant messages to your customers which will increase your response rates. For example you could segment by age, gender, interests whatever you like.
  10. Mobile marketing, Now for the message! No one will know your customers better than you so you will know the kind of messages they will want receive, however we have a few little golden tips up our sleeve that you might want to consider when writing your message.
  11. Mobile marketing, The opening line of any message is very important - you need to grab people’s attention, you need to make them want to read on and act. Something unique, exciting and creative usually gets the customers reading on. If you read this page you will become a millionaire.
  12. Mobile marketing, Here are a couple of examples for you to get your creative juices flowing... retail Do you know what you will look great in? One of our new beautiful dresses. New season stock has just arrived and if you show this text at the counter we will give you 10% off! Visit us 10 High Street or
  13. Mobile marketing, Don’t fancy doing the dishes tonight? Then why not treat yourself and let us take care of the cooking and washing up! Book a table now on 01234 567 890 restaurant
  14. Mobile marketing, Offers, coupons and deals will always go down well with customers and when you consider that 92% of people will pass on details about offers and deals it could be a great way for you to reach out to new customers. Sale mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather
  15. Mobile marketing, Some little extra things to consider when sending your message... With your Text Marketer account you can change your Sender ID to whatever you like (we suggest your business name) this means that when your customer receives your text it will say it is from you. sender i.d
  16. Mobile marketing, We offer a free opt out tool so that if your customers want to unsubscribe from your messages they can opt out Some little extra things to consider when sending your message...
  17. Mobile marketing, Some little extra things to consider when sending your message... Are people going to want to receive your message at the time you are sending it? No one wants to order a pizza on a Tuesday morning timing
  18. Mobile marketing, is growing and growing with popularity. People want to receive deals and offers by text and businesses are realising how easy and cost effective it is to do - so what are you waiting for! Mobile Marketing
  19. Mobile marketing, If you have found this ebook vaguely useful or interesting then why not return the favour, and share it! If you could be so kind to tweet it, like it, share it, post it, whatever is your social media preference we would be very grateful! This makes us happy and means we will create more useful and interesting content for you! Found this useful? Website Telephone 01 536 30 18 Email Do your good deed for the day