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DIY/Independent Artist

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My Theory of why Being an independent artist is best for you.

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DIY/Independent Artist

  1. 1. DIY/ Independent Music:starting on your own By Teyland Avery
  2. 2. My Theory/Article review My theory is that in today’s music industry you don’t need a large label to push you to start making a fanbase or to even be a star. The articles I reviewed tells artist that it is possible to start their own career and step by step grow their own fan base and catch the attention of Major record labels,club owners and marketers.
  3. 3. No need to Sign to that big Label For years artists have been trying to “sell their souls” to join major labels just to have a little fame and money. Nowadays there isn’t a need to have a major label to build fans and get you radio play/advertisement. You can simply advertise yourself by social media and it be just as effective and even more rewarding.
  4. 4. Why I believe Being a DIY Artist is best for you My Belief that being a DIY artist is the best for you is because you can learn from your mistakes and learn the music industry from the inside out so when or if you sign to a major label you don’t need them they need you.
  5. 5. Growth in responsibility Once you become an artist making music,you will be able take responsibility for your actions and Not have to worry about others messing you up. There is also the benefit of you knowing your team and their intent towards you.
  6. 6. Entupenurship Being and DIY artist you get to learn a lot like being a product and how to sell yourself unto the masses. With the experience gained you can even build a record label and help those who know less than what you have learned.
  7. 7. The steps to start 1. Know/ Write down your goals 2. Get out there and learn 3. Get out there online and learn the online world 4. Find and Create your team 5. Jump start your career and remember to have fun
  8. 8. Step 1 Know/ Write down your goals Your goals and outcomes are the most important part of starting your career next to your relationships. To start out your music career you need to know what your goals are and what you want the outcome to be because without that you are just doing random task and not organized. With writing down your goals and having an outcome you learn and gain experience.
  9. 9. Step 2 Get Out there and Learn The Music industry is like all businesses/ trades you have to Learn and study the game before you join unless you want to hit a ton of road blocks. Go out to concerts, talk to local artist and learn what it is like. Chose one of your favorite artist and watch their interviews find out what problems they had and how the overcame those struggles.
  10. 10. Step 3 Online world The online world is a crazy thing you can become a star overnight or you can connect with your favorite artist in moments. Learn how to build an online fan base and find out websites you can use to put your music out. Learn the proper way to promote your music on social media and or by your own website.
  11. 11. Step4 Create your own team This step to me is the absolute most important you can’t do everything by yourself. So you should build a team with people you know and trust or meet people who are doing the same thing which helps you grow and get connections( and even gain fans). So when you do become big and want to sign with a major label they will have your back and help you decide who to sign with.
  12. 12. Step 5 It can be a job but have fun Remember being a artist is also a job and be very stressful. Create contracts with your team that works for both you and your team. Practice! Practice!Practice! Weather it is recording, writing or performing. Just remember to take time out to enjoy yourself and have fun.
  13. 13. It’s the best way to start in the industry You Get To learn the ropes. You have a team that knows you and are dedicated to building you unlike a major label with several different artist. You know how to do take care of yourself without the label so If they drop you it will be the same as when you started but you have more knowledge.
  14. 14. List of artist who started as DiY artist Lecrae Adele Chance the Rapper Jay z Beyonce Biggie smalls Kendrick Lamar
  15. 15. Avoidance of 360 Deals/Bad Contracts With starting on your own and studying the industry you are less likely to have a 360 deal with a major label. They will more than likely give you a management deal where they will try to take the load off of your team and manage your tours,press events and help get you radio play. If they try to give you a Deal it would be more like a help than a deal to take your money cause you know the ropes.
  16. 16. Hand In your Design The Best part of being a DIY/Independent artist is that you have a say in everything that has your image and likeness. You don’t have to put on a front that you are a character that the marketing team the label create you are simply you. Lastly you can be yourself and let your fans see that you are the same person your music displays you as.
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