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Globalization in the music industry

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How globalization helps music

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Globalization in the music industry

  1. 1. Globalization in the music industry Teyland Avery
  2. 2. Globalization Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.
  3. 3. Pros of Globalization The Consumer, the economy and supplier benefits from globalization due to the wide selection. Free Trade- Suppliers now able to trade across the world with less restrictions. Competition between companies drives prices down significantly with global competition it makes goods even cheaper.
  4. 4. Pros Cont. It gives other countries the ability to grow and to find a market. Labor can be moved more easily where workers can find jobs from other countries due to their skills.
  5. 5. Cons of Globalization It leaves developing countries behind due to advances in technology in superior especially in the music industry. It can be a strain on the market due to skilled workers leaving a country. Smaller countries have a hard time trying to recoup in investments Globalization (not including globalization in music) can cause environmental problems.
  6. 6. Cons Cont. Smaller countries tend to suffer from globalization especially in music due to no distribution. Companies can seek personal gain and have little to no care for the consumer.
  7. 7. Globalization in music review Globalization in music is a tool to share culture,thoughts and stories throughout the world. In the past only richer countries such as the United States, and the U.K would be able to distribute it’s music all across the world . Now with the internet and other tech people can share the music all across the world without have a rich country or record label
  8. 8. Why Globalization is Great for music Globalization amazingly helps music by being able to disburse music all across the world. With today’s technology in streaming and downloading artist aren't restricted by having the government of other countries looking at music to see if the artist’s music needs to be censored or banned. Artist can find success in other countries without having success in their own country.
  9. 9. Story of a artist success in other countries Rodriguez was an artist who has been making music since the 1970’s and never found the commercial success he always had hoped for. Years later a friend of his created a website for him and in 1998 he had found out that in South Africa he was bigger than Elvis Presley,Michael Jackson and the beatles.
  10. 10. Article Review/Summary The Article presented in this power point deals with the relationship between music (typically pop) and Globalization, also how there are various dominant artist in each country but their popularity due to globalization is known in other countries.
  11. 11. Pop culture & Globalization builds transculturalism
  12. 12. How advancement in tech/apps that helps globalization Streaming devices (Phones,computers,mp3 players) Streaming Apps (Spotify, Pandora,Apple,Apple Music) Live streams (Concerts)
  13. 13. Graph of where most pop stars come from Graph of pop artist 8 years ago Graph of the present
  14. 14. Streaming Devices Thanks to streaming devices such as phones, computers,etc we can now listen to music from all over the world without having to buy a physical disc or have one imported to listen to artist that isn’t from our country. These devices also have the ability for others to share their music. For example I was listening to rap music and on Pandora and I learned about Grime British rap thanks to it With computers you can just send them a link to a song and with phones you can send a text.
  15. 15. Streaming apps Spotify Apple music Pandora Youtube Tidal And more
  16. 16. Live Streaming With live streaming artist can have concerts live on facebook or any website so their fans that can make it to the concert or can’t afford it be able to view the artist perform live. The best part of that is fans of the artist from all around the world can now watch the concert for free than having to pay to go to another country and tickets.
  17. 17. What if Globalization never happened? If we were to look at what would happen to music in this day and age without the possibility of globalization, music wouldn’t be nearly as profitable. The music industry would plummet because no one would want to go out and buy CDs/records. The music industry is as big as it is today because of globalization.
  18. 18. Conclusion Globalization for the music industry allows for people to hear music from all around the world using many different devices. It also allows for artists to put music in countries they wouldn’t have been able to 10 years ago. The music industry is at it’s highest profit right now from constantly watching the uproar in new music apps and technology.
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