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Leadership in the music industry

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Leadership in music

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Leadership in the music industry

  1. 1. Leadership in the Music Industry Teyland Avery
  2. 2. Leadership summary in music In the music industry similar to other businesses leadership is a key role for success. With the right leadership an artist can go from known by their block to known by the whole country. The right leader should be able to find the right team, manage the team all while promoting the artist and making sure their music is quality.
  3. 3. Article summary In this article it gives a brief history of the music industry and how well sales were for CD’s and switched to mp3 and now how streaming and internet videos. From there it talks about “Music is more relevant than ever” and what ideas leaders can take from music and what they can learn.
  4. 4. What Leaders can learn from music and why it is important! 1. The leadership and talent dimension is critical. 2. You cannot fight technological development and consumers. 3. You have to be prepared to cannibalise yourself 4. The digital world is in a constant state of flux 5. Disruption equals opportunity. It’s open 24/7 and there is no limitation in shelf space
  5. 5. The leadership and talent dimension is critical In recent times with the threat of digital distribution and streams it has recently become difficult for leaders in the music industry. With problems of them not being able to sell as many cd’s for their artist (another cause is illegal downloads and streams), early leaking of music and more.
  6. 6. You cannot fight technological development and consumers Consumers of music are changing rapidly through each new generation. Middle aged consumers are used to buying tracks and contributing towards the various artists from CDs and records. Whereas, new generations of today are legally streaming music; businesses need to keep up with the new generations for selling music.
  7. 7. You have to be prepared to cannibalise yourself The music industry needs to be ready for change in profit; they need to be keeping up with the times and not be afraid to try something new like putting music online. There may be some bumps of piracy, but overall uploading music to the Internet is the way forward.
  8. 8. The digital world is in a constant state of flux. The music industry is watching a decline in the streaming world, which is why they are constantly changing their way of production to consumers. They will release music on certain days compared to others, and putting their music on different apps such as Spotify and Amazon.
  9. 9. Disruption equals opportunity. It’s open 24/7 and there is no limitation in shelf space Now that distribution is more cost effective artist can be heard all across the world and not have any idea of it. Great leaders can now focus on the quality of the artist and also manage them better by not having the limitation of focusing on how many CD’s to put into stores and get an idea of how many people listen to an artist.
  10. 10. The paid subscription streaming model is the future Sometimes advertisements are fine to listen to, but the way forward in the music business is to have subscriptions to different music sites. Consumers will more likely pay for a subscription to pass all the ads, and download as much music as they can. This way is the way forward.
  11. 11. Control the Data Controlling what the advertisers are getting for their money is important. They need to see what they will be getting through these music apps, and they are all very much interlinked. Ads and music are the new ways of music production.
  12. 12. Great leaders in the music Industry Jay Z Diplo Quincy Jones Rick ross
  13. 13. Jay-Z Great Entrepreneur who has taken his experience to help artist who were under him like : J.cole Beanie Sigel Kendrick Lamar And more! He also started his own record label,business and clothing
  14. 14. Diplo A Dubstep artist who created a record label only to teach younger artist about the game and how it works. Diplo was one of the first owners of record labels to accept streaming and digital.
  15. 15. Quincy Jones Quincy Jones is viewed as a legend! He managed Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and even produced Michael Jackson’s Thriller while being his own artist. Quincy now produces and teaches newer artist.
  16. 16. Rick Ross Rick Ross started his rap career at the ripe age of 32, made his own record label and signed plenty of artist getting them out of the hood and teaches them how to be businessmen all while being an artist.
  17. 17. What I think about the article As someone who is into the music industry I like that it gives insight of how much the music industry has changed and how to take advantage of it. I think this article is perfect for someone who wants to start a record label or wants to be an artist in the industry.