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14 ways to use videos in B2B Content Marketing

  1. The way to B2B marketing success has changed and evolved YEAR AFTER YEAR. 2016 2014 2013 2015 2012 2011
  2. From a more person to person sales approach purely through one on one sessions, emails, and phone calls, we have moved to a more content driven B2B sales cycle. B2B
  3. With content at the heart of their marketing strategy, brands have built credibility among their readers who eventually became their customers. BRAND
  4. Great content has single­handedly driven the sales of numerous organisations like Hubspot & Linkedin over the few years. CONTENT
  5. But gradually over time, the type of content preferred by the audience has changed and evolved.
  6. Now, videos have become almost ubiquitous in all B2B marketing efforts 79% of B2B content marketers are now using video in their content marketing. (2016 report)
  7. - ANN HANDLEY "Any brand or company that isn't using video in some way is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to bring its brand to life. Video adds a pulse to your content. It makes your story tangible and real. So why wouldn't we all embrace it?"
  8. To scale up a company's content marketing efforts, videos should become an ideal part of their marketing initiatives CONTENTMARKETING Brandvalue
  9. And to help you with that, we have put together a list of 14 ways you can use videos in B2B marketing scenarios.
  10. #1. EXPLAINER VIDEO Once a thing of the future. Now, Explainer video is a redundant buzzword that all businesses talk about in their marketing strategy meetings.
  11. Business such as Dropbox and Pinterest owe most of their success to brilliant explainer videos which made their products simple in the eyes of the users. THE NEXT BIG THING EXPLAINER VIDEO
  12. Jellyfish: Explainer Video Helped Closed A $800,000 Deal In 7 Days Thanks to the Explainer Video, Jellyfish was able to close a whopping $800k deal in just 7 days. The client had never heard of Jelly Fish before those 5 days. CASE STUDY 1
  13. As a visitor to the site, the client neither has the time nor the patience to read and understand the software features and how it solves problems. #2. TUTORIAL VIDEOS
  14. Tutorial videos act as a self-guided tool which can even make the customers with the biggest apprehensions feel at home with the new product.
  15. Animaker saw a 250 percent increase in user engagement once we placed a tutorial video inside our application. CASE STUDY 1
  16. #3. PRODUCT DEMO VIDEOS If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales. PRODUCT DEMOVIDEO = 1000XSALES
  17. Product demo video puts your company's value proposition in the form of an attractive video.
  18. Pages with video now appear in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and viewers are anywhere from 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Stats that you cannot ignore about Product demo videos!
  19. "The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web" - MICHEAL LITT
  20. HubSpot, an inbound marketing, and sales platform, has provided a demo video along with a form to schedule a live demo for any interested business. They added the video to show the application's ease of use to the visitors even before they were registered as a user. This significantly increased the site's visitor to lead conversion. CASE STUDY 1
  21. Kissmetrics, the world renowned customer intelligence and web analytics tool, recently released this product demo video to help their customers understand the various features of the tool easier. The video is an ideal example of how churn rate can be reduced by making the customers feel more at home by walking them through the various features slowly and thoroughly. CASE STUDY 2
  22. #4. LANDING PAGES / MICRO SITE VIDEOS. A landing page with a video is a cogitable solution to win the fleeting attention of the visitors and convince them to make the judgement call. By providing videos on your landing pages, you can provide your visitors with a passive engagement medium where they can experience the message for themselves with little effort.
  23. With a stunning video placed on the top of one of the landing pages, Team Animaker had all the right things in place to convince the user that they were on the right page. The bounce rate of the landing page dropped drastically to as low as 25%. CASE STUDY 1
  24. Eyeview Digital (an industry leader in outcome-based video marketing), tested the case of landing pages with and without a video on it. The results showed a statistically significant improvement in conversion of over 86%, compared to the original landing page. CASE STUDY 2
  25. #5. VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC - STEPHEN FEW "Numbers have an important story to tell, but it depends on you to give it a voice"
  26. Even though videos changed the way in which information was conveyed to people online, they were never able to make data interesting. But with Video infographics, the new face of data, that story changed. Data storytelling has now become the go to presentation technique when it comes to business presentations and VC pitches. With Video presentations Sales executives can now empower customers to look data in a very new angle which helps them better understand the value that a particular idea can deliver. Videos are the new convincing Voice of Data. VIDEO DATA VIDEO INFOGRAPHICS
  27. Video infographics is the new data storytelling. Data storytelling has proven to be a powerful delivery mechanism for sharing insights and ideas in a way that is memorable, persuasive, and engaging. As marketers, we can tailor the story to the audience and effectively use data visualization to complement our narrative. We know that data is powerful. But with a good story, it's unforgettable.
  28. TechMD, an IT service company was able to demonstrate the scenario at IT corporates in exact numbers using Video Infographics. This provides an opportunity for business to rethink & lay more focus on 'data and numbers' - a company's integral asset to build trust among the consumers. Everyone believes the fact - Numbers don't lie. CASE STUDY 1
  29. With numbers being the important story behind every business, video infographics becomes the chosen way to decipher that message behind the story. 40% of all people respond to visual information better than text or numbers. Here’s your chance to make those numbers fun for the viewers. Add a little bit of body text Click here to experience the m agic of Video I nfographics.
  30. #6. ONLINE STREAMING OF EVENT CONFERENCES AND TRADE SHOWS These days, event presentation videos released online, get thousands of extra views, roundtable sessions go viral, live internet broadcasting open up your expert Q&A sessions to the world. Why limit the event to the size of the venue, when the whole world could be your venue??
  31. Play Video Video is a window that connects opportunities present anywhere with the online audience !!
  32. Now, aspiring learners can also be the part of renowned conferences and hear speeches directly from expert's mouth. The SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas is an ideal example of this scenario. CASE STUDY 1
  33. The Email design conference conducted by Litmus gives you valuable tips and tricks on the most gullible tool of the marketers, the email. Online streaming of this conference made it possible for millions to watch it from home and gain sparks of knowledge. CASE STUDY 2
  34. Vlogging is surely the new blogging. The rise of YouTube and higher monetization capabilities have given rise to Superstar Vloggers. A Vlog as a medium for B2B marketing is still an unexplored concept. #7. B2B VLOGGING YOUTUBERS!!
  35. 40% of people are most likely to engage with branded content that contains videos. Constant company and product update via vlogs will humanize the brand as a whole and make purchasing decisions easier. BR ND
  36. Wyzowl, an explainer video production house uses vlogs to connect with their target audience. They believe that a vlog is the right tool to get their message delivered effortlessly. They target on creating vlogs that serve a purpose. In this case, they have talked about "The ideal length for an explainer video". The subtle way in which they promoted their company at the end is the perfect example of what we are talking about. CASE STUDY 1
  37. Internet sensation and online entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, started his online journey when he started his vlogging channel Wine Library in 1999. Within 5 years of its inception, he grew his business from a humble 1 million$ to 50 million$. Today, he is a major internet celebrity and owns Vayner media, a social media focussed digital agency. CASE STUDY 2
  38. #8. VIDEO CASE STUDY Video case studies add authenticity to your communication, as the message is about how your customer benefitted by the service or product provided by you. It's much easier to communicate your unique selling points to a prospect in a video by showing practical case studies rather than telling how your product is better. potential selling point 1 potential selling point 2
  39. Case studies are a lot like stories. A typical format introduces your customers or clients (your characters), fills you in on the conflict they experienced, and then wraps it up with the resolution. Your customers are the heroes of these stories, and your product or service is what helps them save the day. This makes case studies both engaging and relatable.
  40. This case study by Fujitsu showed how they helped DEPFA set up an all new IT platform for performing their critical services. Since DEPFA was going through a restructuring process, it was highly important that they handled the transformation smoothly. The case study gave a clear look into how well Fujitsu was able to deliver when it was most needed. CASE STUDY 1
  41. This case study talks about how K2, a leading provider of business process application helped Kimberly-Clark Corporation optimize various processes in the organization starting from document management to system integrations. The video instills the notion that K2 has the necessary experience and skill to successfully implement new solutions in a highly complex corporation. CASE STUDY 2
  42. #9. VISUAL STORYTELLING Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept, but with the explosive growth of social media and content marketing, the opportunities to tell stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives have become huge and is also considered a strategic priority.
  43. Brand Adobe has put video storytelling at the heart of its brand engagement strategy Adobe Marketing cloud product. The series of commercials they created for Adobe marketing cloud has a very funny take on real life scenarios which can be made better with the use of their product. CASE STUDY 1
  44. #10. VIDEO PRESS RELEASE & PR MATERIALS. Video holds advantages over text press releases, AdWeek reports. Eighty percent of viewers will watch an entire video release, while just 20 percent read an entire text release. In addition, video releases have an average half-life of about 40 days, compared to nine days for text releases.
  45. Trenitalia is the leading rail transport operator in Italy. SAP did an online press release about Trenitalia's adoption of SAP's dynamic maintenance management system. The video press release gave an opportunity to the viewers to experience the functionalities the company delivers. CASE STUDY 1
  46. STATS THAT YOU CANNOT IGNORE ABOUT A VIDEO PRESS RELEASE! The press releases with video attracted 55.4 percent more views and 6.1 percent more clicks than the text-only release.
  47. Rather than a boring monologue of companies talking about themselves, a video testimonial by a customer about their happiness and satisfaction with the service provided by the company can easily connect with the prospects and make their purchasing decisions easier. #11. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS “A Testimonial is an online marketer's magic wand!”
  48. "Using a video to connect to the prospect is so much like a cold call, it humanizes the selling process." - JILL ROWLEY
  49. Hubspot does a great job with video testimonials. The video shown here is a detailed testimonial which talks about how HubSpot changed the fortunes of the company "Brightfire", a creative digital agency. The video clearly talks about the problems that Brightfire faced initially and how adopting to the HubSpot platform helped them find leads more easily. CASE STUDY 1
  50. KONE Elevator, the world renowned elevator manufacturer, has created this short and crisp testimonial where the client talks about why they chose KONE Elevator over the other competitors. The video also gives viewers an idea of the challenges the project had and the solutions that were provided by KONE. CASE STUDY 2
  51. Using Q&A videos on the landing pages and online video channels add authenticity and improve the trust factor in the minds of the viewers. Most businesses are still yet to explore this method to improve their visibility. #12. Q&A VIDEOS Q & A
  52. Remember Gary Vaynerchuk, the guy we talked about in the Vlogging case study? He is really good at leveraging Q & A videos too. His current series #AskGaryVee is now 2 years old and millions of subscribers. Over the years, he has established himself as a thought leader in the business world through his videos. The #AskGaryVee series gets him the visibility he needs to grow his main business Vayner Media. CASE STUDY 1
  53. #13. VIDEO WHITEPAPER Yes! It is true. Whitepapers build the credibility of companies among business executives. But how many of those executives actually read through your entire whitepaper containing 50 pages of information? Video whitepapers are the answer to holding the executive's attention throughout its length. video
  54. The obvious thought now would be that video whitepapers are going to replace white papers, or that white papers will become obsolete. Video whitepapers are just the result of white papers evolving. Consider the whitepaper’s evolution into digital format: PDFs and Word documents. Video white papers are the next step. CASE STUDY 1
  55. The interesting part in video whitepaper is a story. And when a story is integrated with research, the whitepaper breathes life and opens an opportunity for everyone to view and understand it without having any preconceptions. CASE STUDY 2
  56. #14. EMAIL MARKETING VIDEOS There was once a hoax "Email is Dead". But in reality, emails are the biggest drivers of ROI even today. Emails today are better optimized and better designed. In its newest Avatar, Emails with videos have become the most dynamic way to engage recipients and help them make better purchasing decisions. EMAIL IS NOT DEAD!!
  57. A Forrester Research study says that 1. When marketers included a video in an email, the click through rates opened by 200-300% 2. Video also boosts open rate by 19%. Click here for a detailed guide
  58. Everytime Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, sends an email, you can be sure that he has embedded a video along with the text content. By providing actionable video content that can help his customers, Brian not only delivers value to them but also build a long term relationship with them. He truly believes that videos can help companies build a deeper connection with their audience. CASE STUDY 1
  59. Evernote used a unique combination of email, case study videos, and a landing page to make a solid sales hook and get people interested in the product and strongly consider subscribing to the paid plans. A sales hook such as the one mentioned here with a solid Call To Action at the end can convince any prospect to give your product a try. CASE STUDY 2
  60. The number of ways in which videos can be used for B2B Marketing doesn't end with these 14 ways. There are many more ways such as Video Presentations, Customer Engagement videos, etc. Videos have been and will continue to be one of the most effective mediums for information delivery.
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