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Manufacturing moves back to the U.S.

Interest in re-shoring manufacturing to the United States is growing. This infographic explores why, to what degree, and the implications.

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Manufacturing moves back to the U.S.

  1. 1. Manufacturing moves back to the U.S. Interest in reshoring manufacturing to the growing The expected to account for a larger share of production capacity for goods consumed in the U.S. Reshoring is likely to lead to more U.S. factory jobs U.S.-based manufacturers that are “considering” or “actively considering” moving some production from China to the U.S. Around three times as many companies plan to add U.S. manufacturing jobs within five years than plan to decrease manufacturing jobs U.S.-based manufacturers that are actively reshoring 37% 54% 7% 16% 2012 20122014 2014 Decrease by at least 5% 17% 34% 50% Remain flat Increase by at least 5% Reshored production and rising exports could create 600,000 to 1 million direct manufacturing jobs within a decade But other factors are also influencing decisions on where to locate manufacturing The skilled workforce is one U.S. advantage… Companies that moved production from the U.S. to gain better access to skilled workers Companies that moved production to the U.S. to gain better access to skilled workers 17%74% Changing cost structures are a driving force 100 2004 100 2014 117 2004 121 2014 Germany China 86 2004 96 2014 France 115 2004 124 2014 Japan 107 2004 111 2014 United States The position of the U.S. has improved against most other major manufacturing export economies, according to BCG’s Global Cost-Competitive Index. The U.S. is the benchmark index score of 100. +0 +9 +4 +10 +4 United States China Asia, excluding China Mexico 44% in the 2013 survey Up from 47%2014 survey Western Europe How much of your production of goods sold in the U.S. is expected to be in the following regions 5 years from now? 14% Down from 12% Down from 10% Down from Slight decline 11% 7% 8% 10% Proximity to customers Ease of business Better quality and yield Lower shipping costs Shorter supply chains 71%69% 79%74% 78% Read BCG’s latest insights, analysis, and viewpoints at © The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. 2015. All rights reserved. To find the latest BCG content and register to receive e-alerts on this topic or others, please visit Please direct questions to