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Arts, Culture and Learning Actions for Happiness

What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in arts, culture and lifelong learning after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Arts, Culture and Learning Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Arts, Culture and Lifelong Learning - Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of arts. culture and lifelong Ieaming Culture is the we of life for a group of people who share beliefs values. Culture informs how define yourself and shapes your beliefs and v ues. , ,,, ‘,’§’, ;‘, f°, k,)"'§", ‘_°, , You on not enjoy uoaf ‘W3 neuirnk ‘"""‘ ‘earning Pm your wallcmm Book leamlng is only one , §,‘, h,§ mnwnmek '0 '€’ie“§ii‘? -"i'.3'i£. °'. .3°£"n. '.'w" . ... ... . "°"‘, ,,, ,;°° °°“°°°"“"°" YUM’. -KIDDW" 9°"'°- ‘K lrnportantnl% 30.» Y°" m "°' mm dates gm "5"" '° "W "flu" brains health and the neignnomooe when °”‘; ’Vm§n'§" quality of life as V00 90 no a restaurant- '“°"‘ you , ,9,_ walk to an errand A fun Idea to spark your E31, Jg artistic nature. Go Left-yl Dam sing lzlllrite with yzltlhbfl hand °"““"° '3'" . learn to prepare (or 3%".3L'}£. ° ror‘1”: :id: ' Language Religion CU§f°m5 & Traditions where to buy) a dish 4,, ‘ ,0,“ up ,0 10 mm Music Rflua|5 Holidays r Cuisine Myths ‘T/2:105 8- Nogrgo em ,3’; “egg? ” 8*°, g§° Food Symbols P '°su, udu'°9’ Vemm 8 8009 imm VOW Below are more ways to improve your happiness Dance Architecture W9’ '95 h - M Monuments H5310”, 3| pomics °"‘39°- when you score low in arts. oulture & learning and Literature I I sing Meawmments another domain of gross national happiness: U H yougnrgargwinm-‘ Vousooredlowln Yousooredlowln Youseoredlowln “ community gavermnoe work soda! support Go to a Hello! 3"“ om °' celebmh Festival v°‘" °°""°" Start a celebrate Learn to say "Hello? 2°” U can 31 K 3‘: ’"v: g°g}i'; '9uy3”' 2:‘ ‘Thank Y3: In ‘ ’' a win: oornrnlriee at . If you Eve asmygunycam 93?? Lumlngamw grgmgmlyomor °8'9b'31"'9 wolkaruddoacullural lyouwork lnsl-urge . finda ur friends and Is one WU" °""“'3‘ 9'°“P- cum" "W" ab" °' mm °° ‘'0 “may, 0; “‘§’, ;, ways Learn another "‘: ':§m3ir: M IBITWO of your to leam another P9l'SD0ClN8- mm, ” about ham, mm W899- culture. Borrow Mods 0‘ 3 “am” roooiueu l ""° °“ '° °' mu. .. "°'""°“°*°"° "WW ampmymem ora oountryof telernutewithor WWW lromgried w"3d 1'39 onfi'; ."’i2s"f. L". .n ‘”"""'”‘9- eedi week. Q) ,0‘, wow : :.‘I' (3? Y sooredlowl °“’°° '" Youscoredbwln Y sooredlouh ognylpfijrngm n r£@' standard of living utllrrfl naianog Be °°§ ‘ "W A""'°"“¢ Beans a nice V°'"°° ‘°° Give it comm» mraiiza am-é, am, rbegm mm? n. .ro"3'i7i"°"'3'. §"i'§'i§'« far “"95 l" 5 dmsmm wlares h the "a'“°“' U5’ "‘°"‘ 3"“ , ,,, ,y{°"'m, ,,, ,,, wavortrvnewfhlrm . ._, ,,, ,.5,. ,,, , trylivi tooneeach flung ms bum Seek authenticity over “vs I, 9,393,, beam wag; mg mm Bi'memisam'ngsaria K 83’°'V-N""°'89" ananoeiimonanio v rnonth. onagrandsoalo. "you camgo W0? uamabwtyourmfl. weeks. Newblestobeans wmowmm new perfection your own “mam, ' can have a mid tlrne name a park, tree roots values and °'9°s“"9 ‘mm m5 uptehes orevena ' storles'. ltyouwere ”“'V"m"""" house In a new led, trust your um “um mm)‘ wayseelaslllorthe Isgflgnbwmwu ’°°'y°°“"5'°°‘k flrsttlrne. appreciating to a culture. Take mm‘? me wherever rnspinmon riom what ‘mg, ‘:1, ,3,“ '°“ ‘M ‘L V°"'°*"'* cooiiiixi nnel *°°: ... *'. *" ‘"9" is These are atewwarys to lmrease your sense ofwellbel and your satlsfarnionwithgoverrrarioe. Some mayfit, rnaynoL Sklperourldthlsrnapandflndwhateelsbesttoyou. Ani: Ileti. islcnowofother| deasI ‘S283 mlflgelplfgl? dd? V00 V0 683 ‘O 3 Happiness Alllanoe Give us your ideas and feedback. lnfo@happyoounts. org happyooumsmg Did you like this? DONATE. www. happycounts. org/ donate