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Governance Actions for Happiness

What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in government after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Governance Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Participating in decision making is important to your happiness; at home, at work and in your community. 0 v-:1 - Actions for Happiness cti fr happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of governance ‘ Take His Gross National Happiness Index and find out how you score Science tells us engaging in the democratic process WWW-NHPPYOOWT5-0'9 increases one's sense 0 well-being. If red low I vouareeoiircaw g§$‘éi. "n°. s s. nd. ... n Y°"a'°"°. *P°"'“°°"Y campaign Start Small R°‘°""‘ Cilggriam an issaugoyugu Get THVONOCO. 0|’ YOU b9ll€V8 3 gnd amp up sustainable future is about activism in that lmggzmesinm 9‘ P°‘°"’l° area. Olgservs what p°3i'itu_cs_ inspires you inequltyforallcom New York City and (scroll down) Monterery Coumy League Gmggeugehnai provides various of Women Voters rovide Happiness index ideas for action. model campaing nance _ reform ordinances 99959“ .3 "°PP'"°59 initiative in your area _ _ er-ti! ends '0'? !‘ Three reasons why engagement in the democratic process is important to your happiness: Below are ways to Improve your happiness when you the purpose of 2 9° Y°“" °"’l° ‘MY °" Y°“' 19"“- score low In governance and another domain of grow 9°"°”""°'¢ 0 Y°“ “*9 "‘giif"‘“'° "“° Y°“" l‘a"d3- i national happiness, Loam new rigs and develop your people ski is. §-:5? (C9 . ' J7 F“, You scored low in ' Y0" 9°°'°d I9" '" You scored low in You scored low in community P8Y°h°l99'°3! work social support wellbeing Get Social Get Into Start an V°'“"”°°" F Research tells ui-ii Governance ¢_3i_: _i1!| fl° P0350" Volunteer for a cause a°°b°°l‘ “Se” I” ° "V051 eomperrv is large. °'° 3” ma-"V you believe in. You 9°“ °"°! 'Vd3Y feel review the 09 l°. “.‘"‘3 l°l'i°"""° cenfindepeenunflsis "i. °:. :.*: .°. ;:li"i"’°“ r°"°i: ='-1-°“°~°v~° . .:: :.'. '.'. :.‘: ':: - °"""° at B. - X that arg impdfisaunfio I tT: ni: IiI:1IleI: aIngiaie: n-iafe: rTilia)li one younlgke. Invite "g'"”li°nf. %‘i"fit"-°°"‘ , §gfi',29,, :' you 5 eonuibure to basic, w0_rkplees ofler to l-ielp_w'rtri their your friends and po 9 ‘org commening on online discourse. l: ?l'°'. °s. '"°l. “d° f°"“3l'°“- family. v°"r*= v°r**°*= '°9 hs'$, sTn'2l’. i”‘§? .a can also increase - r sense at , (a. Q psychological well - 3 6,, 1' Q You scored low in bemg You scored low in YOU 9°°| '9d 10'! in You scored law in environment arts, culture and standard of livinfl lime M18006 lifelong leaming mom. Become a 1 MI I Vacation & Leave warmlngior msto. -y 3., " s 5wa"9'a"“"' Ordinances ordinances in your area Lgfam ‘Egg: 3;? ” ordinances Advocate for to decrease emissions, hb6m°°d' Advocate for $15 I vacation, sick leave waste, energy use and You can nd books‘ minimum wage ' and family leave increase Sl'l1t§lt‘i flit: micles Videos and‘ K ordinances in your Sgatfleand San ominances in your f'I ' BIOS. rancrsoo 819 green buildings. talks °'in"° °r 3‘ y°ur There are many two cities that area‘ F . .l. ‘.. ,.. .s. ... ... .1-. ... m """"' 1'=1"°'°°"= .. ... .“°"° - ist : , in of ideas, visit the EPA: movie°sr, yhi; I1ao)ii'scal and can se§'L°; ”; epa. gav/ clima . novels, models. biographies. .. These are 'ust a few we to naease r sense of welIbe' may fit, others may not. yTSldpI around I Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happycounts. org andincreaseyoursatisfactlonwlth mapandfindwhat eelsbesttoyou. Andletusknowofotherideasl F/ W YOU DESERVE TO BE -M9?" / govemance. some Happiness Alliance happycountsorg Like this? Donate! wvvw. happycounts. org/ donate