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Satisfaction with life actions for happiness

What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in satisfaction with life after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Satisfaction with life actions for happiness

  1. 1. Satisfaction with Life- Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of satisfaction with life You scored low in satisfaction with life and high in all the other domains. Yaurlife is aboutasgoodasirgets. Theraare three things science tells usyouiando toincreaseyourhapplness: These practices may Pl3c1|0e P| ‘8¢1l0e not work if you are Mindfulness Gratitude depres| sed_ Most h peop e got roug Compassion Is taldng action when you G"°"""d° P""°"°°5 °I‘°""9° V°“" '°“II"'i‘d° a period of see others and yourself suffering. t°""*"d3 °"‘°'3i Y°“"3° 3"“ ‘I3 IV 9- depression at Pracflclng mindfulness I8 kg’ Find a gra: fltude your you, capacuy to, compassion Stan personality. make lists, thank people In their lives wnh sitting In suence 5 minutes 3 day’ YOU! ’ life everyday, write 3 letter of h r and work up to 30 minutes 3 day_ gratitude to someone who means a lot to often w en Choose a place that is quite and a Y°”i °"°3t° 3 9"3”t“d° °3'°"‘-I3" W lI‘l§V time when you will not be interrupted. "'8"<'"9 99°" deli Wm‘ 3°"‘°"""9 Y°" experience -. -,y m mus on you, bremh and are grateful for, do a gratitude body scan | oss_ watch your thoughts and feelings 3'3"I"9 Wlth YOU’ 1093 (I 8"‘ 9''319IUI 70'' Loss of emefga Bring your focus back to your my tees. ..) to the top of your head, focus somethin breath each lime. It is the act of bring on Qfafltude for the everyday things by . 9 you, focus back to the mm me, thinking about what life would be like ou did not increases your compassion. Wllholfi '1. look In 1319 mlf| '0_| _' and Say I ave (such appreciate you! as not P c“ (riealizing a Y8 00 ream, not Generosity having a Research shows givin increases ur partner or physical and psycho ical hea . I °“"dI °°"", ':5 33 Practice random acts of kindness oss as m‘l° 35 throughout your day, give an a death, dlv_orce experience over a thing and a 0|’ Something donation to a cause over an _ e| Se- Make an experience for longer term_ happiness appointment with your _ from your gift, do something nice for doctor to discuss this, Y0" Pa" “"4 someone you are in conflict with. or seek help from 0077199-35'0". gratitude donate your money and_time to 8 another healthcare and genersl cause you believe in. p. -ovlden practices base_ on your personality at ‘K _ happycoums. org C0"_1P8SS|0n. gratitude and generosity practices are helpful for all, even those who score You scored low In low in the other satisfaction with K d°maIns' life and low In oilher domains too For some, exfemal factors or the "circumstances of happiness" are I, .5 called the only about 10% of the source of happiness. Not for you. Your Iifes Easterlin paradox circumstances have a big impact on your happiness. Fiesearch tells and holds us there of all the circumstances, there are four to pnontize: woridwide, abllet Waflglmgelgi Standard of Living Work different countries Money does matter - up to a certain Work that Is meaningful to you, xk point. Making more mon up to where you like your boss and have about 75K for a family of our will the resources and decision making make you happier. For some, power to get your Job done will annual Income of 15K is enough, and increase your happiness and that depends on a person's needs satisfaction with life. and other circumstances. Social Support Govemance Feeling loved and cared for is Engagement In the democratic important to your wellbelng. so is process Is Importam to your sense of knowing that If everything ails apart well-being. When you are part of a for you, you will not be destitute, decision making procew where the and will have someone to tum to outcome impacts you, you will be and the resources to meet your happier. basic needs. You can find lots of actions for your happiness on the other personal happiness roadmaps lgloas mi: helpféil? dd? Y0" 3V9 I 985 I0 3 _ H iness Alliance Give us your ideas and feedback. lnfo@happycounts. org alI-, )§ppyooums_gr9 Was this helpful? Donate! www. happycounts. org/ donate