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Hylunia 022 r - skin lightening treatment

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Learn more about Hylunia's skin lightening treatment and

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Hylunia 022 r - skin lightening treatment

  1. 1. Skin Lightening Treatment OVERVIEW: Designed to fade unwanted sun spots, melasma, chloasma, freckles and other hyper pig- mented skin conditions. This potent home care solution uses all botanical ingredients instead of the usual hydroquinone. An excellent partner to Retin-A.THE HYLUNIA ADVANTAGE: FEATURES: BENEFITS: ADVANTAGES: Silver Inhibits microbial growth: preserves Replaces commonly used poten- (NO PRESERVATIVE) against microbial proliferation. tially toxic and sensitizing preserva- tives. Extract of: Horsetail, Morus Root A synergistic blend of completely Fades pigmentation. Bark, Bearberry, Licorice and Kojic natural, highly effective skin light- Acid. ening agents. Multi Fruit Acids: Bilberry, Sugar Exfoliates dead cells to minimize Makes skin soft, youthful and radi- Cane, Sugar Maple, Lemon and fine lines and wrinkles and to ant. Lime. lighten pigmentation. Glycosaminoglycans and Sodium Helps block the activity of degrada- Conveniently combines two vital Chondroitin tive enzymes. Together they provide building blocks, glucosamine and synergistic support for healthy hya- chondroitin for enhanced connec- luronic acid content. tive tissue resilience. Turmeric Concentrate: tetra hydro Curcumoroid of Turmeric: bio- Minimizes premature aging result- diferuloyl methane protectant neutralizes free radical, ing from inflammation and external and UV radiation damage. aggressors. Curcubita pepo Pumpkin Seed Ex- Plant peptide, curcubitine inhibits Buffers any potential irritation from tract inflammatory process and premature fruit acids. aging of the skin. 100% Free of preservatives, dyes, Non-irritating Ideal for even the most sensitive or fragrances, alcohol, lanolin, mineral problematic skin. oil and soap. Cruelty free.PROBLEMS SOLVED:» Fades unwanted sun spots, melasma, chloasma, freckles and other hyper pigmented skin conditions.» An excellent acne, spot‟ treatment.HOW TO USE:Apply a small amount after cleansing and exfoliating over an area where lightening is desired. Use Am and PM.INGREDIENTS:SDA 40 Alcohol (from Grain), Colloidal Silver, Extract of: Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon,Licorice, Bearberry (Uva-Ursi), Morus Root, Kojic Acid (from mashroom), Horsetail plant extract, Tetrahydrodiferu-loyl methane (patented Turmeric extract ), Cellulose, Allantoin(from comfrey plant), Curcubita pepo extract (Plantpeptide from Pumpkin Seed) and Antimicrobial Complex™.SIZE:Retail Size: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml. US Advanced Medical Research, Inc. Henderson, NV 89011 Copyright ©2010 US Advanced Medical Research, Inc. All rights reserved.