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Home Automation London | Home Cinema Installation Ascot

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The Media Rooms creates super high-tech homes, which are personal to you, whether it's a new build, refurbishment or renovation project.

We use cutting edge technology to do really creative things. From High end home cinema and music in every main room though to advanced lighting control, the best movie servers, and home automation all controlled simply from your smart phone, iPad or single remote control, even from the other side of the globe.

Having now clocked up 19 years of continuous training, experience and knowledge we are adept at pioneering fantastic designs and implementing them. We have successfully completed many projects in the UK, Monaco and Switzerland,

Systems are often badly designed or old technology is used and the qualifying, planning and design phases aren't carried out with enough detail, care and attention.

In the last 5 years the right products have become super reliable, and it hasn't been possible until now to offer this level of integration. We give you all the assistance you require to make the right choices for your design, and support you during the installation and well into the future. The technology adapts to you and not you to it.

We are known for entertaining you at home and realizing your dream system and we leave you feeling that you must have more!

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Home Automation London | Home Cinema Installation Ascot

  1. 1. THE MEDIA ROOMS A M A Z I N G H I G H E N D H O M E T EC H N O LOGY E X P E R I E N C E S A u d i o | C i n e m a | L i g h t i n g | H e a t i n g | S e c u r i t y HEAD OFFICE | 16 New Road | Ascot Berkshire | SL5 8QQ | Phone +44 (0) 1344 88 36 39 TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  2. 2. Your experience of having Audio Visual, Media Streaming, Home Cinemas or stunning Automation in your home should be nothing short of amazing. The Media Rooms has been a leading specialist in state-of-the-art Audio Visual and Smart Home Technology for over 20 years. Traditional to ultra-modern We have been privileged to work on some truly fantastic homes - some historic and traditional and some ultra modern. Whatever style of home, clients are still looking for an amazing result. But not everyone can deliver ‘amazing’. BEFORE you decide anything This guide outlines three critical factors that you need to get right in order to have a superb Home Technology experience. Three critical stages Far too often these steps are overlooked: • Planning • Designing your System • Technology Selection Always start here We always start with a detailed review of your needs. We come to your home to discuss exactly what you’re trying to achieve. And then we do a thorough review of your home. If you want truly amazing results then this important first-step should never be rushed. This is the same room from different angles. The home technology in this room includes audio, cinema, lighting, heating and security and all controlled from an iPad. What you can’t see is the wiring, relays, signal boosters and state-of-the-art amps and speakers that make this room simply amazing. We make sure it’s amazing TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  3. 3. Start by planning carefully It is easy to become totally captivated by the latest cutting-edge technology. However, what’s most important in the initial stage is not to make snap decisions. We help you clearly establish what’s truly important to your lifestyle. Yes, you can have the super cool technology that your dinner guests will marvel at, but first answer the following questions: • What do you want the system to do for you on a day to day basis? • What would make your life easier and more efficient? • Do you travel a lot? • How do imagine Home Technology will enhance your lifestyle? • How will your family and guests use the system? • Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint? You will get more pleasure and use from your system now and into the future if you start by getting the answers to these basic questions. We are here to help you make well-informed choices. Our clients love movies and want full image clarity and cinema sound meaning they get a better and more immersive experience. What you want right now TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  4. 4. This client wanted the latest design in controls. But what if new features and better controls become available later? No problem, this is ready to go. Planning for the future Have you ever bought something new that was soon eclipsed by a faster, newer and more stylish model? A quality Home Automation and Audio Visual system should evolve with the times. But many do not. Plans must be made in the beginning to ensure that future growth, updates, additions and modifications happen smoothly and you continue enjoying your technology for years to come. Future-Ready At The Media Rooms we create future-ready homes. We don’t just sell equipment and move on. We’re about creating ingenious Home Technology experiences both now and into the future. Because we are thorough we can predict what infrastructure you’ll need for the future and prepare for that now. For example, we might install additional cabling so you’re ready to roll out updates or expansions to meet new lifestyle or technological requirements. Careful planning - now - will make any future changes virtually problem-free. This is where most other companies get it wrong. This home is all wired-up for smart technology like wireless. You can’t see it but its there. Future ready TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  5. 5. Planning – Ongoing We often see the frustration experienced by people when they don’t plan for the ongoing maintenance of their system. Occasionally when dealing with complex installations, software needs updating or equipment requires adjustment. Service Plans Much like a prestige car that needs a service, sometimes automation systems need expert attention. So make sure you take out an ongoing service plan for your peace of mind. Impeccable aftercare The Media Rooms offer you reliable aftercare and support. You will have support on-hand rather than having to deal with someone who isn’t familiar with the intricacies of your system. Your investment will continue to operate as it was designed to. The system ‘brains’ is concealed from view and cool vented to prevent excessive heat build-up. And will it be easy to service and update? Absolutely. TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  6. 6. Just imagine this You press the ‘movie’ button, the lights dim automatically, the popcorn maker starts and the movie begins all from one touch. Today, technology really can adapt to your specific needs. Attention to Detail We have clients from all over the world and we work with a variety of impressive old and new homes. We work around any existing property features. Consistently our clients tell us they love our attention to detail. Made to match All of the equipment and products we use can either be totally concealed, (including speakers), or can be customised to match your colour schemes and fabrics. They can even be disguised as something else! Attention to detail No ‘wall acne’! We can match controls to suit your décor and they can be backlit for added ease of use and safety. And we minimise the number of switches, keypads and panels on your walls - otherwise known as ‘wall acne’. If your Home Technology is wrong it means more inconvenience for you, but if it’s right you will get maximum pleasure for years to come. These small details make or break your Home Technology experience. This is what we call ‘wall acne’. We replaced all that mess with just one elegant control. TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  7. 7. Really clever We are accredited by respected Industry Regulators such as CEDIA. Only the best companies invest in training their staff and want to be recognised for their service levels and high-standards of work. No wires Wireless and hidden technology is now the norm. You don’t see wires hanging down the walls, behind equipment and trailing across the floors. Strong wireless signals We use clever room-mapping technology to calibrate the room for wireless equipment. This ensures that wherever you sit, you will get the best possible sound experience. Home and away and very cool You can secure, monitor and control your home, anytime and anywhere, from one easy interface. If a door is left unlocked you will receive an immediate alert. When your children arrive home from school, you can receive a text message, so you know that they’re safely home. You can run a hot bath, mix your favourite cocktail and turn on the outside lighting, ready for your return home after a long day. Whatever your needs we can make sure that the technology you choose is easy to use and totally relevant to you and your family. • Utilise hidden technology • No need for numerous remote controls - one interface can control everything • Advanced panellised lighting for convenience, safety and greater control • Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the UK or abroad • Receive alerts and messages for security breaches such as an open door or window • Lock or unlock your entire home with one touch • Personalise everything so your system enhances your lifestyle, makes you more efficient and gives you total peace of mind and fun! You can control your home from your smart phone from just about anywhere in the world. TMHEE DIA ROOMS
  8. 8. A remarkable story As a kid, Justin Wilkerson was curious about how things worked. Much to his mum’s annoyance, he constantly pulled apart radios and toasters! “By 14, I was repairing motorbikes in my spare time. I later did an engineering apprenticeship for four years, worked with robotic machinery and even did thermo-imaging for microwave ovens. “When I was studying computer science I was offered a job in the hi-fi shop where I bought my own sound gear. I had a huge record collection and a great system that I built myself. Friends started to ask me for help buying and building their systems because I took the time to listen, I was precise and designed their systems right - it was as simple as that. “Then I worked for a home technology company that sold customers the products they wanted to shift, rather than actually meeting customer’s needs. The designs were ugly and clunky, they cut corners on installation and the customer got a terrible experience. “I still see too many companies that operate this way. “I promised myself that if I ever started my own company I would do things so much better. “I would find out what my customers really wanted and design around their needs. It would be cutting edge, it would look great and be easy to use. They would get an amazing end result with impeccable aftercare. Clients wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. “When you buy from me or my partner, Dee, or anyone in our team, you’ll get focussed attention to detail and high quality. “Systems are well designed, integrated, smart, intuitive and simple to use - just what an amazing Home Technology experience should be.” Please call The Media Rooms on 01344 883 639. HEAD OFFICE | 16 New Road | Ascot Berkshire | SL5 8QQ | Phone +44 (0) 1344 88 36 39 © 2014 The Media Rooms Justin and Dee on holiday in Morocco. TMHEE DIA ROOMS