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Ian Priest: Winning the war for talent

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The IPA hosted its Talent Adaptathon at Altitude in London on 7th October 2014 in association with Daniel Marks London. IPA President Ian Priest (International MD, Chime Communications) talked about winning the war for talent to wrap up his ADAPT agenda. Get involved by visiting the Hub and on Twitter #ipadapt.

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Ian Priest: Winning the war for talent

  1. 1. Winning the war for talent Ian Priest IPA President Founding Partner VCCP Group COO of CSM
  2. 2. My ADAPT agenda Who are we talking to? The marketing and communications industry What do we want to achieve? Better commercial creativity Why? To reshape the business model to reflect an evolving and dynamic industry How do we do that? By adapting faster and better in 5 key areas
  3. 3. The 5 key areas A Alliances less pitches /more partnerships D Diversification less one-dimensional/more multi-dimensional A Agility less set piece/more real time P Performance less time-based/more value-based T Talent less traditional/more diverse
  4. 4. Adaptathon Schedule 3rd October 2013 Alliances Adaptathon+experiments 3rd /4th /5th February 2014 Diversification Adaptathon+experiments 7th/ 8thMay 2014 Agility Adaptathon+experiments 8th July 2014 Performance Adaptathon+experiments 7thOctober 2014 Talent Adaptathon+experiments
  5. 5. Less traditional, more diverse
  6. 6. We are doing lots already
  7. 7. Setting the wider context
  8. 8. Less traditional, more diverse • Age • Gender • Culture • Skills
  9. 9. The Multicultural Dynamic
  10. 10. The Digital revolution Online in 60 seconds Source: Qmee, PC Magazine, GO-gulf, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, 4MAT and Intel Corp
  11. 11. The Robot hypothesis
  12. 12. Better together • Industry wide • Co-ordinated initiatives • Celebrate talent • Client engagement • Job swaps • Joint training
  13. 13. Who we represent People Management Business Management Allies and Intermediaries
  14. 14. Our narrative flow Provocation Inspiration Exploration Experimentation
  15. 15. Your participation in three AdaptLabs AdaptLabs • Filling the future skills gap led by Mark Bell, Experience Planning Director, Dare and Chairman IPA Digital Business Group • Retaining talent led by Andrew Pinkess, Director of Business Innovation, AMV BBDO and Group Co-chair IPA Professional Development Group • Making the Industry more diverse led by Julian Douglas, Vice-Chair, VCCP Partnership and IPA Diversity Forum
  16. 16. Actions not words