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Russian Trade Mission, the art of new business development

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an outline of the cyber security developments in Europe and The Netherlands specifically for the Russian Trade Mission at Amsterdam. Followed by an outline steps and tricks to enter a new market like Europe.

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Russian Trade Mission, the art of new business development

  3. 3. Expert opinion on most prevalent threats or attacks the coming years Source: Global Megratrends in Cyber Security, Ponemon Institute, 2015 - 2019 CYBER SECURITY DEVELOPMENTS M O S T P R E VA L E N T T H R E AT S
  4. 4. LOCAL CYBER SECURITY PRIORITIES Priorities in Cyber Security with companies > 50 FTE in The Netherlands Source: National IT Security Monitor
  5. 5. OBSERVED RISKS 1. Missing vision, knowledge and awareness 2. Supply Chain security & governance 3. Specific vulnerabilities and threats – Uncontrolled & mobile data – Internet of Things devices – Randsomware – Interal leakage threats (admin users) – Test data risks – Periphery fraud
  6. 6. PRVACY RULES AND REGULATIONS • Need to be compliant to Data Protection law – procedure dataleakage personal data – procedure dataleakage financial/customer data – GRC: Proof of proper security • Fine of € 820.000,- per incident or 10% turnover • Board of directors are severally liable
  7. 7. SECURITY MEASUREMENTS • Certifications like ISO27001:2013 • Cloud Security – Security policy management – Strong authentication & identity – Security automation • Technology & Monitoring – Perimiter security investments – SIEM via cases & scenario’s – Dasboard security in control
  8. 8. SPECIFIC SECURITY OPPORTUNITIES Cloud Security Mobile Security Data leakage lawIoT Security
  9. 9. PLAN TO JUMP TO EUROPE The art of new business development
  10. 10. EUROPEAN OPPORTUNITY G L O B A L I N T E R N E T P E N E T R AT I O N The size of the bubbles is the total population of the region. Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2014–2019
  11. 11. The size of the bubbles is the adoption of consumer cloud storage as a % of residential Internet population. Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2014–2019 EUROPEAN OPPORTUNITY G L O B A L C O N S U M E R D AT A C L O U D A D O P T I O N
  12. 12. FIND YOUR MARKET IN EUROPE Size Branche Region
  13. 13. UNDERSTAND YOURSELF ValuesIdentity Competition
  14. 14. UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS MODEL Let a thousand flowers blossom Cultivate the special ones
  15. 15. STEPS TO TAKE THE JUMP 2. Select your specific suspects Target GroupTargets 1. Define you ambition and goals Propostion 3. Build a propostion for your target group Approach 4. Derive a go-to-market from the suspects and proposition
  16. 16. CONSIDERATIONS Preparation is key Netherlands, testing ground for Europe Respect the sentimentMind the local language and cultures
  17. 17. OPPORTUNITY: SECURITY CAFE • A Network of 800+ security professionals • Quarterly events to share knowledge • Speakers and topics, all related to security • Gateway to the Dutch security community Powered by Trust in People
  18. 18. + 3 1 6 11 3 4 6 0 9 5 t h i j s @ f o r c e 2 1 . e u g e r c o . k a n b i e r @ t r u s t i n p e o p l e . c o m t h i j s . v a n . h o f w e g e n b . e l . g r e c o + 3 1 6 4 1 8 1 7 0 2 4 T H I J S VA N H O F W E G E N G E R C O K A N B I E R