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DevOps - Agile on Steroids by Tom Clement Oketch and Augustine Kisitu

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DevOps - Agile

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DevOps - Agile on Steroids by Tom Clement Oketch and Augustine Kisitu

  1. Body Level One Body Level Two Body Level Three Body Level Four A g i l e A f r i c a 2 0 1 5 DEVOPS - AGILE ON STEROIDS
  2. So you think you’re Agile?
  3. Stand-ups
  4. Sprints/Iterations
  5. User Stories and Story Walls
  6. Retrospectives
  7. Showcase
  8. SCRUM
  9. BUT…
  10. When it’s time to deploy…
  11. DEPLOYMENT IS A PAIN… ▫︎Deployment is manual. Requires context ▫︎Snowflake servers ▫︎Does the code actually work? Is it not going to introduce bugs ▫︎Versioning and rollback?
  12. Don’t deliver on time
  13. DON’T DELIVER ON TIME ▫︎Process bottlenecks ▫︎Organisational ▫︎Team
  14. Fail to adapt to changing requirements
  15. CHANGING REQUIREMENTS ▫︎Big Design Up Front (BDUF) ▫︎Specific implementation details ▫︎No process to manage changes
  16. Not disruptive in the market
  17. NOT DISRUPTIVE ▫︎No information! ▫︎No insights into customer trends ▫︎No opportunity to iterate over ideas
  18. Dissatisfied clients
  19. DISSATISFIED CLIENTS ▫︎Missed deadlines ▫︎First-mover advantage ▫︎Software doesn’t meet the requirements
  20. Where did we go wrong?
  22. What are the actual problems? ▫︎Culture? ▫︎Are we spending time doing the same thing over and over again? ▫︎User Feedback? ▫︎Knowledge Silos?
  23. Now What?
  24. Agile is DEAD! Let’s look for another buzzword
  25. Culture
  26. CULTURE ▫︎Teamwork ▫︎Different stakeholders and skill-sets, but the SAME team ▫︎We have the same GOAL ▫︎There has to be TRUST (Autonomous Teams) ▫︎Collaboration ▫︎Communication ▫︎Break the SILOS. ▫︎How do we optimise communication within the organisation processes?
  27. Automation
  28. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! ▫︎Automated Deployment ▫︎Continuous Integration ▫︎Every change/commit should be production ready. ▫︎Automated testing Deployments should be boring.
  29. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! ▫︎Automated Infrastructure ▫︎Infrastructure as code ▫︎Treat your infrastructure as cattle and not horses (phoenix servers) If it’s painful do it often
  30. Measurement
  31. MEASUREMENT ▫︎Metrics ▫︎Performance metrics ▫︎Page load-times ▫︎Time to deploy ▫︎Process metrics ▫︎How long does it take to release a feature? ▫︎People metrics ▫︎User trends (time of greatest activity)
  32. Sharing
  33. SHARING ▫︎Eliminate the SPECIALIST ▫︎Share data in a way that makes sense to each stakeholder ▫︎Make information visible ▫︎Build monitors ▫︎Monitoring dashboards ▫︎Graphs of usage trends etc
  34. The DevOps Manifesto
  35. DEVOPS IS NOT… ▫︎* A certification ▫︎* A role ▫︎* A set of tools ▫︎* A prescriptive process
  36. DEVOPS IS … ▫︎* About the relationship between dev and ops ▫︎* Cross-functional teams over organizational silos ▫︎* Products not projects ▫︎* Automation over documentation (and more automation... and more...) ▫︎* Knowing that good software doesn't end with development / release
  37. Questions? ——————————————————— @austiine04 @tc_oketch THANK YOU