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Start over strategy for tomorrow's future - ThoughtWorks Live China 2014

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What Natural Markets Food Group has done to transform from “omni-channel” to “multi-plex” is to use technology as a necessary means, continually observe and investigate customer needs, optimise the first catch of each channel( Online ordering,In-store pickup,In-store ordering,Smart Digital Menu boards) along the way, in order to provide customers more possibilities of interacting with the brand, as well as serving them with multiple choices and a unique shopping experience.

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Start over strategy for tomorrow's future - ThoughtWorks Live China 2014

  1. START OVER STRATEGY for tomorrow’s future
  2. Moving From Omni-Channel to the MULTI-PLEX BRAND EXPERIENCE Joshua C. Sigel
  3. SINGLE- CHANNEL MULTI- CHANNEL OMNI-CHANNEL CATALOG CATALOG Evolution of the Retail Shopping Experience
  4. MULTIPLEX brand experience
  5. Do we look at this as a POS decision? What about on-line ordering and grocery shopping? How does mobile come into play? If we choose a platform that everyone else has deployed how do we create a competitive edge? How long will it take to make changes? How expensive will those changes be? where do we begin?
  6. • Our own stores • Competitors stores, online and off • Other consumer facing businesses • Past work experience • Customers • Street and analyst community • Employees Observation (The good, the bad and the ugly)1 Research2 experience design process
  7. experience design process Identify & Prioritize Customer Segments3 Create a contextual end-to-end customer journey map for each segment 4
  8. Retail Food Food Service
  9. Guiding Principles 1platform create a JOURNEY leverage our smaller size let history inform the future, not drive the it LETGUESTSCHOOSE quickly move from DECISION to ACTION
  10. Digital Shoppers Multi-channel buyers Researchers Physical store buyers OUR CUSTOMER
  12. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 1 Individuals interested in eating with their colleagues spent the bulk of their time alone 2 Many guests were pressed for time during peak business hours and wanted good food quickly SOLUTIONS 1 Flexible POS and Service Design that enabled any item to be ordered from any station and picked up at the express counter. 2 Ordering online and take-out, dine-in, or get it delivered
  13. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 3 Families were in the restaurant together but were not necessarily interested in eating the same food or even eating together SOLUTIONS 3 Richtree Market Pass – a mobile app with a feature called “grouping” which allowed members of a group to associate themselves together by the head of the group scanning each members Richtree Market Pass QR code
  14. 4 Payment options were “traditional” in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONSSOLUTION 4 Not only did we focus on any item form any station, we also wanted to make sure that all payment types were accepted at every station (no cash at Kiosks). This included accepting mobile payment at kiosks.
  15. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 5 Customers made multiple purchases from multiple stations = multiple payments and standing in multiple queues. SOLUTION 5 Strategically placed Kiosks throughout the space to address wait time and queuing issues. iPad POS allowed customers service associates to take orders while customers waited in the queue.
  16. 6 Menu and Product Information was not consistent across all ordering points. The information that was there such as Dietary Information and food availability was not available or accurate. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONSSOLUTION 6 Product and Ingredient Information architecture that powered all ordering points and digital menus: digital menu boards, iPad Menus at the bar and at tables, Online ordering, etc – all driven off of the same point of sale product information platform.
  17. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 7 Moms and dads had difficulty finding a safe way to navigate AND had a hard time finding seating that was family "friendly” SOLUTION 7 Created the Richtree Market Garden where children could play while parents watched them while enjoying a great meal.
  18. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 8 Guests needed direction and clear forms of way finding in order to ensure they got the most out of the experience SOLUTION 8 Holographic Host & Brand Ambassador and Digital displays throughout the space.
  19. in both grocery & restaurant properties OBSERVATIONS 9 Next to speed, entertainment was still a driving force in the selection of dining experience SOLUTION 9 For those who wanted to be entertained we would deliver value added experiences throughout and experiences were designed with the future in mind. Interactive video wall would eventually support ordering and promotions.
  21. INFRASTRUCTURE (NMFGasanexample)
  22. • Multitude of order options: Self Service Kiosk; Mobile; Online AND integrated them to create a Muliplex brand experience • All forms of payment. Anywhere. • Unique Payment Options for families and groups. • Food related information • Queue busters • In-store format that makes it safe and easy for parents with children, differently abled, and seniors to order and enjoy their food • The ability to grocery shop AND enjoy We addressed the breaks in the journey and CREATED
  23. Q&A
  24. @JoshuaSigel