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Charles bayless bio 2010

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One page narrative description of career

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Charles bayless bio 2010

  1. 1. J. CHARLES BAYLESS, JR. Charles Bayless has over 25 years of successful general management, P&L, and sales accomplishments in the management consulting and IT consulting services industries. He gained this experience through a series of U.S., international, and global roles with Capgemini and its antecedent companies (Ernst & Young Consulting and Arthur Young). In these roles he provided services directly to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe, managed business units within Capgemini, and led merger integration projects as businesses were acquired by Capgemini. Most recently, Mr. Bayless has pursued a mission to assist parents in creating the conditions which will support children in becoming habitual and enthusiastic readers. He designed and launched Through the Magic Door®, a children’s books internet site which provides a forum for book sales, advisory services to parents, and enabling tools such as search databases. Through the Magic Door® also funds research into reading practices. Prior to this sabbatical from consulting, Mr. Bayless’ responsibilities have all been centered on driving profitable revenue growth either in business turn-around or new business establishment situations. He has consistently increased sales, revenue and profitability in each of these roles, frequently in an environment of limited corporate resources. These assignments have entailed improving intellectual asset utilization, coaching team sales and delivery effectiveness, and increasing clarity of and focus on core operational measures. All have been executed with reduced budgets and reduced headcount. Most recently, upon his return from seven years of international assignments, Mr. Bayless led the strategic initiative within Capgemini Americas to consolidate alliance activities with all the major IT industry hardware and software companies with the goal of transforming them from a tactical, deal-by-deal, cost/center approach to a growth-strategy based on a P&L model. As a result of this 30 month initiative, in 2005 his business unit (BU) was the only one of seven business units in the Americas to show revenue growth and was the only profitable BU (with profit up 40% on 2004). Mr. Bayless’ prior global assignments with Capgemini included leading the Global Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution sector in which role he raised sector sales by 23%. Prior to that, Mr. Bayless filled a number of roles in Asia Pacific starting with the initial assignment to turn- around a no-growth, loss-making consulting business unit in Australia. As COO, Mr. Bayless completely revamped all processes, starting with sales followed by delivery and people management. In the space of eighteen months, the business unit achieved an annual sales growth of 60% while returning to targeted profitability, cut personnel attrition by 55%, and deployed a number of new service capabilities. Mr. Bayless subsequently led a number of regional accounts and sectors with similar sales and profitability results, including the establishment of an Asia Pacific Regional sector team that accomplished, in the space of a year, a 100% improvement in sales with a reduction in personnel resources of 65%. Mr. Bayless has a B.S.F.S. in International Economics from Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service and an MBA in International Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. 1338 Beech Valley Road, NE Office: (404) 898-9096 Atlanta, GA 30306 Cell: (678) 938-4854