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Content syndication

Connection2's new Content Syndication solution offers an innovative way to increase the reach of your content. Find out more...

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Content syndication

  1. 1. Content Syndication Find out about our Content Syndication service here: Content Syndication – Why it’s so important to grow your reach as much as possible. Looking to find out more about content syndication? Connection2 can help! CASE STUDY: ORACLE SOCIAL ON DEMAND. 70,000 clicks generated in a whole new channel, and counting!
  2. 2. Content Syndication? Content Syndication refers to the process of allowing others to host your content on their websites or Social Media accounts. This increases the reach of your content dramatically. It also gives your Partners and internal employees easy access to your content and collateral, and encourages them to share it. Digital Marketing is fuelled by content, but what’s the point if nobody can see it?
  3. 3. Managed Social On Demand Social Media is king when it comes to sharing content. Managed Social On Demand leverages your Partners and own employees to dramatically increase the reach of your fantastic content. By providing customisable content categories, your users only get content relevant to them, instantly ready to share. Your colleagues and partners have access to hundreds of thousands of prospects. Are you making the most of them?
  4. 4. Oracle Social On Demand
  5. 5. Oracle Social On Demand The Problem Oracle needed a way to share its vast amounts of varied content with its Partner network. Oracle’s Partners needed content, but didn’t have the time to go out and find it. The Solution Social On Demand provides a live library of content which updates every day. The Partners can choose the content they want to post and Oracle’s content reaches a new and wide audience of prospects!
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