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EnEx-Consult 2012

  1. Company Overview Internet: www.EnEx-Consult.com Telephone: (+65) 84 286 384 Skype: michael.enex-consult Email: EnExCons@EnEx-Consult.com Michael.Tiefenbacher@EnEx-Consult.com M.Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Copyright @ EnEx-Consult LLP
  2. Does this sound familiar?  You have invested heavily into Product-Development, hired the best engineers and managers, licensed expensive software, bought pricey equipment, and still projects are stuck and you have to wait for the return of your investment.  New competitors are coming up, new features are required, new technologies are introduced and you see your market- share jeopardized as your R&D-team is not performing.  When you ask your development team about the status of the projects, you hear only about delays, problems, risks, higher development- and product-costs.  You ask for an updated schedule, and realize again and again the project is delayed. You need to pump in additional resources and / or reduce some requirements. M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 2 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  3. Expectations from successful and effective R&D At EnEx-Consult, we believe that these are the key deliverables from a successful and effective R&D-organization  Successful Projects Time, Cost, Quality, Flexibility (keep commitments!)  Innovation IP-Generation (patents), IP-Protection  Continuous Improvements Cycle time reduction, Cost reduction, increased productivity  Sustainability Repeatability of results, Documentation, Learning Organization Success in Product-Development does not only depend on brilliant Engineers and strong Project Managers, but heavily on the Development Process, Competence & Performance Management and the Enabling & Supporting Environment. M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 3 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  4. How EnEx-Consult can help you …  Typically 75% of all product-development-projects are delayed, and only a few are ready on time, without any glitches. EnEx-Consult helps to ensure your development-projects belong to the successful ones. – Project success is not ‘being lucky’, it is doing the right things with the right people at the right time - consistently. – It’s not succeeding once, it is about setting a system in place which ensures consistent and lasting good results. – A successful and effective development organization has to create value and profit for the company  There is no ‘one fit for all’ – formula, but there are several areas which needs to be evaluated and tailored towards the specific environment and needs.  EnEx-Consult reviews the existing setup and helps your organization to install the right processes, systems, tools and policies to ensure consistent project success. M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 4 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  5. Competence-Areas  EnEx-Consult competence is based on more than 25 years experience in engineering and management of small and large R&D-organizations in Europe, Singapore, China and USA as well as research on state of the art methodologies. EnEx-Consult has created a powerful recipe of what makes an Product-Development successful.  Continued success in Product Development depends heavily on these 4 key areas: – Product Development Processes – Performance Measurement and Management – Competence Management (Learning Organization) – Support/Enabling Processes  These competence areas are the pillars of success to your R&D- organization to ensure that your organization achieves “Engineering Excellence by Highly Motivated Engineers”. M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 5 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  6. Competence Areas  Product Development :  Competence Management EnEx-Consult can help your organization to (Learning Organization): select or develop a well defined product The importance of knowledge sharing within development process tailored to your the organisation, learning from previous organization’s needs and requirements. successes and failures as well as safe- A standard ’stage-gate-process’ might suit keeping of this Intellectual Property is your needs, but it’s key important how crucial for continual success in a fast-pace these processes are executed, how risk is arena like product-development. managed, how the development team is Coaching and Mentoring, accurate and loaded. timely Documentation combined with Continuous Improvement and Innovation are key to success.  Performance Measurement and Management: To drive an organization towards the right  Support/Enabling Processes: performance, you need to have clear Lasting Engineering Excellence is only performance expectations for both the possible with ‘highly motivated staff’. organisation as well as staff involved. You need to setup your organization in the These expectations have to be linked to the right way, roles and responsibilities clearly overall organization’s targets and defined and outlined, and the right performance. measurements and recognitions defined and At EnEx-Consult, we will help your in place. organization set the right performance- EnEx-Consult can help your organization to targets and define and implement practical setup supporting and enabling functions measures to achieve these targets and which are determination factors for long- performance. term success of any Product-Development Organization. M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 6 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  7. Voice of the Customer Dr. Peter Weigand, GRACE SVP Sales, Marketing & Services To Whom It May Concern: I engaged Michael Tiefenbacher for about one year as Interim Manager to manage Grace's Design Services department located in Shanghai. Besides the day-to-day management activities Michael conceptualized and implemented a standardized mile-stone system, project- and resource-planning, accounting and reporting tools and an online IP-Management system. This effort lead to significant improvements in the team's performance and ultimately to improved services toward Grace's customers. Michael is highly experienced and professional in setting up systems and business-processes to improve performance and achieve lasting results. Michael is also very strong in people management and knows how to create a work environment where people can develop to their full potential and contribute their very best to the benefit of the company. Grace has been very satisfied and happy with Michael's services, and I highly recommend you talk to Michael if you are interested in management services to bring your R&D and engineering organization to peak performance. June 17th 2011, Dr. Peter Weigand (weigand.peter@gmail.com) M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 7 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.
  8. Our services  We offer: – Management Consulting and Interim Management – Trainings based on your specific requirements and needs – Conduct Internal Audits and provide support with Certification – Tools and templates for planning, reporting etc.  We know that every customer is unique and every need is different. Customization is the key to providing efficient solutions and to Your and Our success.  Please contact us for an non-obligatory discussion and to work out a setup suitable for your organization. We will accommodate your needs to your utmost satisfaction. Thank You! M. Tiefenbacher, 5 December, 2012 Page 8 Copyright 2012 © EnEx-Consult LLP. All rights reserved.