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How Orange works on Social Media to manage crisis

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For its first important breakdown of its network in France, Orange has faced to a major crisis. To support its community and ensure the customer relationship, the French operator based its strategy on the Tigerlily "Conversation Suite" solution to track in real time conversations of its community, analyze them and to publish the right answer to the right target.

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How Orange works on Social Media to manage crisis

  2. 2. PresentationWho we are? Who they are?The Tigerlily Platform helps brands to easily drive their Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of thesocial marketing strategies. Used to manage conversations worlds leading telecommunications operators.and run effective campaigns across 60 countries, itoptimizes your large-scale actions by providing uniquesexperiences. Challenge For its first important breakdown of its network in France,The Tigerlily «Conversation Suite» Orange has faced to a major crisis. To support its community and ensure the customer relationship, theThe perfect solution to manage Facebook Pages and Twitter French operator based its strategy on the Tigerlilyaccounts. Schedule and target messages to improve their "Conversation Suite" solution to track in real timeperformances. Automate moderation, get notifications and conversations of its community, analyze them and to publishmonitor brands to protect them from attacks and answer the right answer to the right target. A crisis managementto the community. welcomed by observers.
  3. 3. Event Timeline Press conference 7 July - 4:30 pmAnnounce: end of the breakdown7 July - 01:23 am Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom reviews the incident causes and reveals the compensation provided.Back to normal for the Orange network at 00:30 amOrange on Facebook6 July - 10:14 pmOfficial press release of the incident on Facebook. Credits: Franck Pennant, AFPPublication most shared of the Orange Facebook page. Twitter @Orange 6 July - 5:55pm Setting up a newsfeed in real time to follow the breakdownOrange on Facebook & Twitter and its evolution.6 July - 3:55 pmCommunication of the incident that cuts off the Orangenetwork and answer to first comments of fans affected bythe blackout.
  4. 4. 1CRISIS MANAGEMENTHow Orange organizes its communication on Social Media
  5. 5. Community strategy Improve interactions Trusting Listen torelationship the community Understand their needs
  6. 6. Crisis management process1 2 3 4 5Alert Assign Analyze Answer Monitor
  7. 7. Organization Head of communication Crisis Cell CEO Community Timing The right pace between the impatienceCommunity feedback Managers of social networks and time for reflection.Internal workflow Solution to manage conversations
  8. 8. Crisis management goals 1 2 3 Protect the Master messages Users comfort brand image distribution 4 5 6 Know Optimize customer Customersthe community relationship insights
  9. 9. 2MODERATIONHow Orange tracks conversations and monitors Social Media
  10. 10. «Conversation Suite», how does it workCommunity flowOrange worflow Moderate Analyze contributions interactions Target messages Identify key users
  11. 11. Fans activity Increase of comments 07/06 in response to messages published on the Orange Page. Number of "like" reached a peak corresponding to positive07/07 opinions on the compensation plan announced. Fans interactions x8 Source : Tigerlily Conversation Suite
  12. 12. Moderation activity Number of alerts and deleted messages have followed the same trend of interactions Source : Tigerlily Conversation Suite
  13. 13. Reasons for deleting messagesOrange PolicyAll messages going against OrangePolicy are deleted. Concerned:• Insulting, defamatory• Racist, hateful• Advertising messages• SPAM Orange Policy available on a dedicated tab on the Facebook Page.Messages auto delete by keywordsPredetermined keywords by Orange in the solution to manage conversations on Facebook, the Tigerlily«Conversation Suite».
  14. 14. AlertsNotifications by keywordsOrange has specified keywords to identify comments, posts or messages of its community may requesta follow-up and assign them to the right person. Message related to the network outage. «Richard» keyword in a comment related to the announce of the press conference with the Orange CEO Stéphane Richard.
  15. 15. A successful crisis management Communication of the incident and its evolution from its origins until recovery. Timing Diffusion of explicit messages about the nature of the newtwork problems.Transparency A press conference the next day to explain in detail the technical causes and announce a plan of compensation. Answer
  16. 16. Community satisfaction Thanks x 1 488The most used word in comment by fans on the Facebook Orange Page. Congrats x 246 Fans congratulate the 200 technicians mobilized to fix the outage and welcome the compensation plan. + 4 495 fans Largest increase of fans in just 2 days. Source : Tigerlily Conversation Suite. Statistics from 6 to 8 july 2012