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Tiimiakatemia presentation short_basics_august2014

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What is Tiimiakatemia?

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Tiimiakatemia presentation short_basics_august2014

  1. 1. Brief Introduction to Tiimiakatemia® Info & facts on the results, methodology and global effect. August 2014
  2. 2. Source: A calculation conducted by Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä’s team-coaches on fiscal year 2012 of all team-companies. Invoicing between the team-companies has been taken out of the calculation. 10000users of Tiimiakatemia® methodology world-wide. Tiimiakatemia Population World-Wide x
  3. 3. • Finland • Spain • Hungary • Netherlands • Germany • France • United Kingdom • Brazil Country List of Tiimiakatemia Influenced People, Universities and Educational Centres The countries included have been taken from Partus Ltd’s client list. • Chile • Argentina • Australia • Russia • Estonia • Latvia • China
  4. 4. 47% of Tiimiakatemia® Jyväskylä graduates are employed as entrepreneurs within two years of graduation. Source: OPALA. The system for student feedback, OPALA, is a joint student feedback system of Finnish polytechnics and the Ministry of Education. Record Breaking Impact on Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Source: A calculation conducted by Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä’s team-coaches on fiscal year 2012 of all team-companies. Invoicing between the team-companies has been taken out of the calculation. 2,0 was generated by Tiimiakatemia® Jyväskylä’s student’s team- companies in real-life projects conducted to the economic life. million € Getting Real on Finances During Study-Time Also loved by the tax authorities. Tiimiakatemia® generates a whopping amount of tax- revenue back to the society in direct taxes paid by the team- companies and in-directly by stimulating the economic life.
  6. 6. • Learning by doing • Learning in a team • Running your own team company • Doing theory studies and applying theory directly to practice • Teachers work as team coaches that help the students to run their companies and learn in teams • Studies fully integrated to curriculum • Roboust, tested methodology Tiimiakatemia’s Core
  7. 7. • Free for every citizen, funded by the goverment; culture of equal opportunities • Finland is in Top 3 to 6 in Global PISA - evaluation of education every year; excellency in education. • Nordic education system (i.e. not American, British or French, for example); part of European Union education integration • Modern and not strongly influenced by politics or religion • High-quality teacher training and competency Background Info on Finnish Education
  8. 8. Peter Senge’s Statement on Tiimiakatemia A video speech by Peter Senge (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America. In English. Tiimiakatemia Comes to United Kingdom British video on Tiimiakatemia. In English. The Inventor’s Speech Interview of Johannes Partanen, the founder of Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä. In Finnish with English subtitles. Tiimiakatemia videos in YouTube
  9. 9. • Visit Tiimiakatemias • See for yourself how Tiimiakatemia works in different universities and cultures. • • Train your staff at Team Mastery program. • The program provides elementaray know-ho on Tiimiakatemia Methods • Run by Partus Ltd, a company that owns Tiimiakatemia® trademark • Have juniors and experts working at your organization. • Everyday support from Junior Team Coaches • Expert support from experienced Team Coaches of Partus Ltd Get on Board!
  10. 10. Dialogue and Learning Together.
  11. 11. Adaptable to Different Cultures; teamwork works everywhere!
  12. 12. Running team companies.
  13. 13. Tiimimestari (Finnish version of Team Mastery) has changed the way I see learning and team coaching. During the programme I met several enthustiastic students and teampreneurs both from Finland and international settings. These meetings convinced me of the fact that teampreneurship can be taught and coached at Ahlman College as well. The dialgoue classes we have implemented for our students have been received well both by our our teachers and students. Thanks to Team Mastery, Ahlman College has better possibilities and know-how to face the challenges of tomorrow’s education.” Taina Ewiss Assistant Principal Ahlman College, Finland Stories from The World of Tiimiakatemia ”
  14. 14. • Tiimiakatemia Global Portal: • Partus Ltd’s website: (Partus coach Team Coaches) • Tiimiakatemia’s Team Coach and teampreneur Global Network: • Founding Tiimiakatemia: Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences: Links & More Info
  15. 15.