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Business Management Training | Step 1 - Building Your Vision |How to Manage a Business

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Publicado el to find out more, - Get free training on how to Double Your CASH in the Bank in 90 Days -

This is Step 1 of the "7 Steps to Business Certainty" - the world's most practical and profitable training for businesses with 3 to 30+ staff - because you get the systems, measuring tools and specific how to strategies.

No other training or business coaching system gives you all 3 ingredients as systems with workbooks, videos, 1 on 1 support, measuring tools and 600 pages of content you will use as a reference for the rest of your life in business.

In this video you are introduced to a business growth formula, that was identified after 10 years of working 1 on 1 with over 300 businesses all in different industries.

That 7 step formulas has produced over $100,000,000 in net profit increases for our business clients over 17 years.

This video is Step 1 - Building Your Vision.

Apply exactly what it teaches as it follows the principle of the greatest study into success the world has ever seen.

This is the first of 7 videos.

By following all 7 steps, you will free up your time, increase your business' profitability, put a lot more cash in your bank and free up some or all of your time.

This is a short preview of the Academy of Business Mastery - the ultimate small business training course because it includes complete, ready to use systems, saving you many months of system creation.

In this course you will learn all about how to manage a business,small business management tips, strategies for business management, ways to increase your business' net profit margins, various types of marketing strategies.

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Business Management Training | Step 1 - Building Your Vision |How to Manage a Business

  1. 1. Organically found from 10 years of 1 on 1 coaching Solves business owners time, increases profitability, puts more cash in the bank This gives business owners control to work on it, or work their way completely out of it A “7 Step” Business Growth Formula
  2. 2. The 7 Steps to Business Certainty 1. Building Your Vision 2. Team Building & Recruitment 3. The Magic of Measuring 4. Planning to Achieve Your Goals 5. Systems for Profit Growth 6. Secrets of Sales & Marketing 7. Management – the Final Phase
  3. 3. Why Start with Vision? Our society doesn’t inspire people to Every great success started with a dream
  4. 4. The Greatest Ever Success Research Napoleon Hill studied 20,000+ people for 20 years. (And wrote Think & Grow Rich) He found every successful person was inspired by “What” they desired - not by thinking about “How” to achieve it (before starting)
  5. 5. What Comes First Your team (employees wife/husband/accountant etc.) will help you achieve your dreams… But only after YOU clearly define them (in writing) and share them. Everyone has goals, but only 5% achieve them – those that put them in writing
  6. 6. A Case Study Example Fish fishing school training business I worked with him to document his dreams and goals and a plan to achieve them. 2 weeks later he doubled his turnover, and then 2 months later doubled it again.
  7. 7. I’ve seen dozens of businesses increase sales just by clarifying their dreams and goals, because no other strategy was implemented. People often don’t like doing this step first, they want to jump straight in with marketing or other strategies. But Napoleon Hill proved, it’s the absolutely critical 1st step to achieving all great goals.
  8. 8. What Are Your Dreams? Are they in writing? Dreams don’t need dates for them, but goals certainly do. Define both in writing, and list as many as you can! You need to be excited by living that life of your future. Share your business goals for 1 and 5 years…
  9. 9. The Process of Progress Having things in common brings people together… Commonality leads to Unity Unity leads to Synergy Synergy leads to Harmony Harmony leads to Productivity Productivity increases Profitability
  10. 10. These 5 circles contain a secret of investing time to accelerate your success – with an entrepreneurial mind A Sneak Peak of the Advanced Training
  11. 11. What’s Coming Next? Step 2 - Team Building & Recruitment How to achieve your goals by creating a better teamwork environment.
  12. 12. Now See the Rest of the Iceberg You’ve just seen a small glimpse of the world’s most practical zero cost profit strategies - management training course. Get the FREE videos newsletters or subscribe,