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  1. 1. Engineering of Petroleum and Gas University in Ivano- Frankivsk
  2. 2. Set yourself for interesting and challenging experience with EPGU and be inspired to be best of the best Partner Education Agency
  3. 3. Table of content About EPGU Available Programs How to Apply
  4. 4. History 1944 - School of petroleum engineering was founded in Lviv as a part of Polytechnic Institute 1963 - transfered to Ivano-Frankivsk EPGU share knowledge and proudly represented by leading experts in gas and oil industry; 10 Doctors of Science, Professors of various range, 27 Science Candidates, Associate Professors and 18 qualified assistants.
  5. 5. Faculties of EPGU 1995 - Environmental Engineering 2001 - Information Technologies, Geology and Geographic, Power Engineering 2012 - Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Economics and Management
  6. 6. Opportunities EPGU cooperate with: USA Environmental Protection Agency Stanislaw Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy Canadian University of Lethbridge German Philipps-Universitat Marburg Romanian North University of Baia Mare International Centre of Regional Research of Environment in Central and Eastern Europe (Brno, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria) Networking allows students and specialists to do their internship worldwide as they get outstanding knowledges.
  7. 7. Program Duration Preparation Program - 10 month Bachelor/Specialist - 4 years Master Degree - 1.5 year Doctoral Degree - 3 years Post Graduate Program also available
  8. 8. How to Apply 1. Application Form (sample will be provided by the agency);
 2. Motivation letter (which contains the reason for choosing the University and Faculty);
 3. A copy of the passport with the translation into Ukrainian; 4. Birth Certificate translated into Ukrainian; 5. Health Certificate including HIV test (valid within two month since date of issue)
 6. A copy of the previous higher education translated into Ukrainian; 7. A copy of the evaluation sheet from high school and previous education places translated into Ukrainian; 8. A written agreement of data processing (sample will be provided by the agency); 9. 12 photos (size 3x4 cm).