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Destination marketing has changed - how to make it in digital, mobile and new travel behaviour

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Marketeers promoting destinations, cities, countries or regions face a tough challenge. Their industry has almost completely changed over the last decade. How can you make the most of your new reality, and how can mobile and digital help you attract more visitors to your area.

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Destination marketing has changed - how to make it in digital, mobile and new travel behaviour

  1. Destination marketing has changed How to succeed 
 with digital, mobile & new travel behavior
  2. Traditional discovery is now too noisy 
 and too expensive Down prioritize: Newspapers, Magazines, Generic advertising (offline/ online), Trade shows The game has changed
  3. It’s the only way to get sufficient return from our limited resources Up prioritize: Inside out marketing, Loyalty, Social sharing, Targeting (interest, demographic, geography) Relevance and context take their place
  4. Instead of blanket advertising, like reaching a million people and hope to appeal to 1% start with the people who 
 already visit you, already know you or already love you Then they share the word. Discovery has become organic What’s inside out marketing?
  5. More service, more information, more sharing opportunity, more above and beyond New focus: Make existing visitors rave about you
  6. 1 Put up statues, signs, wacky and fun stuff that trigger people to take photos and share Trigger sharing
  7. Make an app that is super useful for visitors: ‣ Offline map ‣ Travel info ‣ Currency converter ‣ Weather ‣ WiFi spots ‣ Transport (detailed) ‣ City card Utility apps help visitors, even when you’re not there 2
  8. Travel info isn’t required where you are, but where they are Identify top 50 spots (cafes, car rentals, airport) and equip them with WiFi and information Visitor hot spots3
  9. Speak to individual passions (films, food, comics, fashion, knitting, sport) and hit people straight in the heart. Today, most tourism info is generic, that’s because it was expensive to produce and distribute. With digital that has changed Niche rather than generic 4
  10. The silver service 24h tourism hot line - the concierge in your pocket.
  11. Old: the central point own material, own sites, come to me, generic info New: catalyst for empowerment provide access, curate, facilitate, connect destination marketeers get new roles
  12. Right here, right now! Prepare local business for the new wave. People travel less prepared, and increasingly search for last minute, local information ‣ Google search ‣ Maps ‣ Location based services Lobby local travel businesses to use LBS, Google+ and have live, online inventory
  13. in your new role facilitating access 
 is a priority. The simplest ways you can do this: 1) Make app which lists WiFi spots 2) Make app but also include offline info & map 3) Create wifi hotspot in airport and key locations WiFi - the mother of all DMO challenges
  14. Can you enable travelers to buy local SIM cards at key infrastructure points? ‣Use their own phones ‣Data plans ‣Short term deals (1 week / 1 month) ‣No paperwork, pay as you go ‣Simple setup Facilitate SIM card buying SHOW LEADERSHIP
  15. Free WiFi for the whole city TRUE LEADERSHIP: LJUBLJANA Could you lobby the council to offer free wifi? Make them an estimate of what it would gain the city in terms of tourism marketing
  16. Rent a phone Singapore offers a service to travelers: Rent a phone for your visit. Comes with data plan, local calls and app with map and info is already preinstalled! TRUE LEADERSHIP: SINGAPORE
  17. Aside from the hard work, digital is a DMOs best friend Mobile and digital give us real insights and data. This enables us to offer right products and message
  18. Mobile offers 
 direct communication If you get an app on people’s phones you can send them relevant notifications. Imagine reaching visitors directly on their mobiles 
 with current tourism info. With touch of a button!
  19. Everplaces Global travel community, most authentic design & foodie travel tips TripTale
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