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Sustainable Supply Chains. Drivers, activity and issues

Slides from a 90 min lecture given at Kings College London on March 12 2018. Looking at supply chains and sustainability

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Sustainable Supply Chains. Drivers, activity and issues

  1. 1. Business and Sustainable Supply Chains Toby Webb, founder, Innovation Forum Kings College London Lecture, 12/03/18
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  3. 3. So what WOULD be a sustainable supply chain? One where: • Care is taken to safeguard the environment and human rights as much as possible • International principles, standards and best practices are followed • A business (usually large) engages its suppliers in social and environmental care • Where past damage (from peatlands to slavery) is approached in a restorative way • Where the overall contribution of the company is Net Positive to society and the environment BUT • No-one has a sustainable supply chain yet, either social or environmental • Most of the impacts are below Tier 1 • Working in Tier 2 and below can be harder and more expensive than most companies are prepared to do • We’re still finding unforeseen impacts which are hugely significant: Ocean plastics as one example By 2020, or by 2025 or 2030, it’s unlikely ANYONE will have a completely sustainable supply chain So why bother?
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  9. 9. Conclusions • No supply chain is yet sustainable, as far as we know • Many of the issues in supply chains are due to poor legal enforcement and criminality • SOME Companies are struggling to tackle this, and are working together and with NGOs to try and have cleaner supply chains • Traceability and transparency are key, naming suppliers, mapping impacts • Government engagement on creating a level playing field for all companies is one of THE key issues
  10. 10. Thank you for listening! Toby Webb, founder, Innovation Forum