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2 | no longer a working experimentIntroductionFrom the world’s largest scientific and controlling costs at practically every of the most talented people no longer companies save money while still strivingorganizations to the smallest labs step in a particular process. A scientific seek traditional working arrangements. towards improving the quality of theirdoing critical R&D, all organizations company’s most important projects, it And, as more and more employers have process and, ultimately, their products.have had to transform the way they could be argued, are now often likely to be embraced these new workforce cultures, This white paper, part two of the Kellydo business in recent years. conducted on a micro—not macro—level. employers are realizing the benefits. Scientific Resources series on the scientificThe most obvious changes have come about But take away these classic business Business colonies, synchronized workforces, workforce of 2020 and beyond, will explorebecause of pure economics. Practically problems, and many futurists predict that and skill-set modules are all examples of the benefits of thinking in an innovativeeveryone is being challenged to do more companies around the globe would still workplace concepts that can “shake up” way when it comes to the workplace, andwith less. Particularly within the science move toward a different way of doing an employer’s thinking when it comes to how a workforce solutions company likeindustry, major shifts in the development things, simply because of how expectations their resource planning. These concepts Kelly can help companies with scienceof drugs and other products are indicators in the business world are transforming. not only promote knowledge sharing, focused needs take advantage of theseof how companies are conducting business After all, it’s a more connected world. Many but also have the potential to help unique pockets of human capital, workforce resources, sprouting up across the globe.

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