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6 | no longer a working experiment04. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE TRENDIt may not be a matter of if, but when, organizations begin to embrace the workforce trends of thefuture. These new pockets of talent all over the globe can significantly contribute to the overallknowledge and expertise of the companies that engage them. However, great intentions to takeadvantage of the new way people are working won’t succeed without a solid workforce strategy.By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce today, and reaching for the experthelp in engaging the proper talent, business colonies, synchronized workforces, and skill-setmodules may be a way that you can improve the management of your flexible workforce needs.Increasingly, they are a key element to the success of the scientific companies, and of the workerswho bring their innovations to life.Want more information?This white paper is part of the Kelly Scientific Resources series The Scientific Workforce of 2020 and Beyond.Download this and other papers in the series at today.References:1. Free Agent Survey, Kelly Services, Inc. 20112. Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009-2013 Forecast. International Data Corporation. www.idc.com3. “Declining Employee Loyalty: A Casualty of the New Workplace.” Published online, May 9, 2012.4. “Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments.” Price Waterhouse Coopers.

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