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Example Bird Survey Report Summary2

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Example Bird Survey Report Summary2

  1. 1. Report dated ** ****** 2014 Bird Survey Findings at ************** in ******* during the 2014 season Dear ******, During the courseof my --- daytime visits to the above site, I amassed a grand total of ------ ---- bird species. All weredetected either by sightor sound but more often a combination of both allowed for a positive identification. The previously provided spreadsheetbreakdowns clearly indicated which plots within your patch werevisited most frequently by any given species and these have subsequently been updated to sortspecies alphabetically. Within each PLOTsheet (for example, VICINITYOF FARMHOUSE), I haveindicated whereI acquired proof of breeding against an individual bird species. In order to achieve this, I confirmthat I did not deliberately set out to search for nests and proof of breeding was acquired using other methods. The main SUMMARY sheet itself, shows the maximum counts of individual species on a given visit and should tally with the aforementioned PLOTsheets. If any degree of uncertainty in establishing the true status of a bird species was apparent, I have appended a “?” (Question mark) to it. Another sheet entitled MISCELLANEOUS INFOsimply illustrates any brief information, sometimes with maximum counts, on other wildlife populations I came across when visiting the various plots. A final sheet entitled SPECIES PRESENCEBY PLOTS simply highlights for the record whether a bird species was present or otherwise. Added to this again, is proof of breeding and additionally the bird’s current conservation status within an international context. By utilising all the data provided, I amhoping it will assistyou in any decision making process over habitat management practices and additional targeted conservation efforts you may consider into the future. Given my knowledgeof adjacent bird populations in the vicinity, there may well be opportunities
  2. 2. afforded to other species moving onto your patch to breed in the coming years. In time, you may wish to discuss this aspect further. I trustthe aboveand its associated findings meet with your approval. Again, I thank you for allowing me to undertakethese studies on your land. Best Wishes Tony Powell Seasonal Bird Surveyor/Researcher Created by me and About me