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Don't you have a Funnel view? - Measure Camp VI

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Xavier Colomes session on Funnel Views

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Don't you have a Funnel view? - Measure Camp VI

  1. 1. Funnel Views MeasureCamp VI @xavier_colomes Conversion Garden
  2. 2. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden Funnel View • What do you see in your WA Tool?
  3. 3. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden Traditional View: URL based. Tip of the iceberg (or carrot!) • Top 10 Urls account for 40% of the pageviews • In a large ecommerce top 10 URLs can account for as little as 20% of total
  4. 4. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden Funnel View • Combines all URLs from a similar content type in a single URL (products, homes, categories, etc) • Now the top 10 contents visited account for 95% of the total pageviews
  5. 5. Funnel View allows to understand the overall performance • And to understand where users are leaving funnel step (no url detail here!) @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  6. 6. Meaningful “Goal Flow”
  7. 7. How to do Funnel Views: There are a number of ways to group content in GA/UA: • Virtual URLs (argh…! If possible, avoid) • Content Groupping (meh…) • Own view based on filters by: • URL • UA Custom Dimension (recommended) Using a dedicated and separated view is clean, easy to mantains and won’t interfere with your main reporting view. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  8. 8. Perfil de Funnels: URL based filters • They are not always possible, depends on the URL structure • Beware of multi-language sites with different urls for the same page based on lang @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  9. 9. Xavier Colomés - MÓDULO 2 UA Custom dimensión: Content Type (Must have!)
  10. 10. Virtual URLs This site appends the Virutal URL to the actual URL: /ViewPropertiesByCriteria.aspx?CultureCode=es-ES&RegionId=220&sleeps=2-0&DateArrival=20/06/2014&DateDeparture=23/06/2014&bedrooms=-1&OrderBy=0&OrderBy2=DESC& mxr=/es/roma/ResultadosBusqueda/BusquedaNormal/VerLista/Ent_20-06-2014/Sal_23-06-2014/Noc_3/Res_13/Pagina1 • Old School technique… avoid when possible @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  11. 11. Filters based on UA Custom dimension • Language agnostic. Much more reliable than URLs and rock solid. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  12. 12. Content Type is not just for Funnels view…. Category 1 Category 2 Notice how the content distribution is different in this 2 categories and how the Split affects conversion @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  13. 13. Funnel view: Content Groupping (meh..) • They can’t be used in funnels, and they can’t be defined using Custom Variables @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  14. 14. Funnel view: Content Grouping example @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  15. 15. Funnel view Recap • For CRO (not for analytics reporting) we start by understanding the overall funnel, regardless of the category / product • To achieve that we group similar content types (or cms templates) to have an aggregated and simplified view • This will easily show what content types are failing and where is the website action taking place • Once we have it we want to segment this funnel to understand performance by category, product, vertical… • The best way to do it is to have a Custom Dimension with the content type or cms template • Content grouping is ok, but not for this. Stil you have to have it. • Original Post (Spanish) in Conversion Garden @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden
  16. 16. @xavier_colomes – Conversion Garden Conversion Garden Actionable Analytics + Smart CRO Grow your conversions