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Case Study
Clinical Professionals
Why use CP?
■■ Clinical Professionals is
Europe’s leading Life Science
■■ 97% ...
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Grad Acad Case Study

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Grad Acad Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study Clinical Professionals Why use CP? ■■ Clinical Professionals is Europe’s leading Life Science recruiter ■■ 97% of clients would recommend using Clinical Professionals to a friend ■■ 95% of hiring managers rate Clinical Professionals as consistently superior in quality, speed of response, staff retention and communication ■■ 90% of customers rate Clinical Professionals as their most trusted partner *Source: Independent external market research agency Loyalty Chain Quality | Accountability | Courage | Integrity | Collaboration | Ambition Tel: +44 (0)118 959 4990 Email: Web: 3rd Floor 33 Blagrave Street Reading, Berkshire RG1 1PW Clinical Professionals launched in April 2015 their Graduate Academy training course, bringing new talent through from degree level to first into industry roles. Kane Arical studied biomedical science at the University of Lincoln and was passionate about pursuing his dream of a career in clinical research. He spent a year applying for positions in Clinical Research such as CTA and CRA roles only to be rejected due to lack of experience. This is now a common situation faced by university graduates due to companies requiring experienced staff only for CTA roles. How are entry level candidates ever to gain that golden ticket of experience if no one is willing to provide them with an opportunity to gain it? Kane saw the Clinical Professionals advert advertising their Graduate Academy and applied along with over 200 other hopefuls. Kane and the other candidates underwent a 2 stage rigorous selection process involving assessments, group tasks, presentations and interviews. Out of the 200 applicants nine enthusiastic and ambitious candidates were selected and Kane was lucky enough to have been chosen to attend the course. The Graduate Academy course is a modular training course that is designed to provide each candidate the essential knowledge to fully perform their CTA role in the work place. The Candidates are provided with an intensive 22 module training course delivered through an engaging and interactive classroom style teaching method that provides each candidate a thorough training on the Clinical Research Industry as a whole and is tailored specifically to the CTA role. These are a few of the courses main objectives are: • To leave with a fully integrated overview and context of clinical research, including, but not limited to history, terminology, process, documentation demonstrated via the course interactive sessions, homework, interview and final presentation •Understanding the key differences of the roles within clinical research and what they involved, including but not limited to the CTA and CRA roles •Have an understanding of the role of Clinical Professionals as a clinical recruitment company and as an employee for potential placements •Demonstrate the ability to make links between different modules and fully understand the clinical trial terminology used throughout the two week course, demonstrated via the course interaction sessions, interview and presentation At the end of the Graduate Academy course Kane attended an industry interview at a CRO company that had been lined up for him by the Clinical Professional’s recruitment team. Kane was prepared for interview and secured himself his first into industry role as a CTA with a view to being fast tracked for career development. Kane has been in his job now for over 2 months and is very much enjoying his role, company and his new career in clinical research. The end of the graduate academy course is not the end of Kane’s involvement with Clinical Professionals as he is placed at his CRO through a Hosted Employment contract and he will continue to be supported, mentored and provided with professional development by Clinical Professionals staff over the next 12 months. As part of his objectives he will work towards professional registration which is offered by the Science Council for all successful Academy Graduates. The Graduate Academy at Clinical Professionals was a fantastic opportunity for me, when I heard that a grad scheme like this was available for young individuals aspiring to get into clinical research I jumped at the chance and was fortunate to of been offered a position. The course equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to kick start my career within the pharmaceutical industry. The program encompassed lecture style training along with workshops and discussions. Modules include ICH-GCP, Regulatory and Ethics guidelines, Essential documentation, Patient recruitment and the structure of a clinical trial. I found the course very engaging with a friendly learning atmosphere. The Graduate Academy was very intensive but the training that was provided was from highly experienced professionals within the industry so they could really give me an insight into what is out there in pharma. I have now been successful placed within a CRO on a 1 year placement as a Clinical Trials Associate, aspiring to progress on to become a Clinical Monitor. I am developing every day and with Clinical Professionals to support me along the way I feel very confident in what I am doing. I couldn't recommend this program enough to graduates looking to get into pharmaceuticals, I love what I do and I wouldn't be where I am today without the continued help from the academy.