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Toyota of Orlando's guide to car tire types

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Use this quick guide to car tire types to find the perfect set of tires for your drive time needs. Shop Toyota of Orlando today!

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Toyota of Orlando's guide to car tire types

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando explains car tire types Whether you’re buying new or just keeping up with car care, it’s helpful to know what types of car tires are available to you. After all, your car tires can make or break your performance and driving experience, so it’s critical that you have the right type both for your vehicle and your drive time needs. However, there are tons of options available and we know that it can be overwhelming to try and choose. Toyota of Orlando is here with a quick and simple guide to car tires put together by our trained Orlando Toyota service techs. Check it out! The main types of car tires Type #1: Summer tires Summer tires are suited for both dry and wet driving conditions, but perform best in areas of the country where temperatures don’t go much below 45 degrees. These tires have unique tread patterns with orbital grooves in them that help improve handling, especially in dry conditions. Type #2: Winter or Snow tires
  2. 2. Winter or snow tires are best suited for areas of the country that see harsh winter weather with lots of snow, ice, and slush. These tires are made of a special type of rubber that remains pliable even when the temperatures drop drastically low, which makes them both safer and more durable for driving in winter weather. Additionally, these car tires have deep treads with lots of grooves and channels to cut through snow and slush and still provide traction. Type #3: All-season tires All-season tires are suitable for all seasons - they can handle wet weather, dry weather, and even light snow. They’re not the best choice for harsh winter weather, though, so if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you may want to consider swapping them out for winter tires that time of the year. All-season tires have two common subtypes: passenger and touring. Passenger tires offer a comfortable ride and last a long time, while touring tires offer better handling and a quieter driving experience. Type #4: Truck tires Truck tires come in four main subtypes - here’s the breakdown: • Off-road tires are best for tricky terrain off the pavement, like thick mud, loose sand, and heavy snow. • Highway tires are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride even at high speeds. • Performance tires are best for handling, cornering, and high speeds. • All-terrain tires offer versatility - they can handle the pavement but also tackle terrain like gravel, light mud, and sand. Type #5: Performance tires
  3. 3. Performance tires aren’t just for Orlando Toyota sports cars - you can pretty much put them on whatever vehicle you want. They’re designed to be wider, which means a low profile look and more traction on the road. This additional traction means you have superior handling and cornering capabilities and can take on high speeds. These car tires come in four subtypes - performance, high performance, ultra-high performance, and competition. Get answers to all of your tire questions at Toyota of Orlando Have questions? Call us! Toyota of Orlando is ready and waiting at (407) 298-4500. We’re also open if you want to stop by and see us at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 across from the Millenia Mall.