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Innovation pre-empts Standardization – The FHIR Experience

  1. Catherine CHRONAKI Secretary General HL7 Foundation Innovation pre-empts Standardization – The FHIR Experience
  2. A standard is not used because we created it. It is a standard because people use it. Charles Jaffe, CEO HL7 International
  3. 3 Patient summaries in the health ecosystem Can HL7 FHIR help unlock data, facilitate decision support, navigate the system? Bring the Power of Platforms to Health Care [Bush & Fox, HBR November 2016] administrative automation networked knowledge resource orchestration Uber Health in 2015: one-day pilot to deliver 2,000 flu shots over four hours in 35 cities. Patient summary is a window to a person’s health, a personal dashboard with a lens allowing to look more closely: problems and procedures, medications and implantable devices, vaccinations, allergies, labs, images, encounters Oslo, November 16, 2016EHTEL 2017 Symposium 3
  4. 4 Ed Hammond’s patient summary of the 90’s: what has changed? Oslo, November 16, 2016EHTEL 2017 Symposium 4 HL7 v3 Reference Information Model
  5. What is the eHDSI? eHDSI funded MS PS eP Austria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Portugal Sweden Switzerland • Tools and services using ICTs that can improve cross border Healthcare services. • Use Cases: • Patient Summary, provides access for health professionals to verified key health data of a patient during an unplanned care encounter while abroad • ePrescription, enables patients to receive equivalent medication treatment while abroad to what they would receive in their home country
  6. 6 Digitization brings disruptive innovation in eHealth Standards Complex  simple Costly  free Specialized  generic Comprehensive  simple and tools-driven EHTEL 2017 Symposium F– Fast (design & implement) H – Healthcare I – Interoperable R – Resources (Building blocks) Oslo, November 16, 2016 6
  7. 7 What is FHIR? Based on a set of modular components - “Resources” Resources refer to each other using URLs Small discrete units of exchange with defined behaviour and meaning Have known identity and behaviour Extensions permit adding data not part of core Resources are combined into “Profiles” to solve clinical and administrative problems Parties exchanging data define the specifics of using resources and their relations using Profiles. Profiles are the framework for defining services. Test data and servers are available Exchange resources between systems Using a RESTful API (e.g. web approach) As a Bundle of resources (messages, documents) Positives Service driven - composition Modify components with changing need Portability of components by moving code with the data Oslo, November 16, 2016EHTEL 2017 Symposium 7 Modified from: Ed Hammond 2016 Let’s have a look:
  8. 8 ClinFHIR: clinicians on FHIR web based training and development: View resources for a patient Create resource instance from profile Can be a base type or a profiled type Create simple profiles Specific server roles for clinFHIR Data/patient – patient related (clinical) and ‘reference’ (Practitioner, Organization) Conformance – profile, extensionDefinition (both StructureDefinition) Terminology – ValueSet & Terminology operations Important to be STU consistent! Hapi STU-3 for Data, Grahame for Conformance, Terminology Oslo, November 16, 2016 EHTEL 2017 Symposium 8 clinFHIR Patient and Data Profiles (Conformance ) Terminology 1 2 3 4 5 Connectathon The international FHIR Maturity Model was envisioned to ensure developers of the value and stability of FHIR International Adoption
  9. 9 Patient History: Resource explorer Click on instance to see details Source from David Hay Oslo, November 16, 2016EHTEL 2017 Symposium Implementation Global Free
  10. 10 Bimodal IT by Gartner Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work one focused on predictability (improving in well-understood areas) and one focused on exploration (solve new problems) Oslo, November 16, 2016 EHTEL 2017 Symposium 10
  11. 11 Can Patient summaries leverage HL7 FHIR to unlock the power of data and drive our digital future? YES, HL7 FHIR is part of the solution It opens a window, but It takes a village… Oslo, November 16, 2016EHTEL 2017 Symposium 11
  12. 12 Shaping a new HIGH eStandards culture in large scale eHealth deployment Come join us to debate eStandards in Venice April 5, 2017 Please register: http://www.estandards- workshop-5-april-2017-venice/ EHTEL 2017 Symposium Oslo, November 16, 2016 eHealth DSI EU-US MoU