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13 Slack Tips and Use Cases For Sales Teams On Slack


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13 Slack Tips and Use Cases For Sales Teams On Slack

  2. 2. So maybe you’ve heard about this company called Slack…
  3. 3. But how can my sales and customer success teams use it?
  4. 4. We were curious… so we asked some modern sales leaders
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  7. 7. Unify Remote Teams
  8. 8. Ryan Burke VP of Sales “Slack is invaluable at InVision, which is a 100% remote company. Our #sales channel updates the entire team on the latest going's on for the enterprise business. Whether we are discussing beta customers, engaging with finance, promoting customer success, or celebrating sales achievements,the channel's focus is on our enterprise clients and prospects and how we can better serve them.”
  9. 9. Communicate On New Projects
  10. 10. “Standing up new projects are hard. Whenever I have a team working on new projects everyone is thrown into a Slack Channel...All questions are forced through Slack (ie will not be answered offline) so that duplicate questions do not exist.” Dave Greenberger VP of Sales
  11. 11. Replace Unnecessary Meetings
  12. 12. Matéo Askaripour Director of Sales Development “Slack Channels allow us to have quick check-ins opposed to blocking out 30 minutes on everyone's calendar and booking a conference room to discuss an item that could be worked through in minutes.”
  13. 13. Track Stage Movement
  14. 14. Kevin Chiu Manager Sales and Operations “We use a channel called #salesaction to highlight new meetings set by the team, when a customer scales their server usage on DigitalOcean to the next tier on their own, when an Opportunity moves stages, etc”
  15. 15. Connect Sales and Non-Sales
  16. 16. Dan Grossberg Business Operations Manager “It definitely bridges the gap in communication between our Sales and non-sales team, allowing for immediate feedback, accountability, and transparency, org-wide.”
  17. 17. On Site Engagement With Inbound Leads
  18. 18. Kevin Karner Head of Growth “I use our own product at Drift to talk to people while they're live on our site - so all of our inbound leads - and I can reply right from a channel that we set up in Slack.”
  19. 19. Increase Focus Through Automated Pipeline Delivery
  20. 20. Eric Taylor Account Executive “Honestly, Troops has probably been the most helpful bot in Slack at this point for me. It's damn simple, but here's how: Every day at 8 am I get an automated Troops report in Slack of all my deals. Sure I could go into SFDC and pull that every day, but I like simply glancing down at my phone and reminding myself of the top deals I need to push forward every day…”
  21. 21. Collaborate Around an RFP Process
  22. 22. Bernard Sullivan Sales Director “A slack channel works great for collaboration around an RFP process. It is especially helpful when there are numerous contributors because we can create one slack channel per RFP, and it's a dedicated environment to that RFP. When the RFP is complete we can either archive or provide updates to the team so everyone knows where their hard work goes!”
  23. 23. Centralize Tribal Knowledge
  24. 24. Brad Rosen Director of Sales, Marketing Solutions “We have channels to share important ideas...We discuss how to handle objections, share examples of customers using our product, get updates on new features from our product team, and brag about last night’s big floor hockey win (#sales#customersusingg2crowd #new-features#floorhockey)”
  25. 25. Salesforce Onboarding
  26. 26. Chris Waldron SVP Sales & Marketing “We have a Salesforce training channel where new people can ask questions about how we use Salesforce. Each week this content informs our next week’s training.”
  27. 27. Mobile Salesforce Lookups
  28. 28. Jana Orenstein Head of Sales Operations “Troops and Slack ease the daily pain my reps have of looking up customer information on the go. With Troops, we're able to easily and instantly pull up customer information on mobile without the hassle of combing through CRM records."
  29. 29. Sales Gong In Slack
  30. 30. Mike Paladini Director of Sales, Smart Recruiter “Getting a (Troops) sales gong alert in Slack is huge.Not only is the team kept up to date with important wins in real-time, but it's done in a way that is actually fun and engaging. I've never had anything like this before.”
  31. 31. Internal Sales Wiki
  32. 32. Jason Gelman Sales Operations “At Percolate, we have an "All Sales" channel where sales team members ask public questions about situations they're encountering (objections, collateral, messaging, strategy), and other sellers will jump in to help by sharing their own experiences and best practices.”
  33. 33. THE BOTTOMLINE Use public channels & integrations for improved visibility between sales, marketing, product, and support so you’re working towards the same goals. Slack helps sales teams close more deals and work smarter with cross-functional partners.
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