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SafetyPoints Client Profiles

SafetyPoints Client profiles

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SafetyPoints Client Profiles

  1. 1. Client Profiles
  2. 2. Uses the systemglobally to train On-site.New 2012 Client.
  3. 3. Uses the system at a single location totrain On-site.Creates and posts Company & site specificcontent. [ISO etc.]Client 5 years.
  4. 4. Uses the system globally totrain On-site.Creates and posts Company &site specific content.Uses for Third party Operatorrequired reporting[ISNetworld, PICS, PEC etc.]Client 6 years.
  5. 5. Uses the system at a singlelocation to train On-site.Creates and posts Company &site specific content.Client 3 years.
  6. 6. Uses the system globally totrain On-site.Creates and posts Company& site specific content.Uses for Third partyOperator required reporting[ISNetworld, PICS, PEC etc.]Client 7 years.
  7. 7. Uses the system to train single location On-site. Uses for Third party Operator required reporting [ISNetworld, PICS, PEC etc.] Client 2 years. LESS THAN 10 Employees!Loss control and safety training are everyday activities at Fortune 500employers that keep a close eye on their workers compensation andliability costs. Full-time risk managers and training officers build andexecute programs that are designed to reduce dangerous incidentsand the resulting claims costs.Costs for Torsill to send their small group of employees to third partytrainer to achieve the training for Operator required training;$5,000.00 + …which does not count for one (1) week lostproductivity which is estimated to be in excess of $35,000.00.Cost for SafetyPoints System for Torsill per year ; $2578.00
  8. 8. Fishbone SafetyORION Drilling
  9. 9. Hosted Online Training SolutionStart a Online Training Program. No Experience Required.We tell you the cost up-front...Company Branded Hosted WEB Based Training You train for $2376.00 per year (1-50 trainees; with the trainees having the abilitytrain on over 200+ courses (plus 40 Challenge Test-Out Courses)and the ability to repeat any course as many times as needs. NO PERSESSION CHARGES, REPORTING & FULL SITE CONTROL-CREATE & ADD YOUR OWN OR THIRD PARTY COURSES! CBT/Classroomproduct included with Hosted Service for remote locations without internet access.Features…• Branded with Your Company Logo and Customize Look and Feel to Your Company.• Your Site is Not Shared...In other words you have Your Own Unique Site and Database• Online Delivery / Tracking / Reporting Software and Courses provided• Trainee Site Use and Administrator training provided online• No IT Involvement or Resources needed• Quick Turnaround on Sites, 3-5 days and You are Training• Access Anytime, Anywhere• Purchase with NO PER SESSION CHARGES - FIRST to Offer FIXED COST per TRAINEE with unlimited training on all courses!• Low Price per year per employee, not session. Value-priced, based on the number of employees being trained, not the number of completed courses. The more you train, the more cost-effective the training becomes.• Unlimited Use of ALL 200+ Courses, NO PER SESSION CHARGES• You Have Complete Site Control• Add Your Own Content, Create Your Own Courses or Use Third Party Courses with no Delivery Charge Add-0n• NEW for 2011, Ability to take our course templates and customize to your company work and site specific content..requires development software from Articulate or you can make the template modifications in PowerPoint and CDP will finish and post on a fee basis.• The Hosted System gives you rights to use ALL the CDP QHSE training courses. This Hosted System Plus-covers upgrades and downgrades-over the license period. The option allows employees to train on any computers via internet access.