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TuleapCon 2017-AIRBUS-Case-Study

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This use case demonstrates how Airbus is using Tuleap after one year of deployment and on how Tuleap will be the masterpiece of Airbus’ DevOps strategy.

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TuleapCon 2017-AIRBUS-Case-Study

  1. 1. The new era of ALM in Airbus with Tuleap TuleapCon 2017 Alain BERNARD / Flight Physics Nicolas FANJEAU / Infrastructure
  2. 2. 2 Passion - Our global workforce is united by a passion for aviation and restless desire to create better ways to fly 55,000 Employees €45,8billion Annual revenue* 10yrs Backlog 400 Operators Airbus
  3. 3. Information & Communication Technology 3 Data to end 2015 Wichita Mobile Miami Washington Ashburn Getafe Barajas Filton Broughton St. Nazaire Nantes Blagnac St. Martin Buxtehude Stade Fuhlsbüttel Bremen Hamburg Beijing Tianjin Moscow Bangalore DubaiAbu Dhabi Central & Operational Teams 1300 Information System professionals located around the world wherever Airbus operates.
  4. 4. Airbus IT Infrastructure 27/04/2017 IT Services a End User Self Service Solution4 Data to end 2015 Page 4 Data to end 2015 TOTALCustomers Airbus GroupAirbusSuppliers 61 000 PCs 96 000 users 77 000 mailboxes 6 600 printers 75 000 fixed phones 32 400 mobile phones 72 000 users 21 000 PCs 106 000 users 33 000 mailboxes 5 000 PCs 94 000 users 34 000 mailboxes 600 mobile phones 433 000 network ports 5 000 WiFi access points 13 000 Servers 17 petabytes on storage 19 billions transactions per year on SAP 4 200 MIPS on Mainframe 1,2 petaFLOPS on High performance computing 87 000 368 000 144 000 6 600 75 000 33 000
  5. 5. Open Source at Airbus 27/04/2017 IT Services a End User Self Service Solution5 Embraces the open way of working Boosts the use of Open Source software A Project • Solves the IT Service Management (ITSM) „dilemma“ and reduces the number of tools • Get classical Open Source advantages (lower TCO, quicker implementations, better quality & security etc.. • Reduce our dependency from classical software suppliers • Increase innovation, as in several areas Open Source Software solutions are more advanced (Cloud, Big Data…) • Improve the motivation and efficiency of our people and make IT more attractive through: - Transparency - Sharing - Collaboration - Empowerment • Further increase our speed of change • Align with the digitalization initiatives Use the opportunity to Use the opportunity to
  6. 6. Open Source a Reality 27/04/2017 IT Services a End User Self Service Solution6 Data to end 2015
  7. 7. IT Services, a user centric solution 01/2016 Kick Off 02/2016 First Release 03/2016 Open to Users Continuous tuning & fortnightly release EXPECTATIONS Provide a user centric & user experience based portal Increase user autonomy & enable process follow-up Federate the different services in one single place SOLUTION Composed by a Front-end and a Back End considered as a brooker to standardize the interfaces of multiple non interoperable system Fully Open Source from the IDE (Eclipse), application (LifeRay), application Server (Tomcat) and finally the OS Linux (RHEL) 06/2016 Open to all users 100 000 users 20 000 pages seen per day 1 800 unique visitors per day 1 single place Every 2 weeks delivery Key Figures 400 users 4 000 users 100 000 users
  8. 8. An ALM for what? Data to end 2015 Supervise the Application Lifecycle Start at the initial planning finish at the retirement Be able to move to DevOps philosophy Ensure traceability Avoid duplicate effort Reduce maintenance cost Increase quality Improve collaboration Program & Portfolio Management Project Management Requirement Management Software Development Customer Support Ideas&Vision Discovery Software Testing & Quality Insurance IT Asset Management Collaboration and Communication
  9. 9. An ALM in Self-Service Data to end 2015 Provide a flexible ALM Easy to consume for our customers Customer is autonomous to administrate and configure their project Our responsibility is limited to the platform and application Customer request a project Our only action Create the project
  10. 10. Why Tuleap? Data to end 2015 Open Source We use the Open Source Version High level of configuration Excellent User eXperience Data segregation Fine grained access control Git included to have the full traceability Common technologies and infrastructure
  11. 11. Our Tuleap instance? Data to end 2015 Only Virtual Machine Front End 2 servers 4 cores and 16GB RHEL 6 Git NFS 1Tb & Doc NFS 1 Tb Database 3 servers 4 cores and 16GB RHEL 6 MariaDB & Galera
  12. 12. The result? Data to end 2015 Time required for the deployment Installation and configuration 15 days End User processes and documentations 15 days After one year, without any promotion and in a self service mode 266 Projects 2291 Users 5200 Pages seen per days Used across the world Customers made Tuleap as their prefered solution
  13. 13. Tuleap an interroperable ALM Data to end 2015 Easy integration with others applications Interfaces based with the technology standard All functionalities available through the interfaces Excellent performance Possible to extend Evolution based on users needs and market trends
  14. 14. Why it is a success? Data to end 2015 Automated resolution Collaborative knowledge base Personalized solution (tracker, dashboard…) Interoperable with others applications Performant in high demanding conditions Reliable in critical environment Easy to maintain and install
  15. 15. Voice of the customer: Flight Physics Data to end 2015 Handling Qualities Aerodynamics Performance Mass Properties Loads and Aeroelastics Capabilities and Research 800 users, 250 applications to manage
  16. 16. A bridge between users and developers Data to end 2015 Unified tracker for all customer requests: issues, bug, feature requests, etc. Strategy to unify end-user desktop applications under Eclipse framework Eclipse as the preferred IDE for the development in all languages
  17. 17. For users: Eclipse Automated Error Reporting
  18. 18. For developers: Tuleap Mylyn connector
  19. 19. Key Success Factors Data to end 2015 Open Source is a key solution to ensure innovative application and quick delivery Involvement of customers in the development of the solution is a key of the success A lot of communication & change support to get users adopt the situation Self-service is the requirement to reach customers’ satisfaction and meet company’s objectives
  20. 20. Thank you