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Far away from Eden, Ep. 7.3.: Mission: Subplot!

  1. Far away from Eden, Ep. 7.3.: Mission: Subplot! Description: Chapter 7.3. of my apocalegacy: Agents! Villains! Battles! Explosions! - 007, eat your heart out! Family Name: Zombie III Lot Name: zombini Categories: Komoedie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims,Satire
  2. Mission report 001, Agent Snuggles: Have succesfully passed the borders of my own neighborhood, the 'Bearly alive'- apocalypse and reached the 'Far away from Eden'-vampogacy. Its a strange feeling, that I now exist in this neighborhood as well as in my own... or that this neighborhood works under even harsher conditions - better known as legacy handicaps, as high command told me - and a different flow of time, according to the previous chapters publishing dates... with that speed, I might still be alive, if my other 'me' already bit the dust... ~ Agent Snuggles, with the license to squeal, courtesy of Blueberrypie360 at, from his 'Bearly alive apocalypse' - thanks again for letting me borrow her!~ - rules for the legacy and apocalypse challenge at; ATTENTION: This chapter is subplotintensive, knowledge of the previous chapters is strongly required... sorry, one day, I'll make a Recap, promise!
  3. ... but philosophical questions aside, I'm here now, and I have to fulfill a mission: rescue the creator of this neighborhood, Little Nemo, and stop the evil forces here before they become a threat to other realms. (sidenote: look for any connection between the evil forces and any activities of the weazel!) So far, I've gathered the following infos: 1. the apocalypse of this neighborhood was caused by vampires instead of a nuclear explosion / Official Leader of the vampires: the Count (Name?), the Countess (dismissed?), Uranium Apocalypso (Ephemeraltoast's Apocalypse A-Go-Go) 2. The Family destined to end it, are the Eden's / Founder: Anais Eden (Dryad/Robot-Hybrid, actually born in the biblical garden Eden) 3. The Simself's Lair in this neighborhood is a former prison (allies?/enemies?) 4. The Simself Sonicdude (vanished?) brought a horde of zombies (threat?) over. / Current leader: Don Zombie (Candies Uglacy) 5. Grilled cheese with thuna, strawberry marmalade and jelly is NOT a good combination!
  4. ... Mission report 001, second entry: Met my first contact: as high command stated, the pets and wolves of this neighborhood have agreed to support this rescue mission - it seems, there was a deal, that they'll get a werewolf empire in exchange (!)... Communication was of course difficult, but thankfully, I know how to speak wolfish - secret double-0 agents know everything, after all...
  5. ... according to my contact, there was a meeting of evildoers from all realms at the Counts castle (note: one of them: Malcolm Landgraab IV  relation to MichelleFobbs 'A planetary apocalypse'?), where he secretly snuck in (see pic); he also said (growled), that he acquired a distant scent of old seaweed... seaweed  scuba helmet  Little Nemo... seems like a first trace. Mission report 001 end.
  6. Mission report 002: For further investigations, I had decided to try the direct approach - go to the castle, look after more traces - but the research came to a halt after I found out that...
  7. ... the castle is closed! A brief interrogation of the servants (-->familiar appearance- haven't I seen them before anywhere?) led to the shocking conclusion, that I'm not the only one, who crossed the borders of my own neighborhood - apparently, the Apoca- Servo 8x8 came here as well, and closed down the whole lot due to diverse rule- breakings until further notice ( Weazel?). Unfortunately, I couldn't gather more information about the evil forces current location. The servants actually don't seem to care at all, and I decided not to dug in deeper, regarding their boredom, the grave stones on the walkway and the lack of other passer-by's in this area... Still, the question remains: where are they? (the evil guys, not the passer-by's, I mean.) Mission report 002 end.
  8. Location: Plutoniums Secret(?) Hideout " Uhm, Ma... you know, you and your friends are welcome all time, but... by the way, what happened to you?!"
  9. " gnrghn... a minor setback, none of your concern, I..." " Aww, come on, Uranium, tell was hilarious! I especially liked the part, when 8x8 made you eat your own...!" " Julia, if you don't shut up, I swear, I'll rip of your head and shove it...!!" " Ooooh, evil alien Who-lost-fight- against-servo is threatening me, I'm so scared..." " YOU...!" "... uh, hello? Ma, I'm sorry, that that happened to you... but, you see, my hideout isn't that big, I don't think, that you and your friends will all fit in here..." "pfft... typical... there I nursed you, raised you and feed you, and if your poor mommy just asks for a little favour, you..." "Ma, you actually never took any real interest in me..." "...whatever. Now, are you going to let us in, or do I have to...?"
  10. " Hey, evildoers, Malcolm Landgraab IV here... question: do you really want to follow an ugly alien, who lost against a stupid machine - no offense, Megatron - got thrown out of her own castle and has now to sneak into her stupid son's tiny shack... or do you rather prefer to party with a great guy like me, in his huge mansion, with lots of space and all the booze you want?" " *sigh* here we go again... Malcolm, your pityful attempts to undermine my evil leadership are useless... none of us is interested into your..." " In fact, I am." " H-Hey, who said that, who...?"
  11. " Count me in." " Me too." " And me, there was anything in the contract, that we have to follow this frogface, no matter, what..." " Sorry, Uranium, the mayority has spoken...are you coming too, Larch?" "Aw, man, Rhys... is that really necessary? See, I liked the fact, how eeevil our little coalition was... and I didn't had so much screen time till now, and being with Malcolm don't seem so..." "Okay, your decision... I currently have to star in an apocalypse myself already, so why should I bother to appear here anymore...?"
  12. " YOU... YOU POTTY-GODDAMN TRAITORS! COME BACK! I'LL WARN YOU, I'LL...!" " Hahahahaha... wow, this gets better and better... first the fight with the servo, and now... Uranium, please stop, my tummy already hurts from all the laughter..." " Julia, please leave her alone, okay?... and Ma, perhaps you should look at the bright side of this: there is enough room now, if it's only you and Leach and... are you staying too, Julia? I mean, aren't you sided with Malcolm in MIchelle's apocalypse, so...?" " And miss the 'Uraniums humiliation'-show? Never!"
  13. " We are staying as well." " You too?... hmmm, okay, I'll guess, I can buy another bed... but about a coffin for you, Larsee..." Don't worry, I won't need one, I'm immune to sunlight... " For me just a comfy, impressive looking chair, if possible..."
  14. later: " Okay Ma, your guests are cared for... now, how long do you actually intend to stay?" " As I said, nothing of your concern, boy... and just for the record: who is that crying kid locked in there?" " *Snif*...." " Ehr, that's your grandson, Mom...." "... Oh, really? Ah yes, totally forgot... Pooper's his name, right?" " Booger, Mom..." " Yes, something stupid... so why is he locked in?"
  15. " Well, because Daddy is really mad at him at the moment... You hear me, Booger? I told you to not interfere with Daddies business, but did you listen to me? And to think, that I even needed to pay a lot of money to get you back from the orphanage, just to get a better grip of you...."
  16. " I... I HATE YOU, DAD!" " Hey, now that's really rude, son..." " And it won't work, Dad, do you hear me? Beth will never accept you, and just wait, if I tell Mum, what you did here...!" "... uhm, Booger, if I buy you your favorite ice-cream later, would you stay silent in front of Mommy?“ " I'll never...Ice-cream? Oh, yes, me wanna, me wanna...."
  17. ".... you know, I'm currently not in the mood for anymore stupidities today, but - what - exactly - the - hell - are you talking about?" " Ehrm... well, Ma, you see, I have this little project here running, which..." " Haven't I told you after the desaster with the gypsies and the 'comb' guy, to stay out of my scheming?! I don't need rivals here and... oh, this §$&%$& Malcolm...!" " Ma, it's just a little project... and in fact, it will even help your case, Ma..." " I'm almost afraid to ask... but: HOW!?"
  18. " Well, Ma, do you remember the time, when we still lived in our own apocalypse? Short before the end, I tried to reverse it again, to grand us apocalyptical power forever..." " Yes, you're never really bright...." "... anyway, as you remember, I tried to use the power of an Alien-vampire- zombie... a black sheep, as Pinstar called it... and I thought, me, as the son of a grand vampire and an Alien, with a zombie as wife... well, I could procreate one...didn't work out quite well, cause you didn't tell me, that Mr. Big was in fact my father..." " Come to the point already!"
  19. " Already there... see, Ma, one of the heiress children, Bethany Eden, is in fact my child... and now look at her family tree... her Great-grandmother was a Dryad, that's like a Plantsim, her Great-Grandfather's a robot, and her mother is a vampire now... not to forget, you're her Alien Grandmother... oh, and her other Grandmother slept in a time capsule for a few milennia, like dead, so she's kind of a zombie..." " ... Stop! You're not trying to tell me, you...?" " Yes Ma, project 'Beth' is my new try to get a black sheep this time... isn't it great?"
  20. " Plutonium... I don't know, why you turned out this way... at least it's not my fault... but you're already past the point of 'evil' Madness, this is just 'crazy' Madness... you seriously need medical help..." " Ma, I'm dead serious about this... and look at the results, Beth is perfect...well, almost, she's just a bit too nice..."
  21. "...but I'm already trying to change that... with the help of subconscious influence, for example. You see, Ma, as a toddler, I made the potty speak to her to..." " Stop! What do you mean, 'Made the potty speak to her'?" " Well, I created a little program here, hacking the Sims 2 main program of this neighborhood, to get temporary control of..." " Hold the press! You mean, you actually control this game?!" " Only to a certain degree... but I'm getting better... for example, when Booger tried to sneak to the lot, to tell them about my plan, I blocked the path by causing errors on the lot to..." " Okay, now you have my interest... show me, how you take control...“ "Uhm, okay, here we go..."
  22. Legacy Lot, fourth floor, now: "... YIPPIEH!!" " Happy Birthday, dear!" " Good start into your teenage time, spawn of ev... I mean, of my sister...well, it's not that different..." " Antoine!" " Sorry, Dad..."
  23. " Yay, I'm still pretty!" " Of course you are, dear!" " Well Dad, actually it would be a little miracle... especially her nose..." " Young man, elder or not, if you wont shut...I'll bend you over my knee!" "Okay, okay... nobody likes an honest opinion anymore..."
  24. " Oh, little one, I'm so proud of you... you've become such a nice lady..." " Yes, and I fear for the worst, with these par..." " Dad, is it okay, if I kill this old hag right here..?" " No... but you're allowed to give your little brother a few noogies now..." " Yay!"
  25. " *Giggle* Oh, come on, mom, it's my birthday, no fighting... and uncle Tony, just because I became a teenager, doesn't mean, I'll turn evil now... at least not, if you shorten my study time, okay?" " See, as I prophesized, spawn of ev... OWW!" " You never saw 'me' become really evil, Lil'Bro...!" " Hello-Ho, Birthday!! Me!!" "... sorry dear... now, since we still can't buy a birthday cake or call a 'real' party, since it's not tuesday... well, is there anything you wish for?" " Oh boy, a wish...!... hmm, you know, what I really wish for is..."
  26. ".... uhhh... what... what happened?"
  27. " Hey, babe, your turn with the balls... hehehe, I said 'balls'..." " What the... who are you?!" " Ehrr... your date?" " My what?!" "Date!...come on, don't play shy now... you know, usually I don't do this crazy stuff, like going out with a babe, that is still in her pyjamas when asking me..."
  28. " W-wait! Let me get this right: I asked you out while I was...?" " Yeah, at your grandparent's business. Actually, I don't really like it there, if it weren't for the 'bubble blow'... hehehe, I said 'blow'..." " Ehrr, mister... whatever your name is, but there seems to be a misunderstanding, I don't remember, I..."
  29. *Smooooch* "Mpffff... Woah, girl, I still need these lips... damn, you're a hot b..."
  30. " What?! What did I... what's happening here? And why...?"
  31. "...why do I suddenly think, that despite being an obvious jerk, you're a really good kisser?" " Ehrr, thanks, I think... I actually had a lot practise... I mean.."
  32. " Aw, shush... let's make out!" " Wow, if that's the new customer service for your business... then I'm a happy customer..."
  33. later: " Uggg... I- can't believe, I did that... I mean, I don't even know that jerk, and still... and on top of that, I only wore pyjamas... where the heck am I, by the way?"
  34. " Ehrr, excuse me, sir... Uh, can you tell me,where I am...?... I mean, which lot?" "... is that a trick question?" " No, no, honestly, where am I..? I only remember, I was at home, celebrating my birthday, and now..."
  35. "... well, girl, this is the King's Hide club center..." "Oh, thank you, sir... now, how did I get to the King's Hide suddenly... with a date?" "... uh, I don't know... hey, do I know 'you' somewhere? You look vaguely familiar..." "... well, perhaps, I'm Bethany Eden from the Eden family, I guess, a lot of people know us..." " Yes, that could be possible... but there's something else... but I just can't put my finger on it..." " I'm sorry sir, but I have to go home now, something's happened, and I don't know..." "Bethany?" ------- if anyone doesn't recognize him, that's Mr. Big - Downtowns rich playboy, without his red jacket only half impressive - aannd, he was actually a spouse in Ephemeraltoast's 'Apocalypse-a-Go-Go'... and the father of Plutonium Apocalypso, which makes him... Bethany's Grandfather...
  36. " Who... oh, uncle Tony, I'm so glad, that you...!" " Not as glad, as your Mom will be... girl, I understand, that you wanted to make a wish, but run off like this... okay, it's not my problem, who you spend your time with during business, but in pyjamas...?" " *Ggggh*... Uncle, I don't know, what happened, I don't remember anything, I..."
  37. " Beth, calm down... I already feared, something like this would happen... I even wished, you'd only turn out to be a money-greedy b... like your mom used to be..." " Uncle, I don't understand...?" " *Sigh* Beth... you're a Romance Sim now, so no wonder that..." " What? I have.... a romance aspiration??" "... let's just go home, Beth, okay?"
  38. ... I can't believe it... me, a romance Sim? okay, I've heard of strange cases of aspiration, but... still, I had hoped, I'd become a family Sim like Brian, or at least popularity, like Bea, but romance...? ...Besides, even for a romance Sim, I don't think, it's normal to date a guy right after your birthday in pyja...'hey, that guy over there has a really nice a...'
  39. ... hey! Wait a minute! What am I doing here? That weren't my thoughts! That... that was someone else! Hey, who is there? Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?!
  40. " Upps... guess, that was a bit too fast... but you see, mom, I've got everything under control, and soon I will have a perfect..."
  41. " Yeah, yeah, blah, blah... you know, I don't really care, if you want to play with life-sized puppets or dolls...but why you think, that turning this goody-twoshoes into a... will make her evil, is beyond me..."
  42. " Aw, for potty-gods sake, ma, don't you get it?! Her heritage, the voices in her childhood, her aspiration... that's why you turned evil, too!! 'You' were the child of an ugly alien in a rather nice family... well, a nice dysfunctional family, 'you' were raised under the potty gods influence, 'you' became a luscious romance sim... that's, what I'm trying to do, turning her into a... a spitting image of you, combined with the power of a black sheep, a Super-'You', so to say!"
  43. " Plutonium Apocalypso, I've heard a lot of stupid things already, but this one, this one tops everything! Do you think, I'm 'evil' just because it was mother nature's fault? I'm evil because I want to! Does that go into your tiny brain?! This... this skank is even worse then Pooper...!" " Booger." " I don't care! Damn, I've seen teddy bears, who were more evil then your daughter...!"
  44. " Now just wait a minute, Ma! Okay, I admit, she didn't turn out quite the evil person, but that's just because of her stupid family! They aren't as dysfunctional as we Apocalypso's were, but it's still in her blood..!" "... and what happened with this blood, I can see when I look at you... a complete failure!" "... I'M NOT A FAILURE! STOP CALLING ME A FAILURE, MA! I'M....!"
  45. " You dare to yell at your mother, you Loser?! TAKE THAT!" *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* " OOOOOWEEEEH! "
  46. *Snif* *Snif* " Ma, that's soooo mean..." " 'Evil', remember? Now stop your whining, boy, and let mom take over the controls..."
  47. "...because there is something, I need to take care of... "
  48. Dear Brother Brian, Bethany here. How's it going at Uni? I think, I'll join you and Beatrice next tuesday...but you don't have to throw a party for me, no, not at all! By the way: I turned into a romance sim - but don't think, I'm now totally romance or so, I mean, look at Bea: she's popularity, but acts like a knowledge Sim, just to make her, I mean, 'our', father proud beyond the grave...
  49. ...anyway, I'm still under Uncle's Tony's merciless watch, studying my butt off for college... and here I thought, I should learn something in college, not already know everything before...
  50. ... and to keep up my power via Dating/Outing, I've got a boyfriend... well, it's actually Bea's former boyfriend - hey, Uncle Tony did the same with his older brothers girlfriend, as Mom told me, so why not me?
  51. I also got a job in the education track - yep, by Uncle Tony's advice - keeping an eye on the kiddies of the local orphanage... sadly, Booger isn't there anymore, I hope, he was adopted by a nice family outside this apocalypse...
  52. ... oh, and while downtown, I did some digging here and there... just for fun, nothing serious...
  53. ... but it had a nice outcome nonetheless...
  54. ... yep, life is good to me... only thing that still bothers me, is this whole 'romance' thing... it's actually a bit weird, if random strangers start to swoon over you... I mean, I'm flattered, but... naw, don't wanna think about it...
  55. ... and for the rest of the family, it's still the same: Grandma, -pa and Mom - and Mr. Wood of course, are still sleeping during the day, and at night... seriously, I wish, my grandparents were at least a bit older and senile, instead of making out the whole... well, and Mom just wrote her third novel, something about 'Never trust guys without noses' or so... oh, and Uncle Tony spent the whole night at the bedroom, just to be scared by 'Dad' over and over... Knowledge Sims are weird...
  56. ... I mean, how many people start fighting with werewolf's - like Gage Uglacy - just to become a Werewolf, too? Still, it was funny, though Uncle Tony was really angry afterwards, because he won every fight, but never became a werewolf, hehehe....
  57. ... oh, oh, oh, but I nearly forgot the most important thing... Grandpa's and -ma's latest procreation, uncle Jun, grew up today! Despite it's strange to have an uncle younger than you, it's still a nice feeling not to be the youngest in this household anymore...
  58. ... and uncle Jun is such a sweet toddler... just a bit... well, mean... yesterday, he threw his bottle right in my face - OW! - and then I had to change his diapers and... EWWWWW! Grandma says, he comes right after his older brother... I guess, she's means uncle tony, because uncle Alex was always described as nice and gentle...
  59. ... okay, that's all wrapped up so far... I'll tell you more, if I join you next tuesday... and don't forget, no party for me at all, nono! Love, Bethany!
  60. Dear Bethany, I'd like to inform you, that your brother has received your message and really enjoyed reading it. Sadly, a little... accident - more about that later - prohibited it, that he could answer you personally, so I'm doing it on his explicit wish. You don't have to fear, that my knowledge of your last letters content will affect my sisterly love towards you, despite your... opinion about my personality. After all, younger sisters or brothers always tend to have jealousy tendencies towards their older siblings... still, it might please you to hear, that my perspectives have changed a bit in the last time...
  61. ... since I became a rather popular acapella/playback singer among the zombies and vampires in this neighborhood... you've probably heard about my success. Still, I don't see myself as a celebrity, just as someone, who likes to sing, be it on big stages...
  62. ... or just occasionally downtown, to pay the rent for our college house...
  63. ...which grew quite a bit in the meantime, granting you and the following generations all the comfort for ongoing studies.
  64. ... still, the current struggle between studying, concerts, not to forget guiding our Uni business downtown and of course the constant trouble with the broken-down phonelines made me realize, that I had to... redefine some of my goals.... like my deepest wish, to break the record our grandmother set in college by achieving 130 best friends...
  65. ... because a short calculation after my small success of having achieved 100 'normal' friends for at least a period of two hours, 36 minutes, showed me, that it was impossible to keep this up any longer, or even expand it... so I had to bury my dreams for this... you see, my life isn't better at all, jealousy is not necessary...
  66. ... but I guess, you're now interested to hear, why our brother couldn't reply to you personally... you see, while I was on tour, Brian befriended a member of the animal population of our neighborhood, a wolf... of course, since he attended the role of the 'nice nerd', a tendency to get closer to vampires, aliens or werewolfs seemed only logical...
  67. ... but of course, everything comes with a price...
  68. ... and if this price of getting close to a wolf results in lycantrophy...
  69. ... then so be it.
  70. Anyway, this event had a deep impact on Brian's mood, after he acknowledged the consequences... over time now, his nice and shy personality will fade away, leaving him as a 0/10/10/10/0 character, who'll be mean to others, eat out of trashcans, lose the ability to meditate, transform any night with a hunger drop... truly a rather gruesome fate in an apocalypse. Since he already started to show first signs, he asked me to answer your letter this time, to avoid any mean language towards you. I hope, this letter suits his wishes, and therefore I conclude with my best wishes and gratitude to you, little sister, happily awaiting you soon here at college. regards, Beatrice Eden
  71. Nemo's house... I mean here...: Poor Brian... when I stroke the deal with pets last chapter about a werewolf empire in exchange for help, I didn't thought, that they'd choose him as their.. 'founder'... well, can't do anything about that anymore... well let's see, if the deal has brought me any results as well... Agent Flea, can you hear me?
  72. - *** - Hello-ho, doubleganger to outpost Gieke, Agent Flea, where are you? - *** - ...great, now I get it... ehem... 'Bark barrk Claf, Howllll!'
  73. ' Bark, Claf, Groowl' Finally... and yes, I know, my dogspeak isn't good, Agent Flea, so what? Now, any signs of the Countess? - *** - ... I give up, better go look for myself...
  74. ... ah, looks like she's there... "...and you're sure, this works, Albert?"
  75. " Absolutely sure, Countess. In fact I knew it, because I sent myself a letter through time today and already have received it yesterday..." " That sounds sligtly... paradox..." " Well, that's the matter with time travel, cause and outcome don't rely on each other anymore..." "Okay, forget that I asked... all I need is to sent one person to the past to end all this here..." What?! " Well, that's exactly the way, this device is built... you know, it's actually a 'reversed Hibernation Chamber'... I mean, usually persons are put into hibernation, to awake at a later time in the future. This chamber works in the other direction instead, you wake up in the past, it's..." ...hey, I know that chamber, isn't that...?
  76. "hm, hm, okay, whatever... so the only thing I have to do, is to hop in, set the timer, and wake up earlier, right?" " Correct, Countess... oh, and I've already set the timer short before the vampocalypse started, so you can easily thwart the Counts plans, before he... oh, and please take care, that my parents get together, so I can be born, so I can build the time machine, so your younger self can later..." " Ugh, stop it, this whole time talk makes my brain freeze... " " Countess, that's important, time traveling is already dangerous enough, luckily, such a small jump through time shouldn't cause to many..." " Who said, that I want to take just a small jump?"
  77. " What?!" as I said: what? " Yes you've heard right, I want the timer to be set at least... well, six- thousand years back should be enough..." " six-thou... why?" " To end all this, of course... and by all, I mean all!"
  78. " I... I don't understand..." me neither... " *Sigh*, okay, since I feel a bit nostalgic today... You've heard of the Eden family here in this neighborhood, especially the founder, Anais Eden?" " Well, of course, everyone did that, their counter army has freed the grip of the Count on this neighborhood and they restored the school system, not to forget..." " So you've heard of her, great... perhaps that she also claimed, she's from the garden eden?" " Uhm... yes I think, I've read something about that... her daughter wrote a biography of..." ----- For anyone else, who didn't read the biography, watch episode 4 again ;)
  79. "...yeah, anyway, than I guess, you also read, how she broke up with 'her' first boyfriend?" "... uhm, yes... but to be honest, I didn't pay much interest to the story... I mean, I'm a man of science, and the proofs of geological and paleonthological researches clearly show that..." " Believe me, it is true! I must know it, I was there!" °o° " You... but how...?" " Hello, Vampire? Immortal? Though I have to admit, I looked different at that time,...."
  80. " ...I rather looked... this way!" " You're a... demon?" " Yep, born in hell, destined to seduce and pummel mortals yadda, yadda yadda... the usual stuff... and to make it clear: 'I' was HIS first girlfriend, not this green Servo-girl, and HE didn't cheat on her with me, but on me with her!!" ....ooookay, this even surprises me... when did the 'real' Nemo came up with such a twist?...
  81. "...and why do you want to...?" " I'll come to that later...but I guess, even a nerd like you understands that I was really [censored], and after she roughed him up first, I gave him some final words about being honest and upright..." "...ehr, if you're a demon, doesn't that mean, that..." " Even demons have limits, okay?!!"
  82. " Anyway, if I wasn't already [censored], I would've been after his reaction... this [censored, censored, censored, censored etc.] bit me!!" " He bit you?" " Well, HE was snake after all... and snakes tend to have teeths..."
  83. "... and thus, the first vampire - me - was born..." " You're the first vampire?" " Yep... and don't start with the whole 'but I thought, Simcula was the first...', it becomes old!" " But how can a snake turn you into a...?" " How many demons bitten by a snake-like being do you know except me?" "... ... and what happened then?"
  84. "Oh, nothing much, I just burned Eden down..." " You...?" " Hey, this little skank still stole my boyfriend, and while she drank herself unconscious... besides, I'm a least I was, so why should I be rational about these things? "
  85. "... too bad, that this little runt somehow managed to escape the fire... would have been fun to watch her burn..." "... you know, I'm now really interested reading this biography again... but I thought, that she was the one who caused the...?" " If she thinks that, even better for me... at least I have a partial revenge then..."
  86. "... and how you ended up then as....?" " Oh, that's the most boring part of the story... see, after that, since I was unable to return to hell - at least not as one of the pain bringers instead of the sufferers - I spent the yearthousands on earth, saw humanity grow - and it wasn't a pretty sight, believe me - ..."
  87. "...and now and then I made some of them my own... just for fun, or when I was extremely bored..."
  88. "... but then I met the Count...Count... bah, I even forgot his real name... well, and we got married..." " You're married??" " Got divorced after three days... actually, I just wanted to become a noble... I mean, 'Countess', that sounds impressive... to be honest, I was also a queen one time, but then the kingdom was conquered, so I..." " If you're divorced, why didn't you stay with him?" "Let's say, I discovered this guy to be a threat to humanity..."
  89. "... especially the female one... I usually wouldn't care about that an inch, but... well, you saw, what he did to that neighborhood, just to impress... and believe me, this wasn't his weirdest plan till now... one day, he tried to let the moon collide with the earth just to write his confession of love on..."
  90. "... but hey, why should I rant about that any further? Soon, this'll be history... or should I call that future?" " Wait, wait, wait... you're not telling me, you want...?" " Yes, I want to go back... and I mean, really back... back to eden, to kill this servo-girl... or HIM... or both, heck, why should I care... so my boring life will never happen... hopefully, this time my younger me will have a better future..." " Countess... you... you're crazy! You can't do that! This... this might cause a time paradox that could destroy humanity and..." " Bla, bla, bla... I don't care... see, either it works, or the whole world blows up... and I already lived for yearthousands, I'm sick of it... I can only win this way." this is SO not good... "... I won't let you do this, Countess!" " *sigh*... Albert, as I said, after I killed your parents..."
  91. "... YOU AND WHICH ARMY?! *Hssss* " " WAAAAH!" ... okay, now I'm really at the edge of my seat... if this wasn't already an apocalypse story, it would be now... hello, any helping angels out there, I'm in dire need of one just now...! " *Beep*, Greetings, humans..." ...who?...
  92. "...*Beep*please don't mind me, you can continue with your current social interaction, but I have to inform you, that this house breaks the politics restriction, I have to apoca-fy it, *Sirr* and then my sensors have detected further rulebreaking items inside this lot..."
  93. " *Click*... found first object: dance sphere, breaking the athletics restriction, must be confiscated... *Vrrrm*... found second object... ERROR, ERROR... not identifiable object... conclusion, illegal hacked item... immediate removal from this neighrborhood, preparing 'destroy' option... *Beep*..." " H... Hey, you... you iron head, stay away from the time travel thing, that's my entry to a better life..." " *Beep*... 'stay away', command not acknowledged... only Blueberrypie360 has exclusive command parameters to this unit, continue 'destroy' option..."
  94. " I don't care, you Metallic Golem! For the last time: stay away, or I'll shove a screwdriver up your... well, whatever you have for an..." " *Click* Danger, Danger - Red Alert! Red Alert! Initiating defense Protocol..." "...have to get away, have to get away..."
  95. " OH, YOU...!" " *Beep* ATTACK *BEEP* ATTACK! " ... why is it, that whereever this robot appears, a fight breaks out...? Though right now, I hope he wins... "Okay, that's it, both of you...!" ... heaven, what now?
  96. "... you're both dead now, you hear me?! Nobody causes a time paradox here or vandalizes my parents house, I'm fed up with this... X-Term 01, destroy them... destroy them all!" ...X-Term 0-what?
  97. ...oh. ---- chapter 4 to see, who... oh forget it...
  98. " *BEEP*, *BEEP* Danger, Danger... second opponent... main circuit override... =0X3%&$...bad data... danger, danger..." " *Wheez*, *Pfew*... what the... is that...Albert... *hfff*...?" " In short: your doom, Countess...and this strange Servo too, once X-Term 01 is finished with him... but to be more precise: you asked me, which army I had to stop you... well, that's him: a one-man-army combat droid based on nanites , designed to adapt to any environment, battle any opponent and even evolve with growing experience... the ultimate battle machine!"
  99. "Oookay... tell you what, we call it a tie, hm? So, I... just lay myself down here, and later we talk about everything, like civilized people..." " H-Hey, stay away from the chamber, Countess!" "Upps, what did you say? I can't hear you, the slapping is so loud... sorry, but I need my good-night sleep now..."
  100. " NO... YOU.... WON'T!!" " AAGH...!... HELP!... RAPE!...FIRE!"
  101. [insert ear-deafening noises of slapping and bone-crunching here] ... ... the best thing I have to say, is that I'm certainly slipping into insanity right now... this whole story has become insane... Demon-vampires, time-travel hibernation chambers, Servos, robots... I'm really not sure anymore, if it would be a good thing, to find the 'real' Nemo... *Ring* ... *sigh* wasn't it obvious, now the phone is ringing... 'Yes, hello, here headquarter for insane stories and subplots gone mad'...? "Hello, High Command? Is that you?" 'What? Agent Snuggles, is that you?'
  102. " Yes, Agent Snuggles here... can I speak with High Command, please?" 'Ehrm, sorry, now it's not a good time... but I'm High Command's representant... kinda... what's the matter, Agent?' " I need immediate back-up over here... something weird happens!" '...why am I not surprised... what's your position, agent?'
  103. " Landgraab Manor, Bluewater village." 'Landgrabb...?...hey, that's right over the street to the Gieke residence... you know, agent, there is something I could need your help for...' " I'm sorry, but I have problems of my own, that's why I'm calling for backup!" 'Oh, sorry, totally forgot... okay, so, why are you actually there, agent?'
  104. " I followed a rumor, that Malcolm Landgraab IV was holding a party for all the evil-doers of this neighborhood tonight, so I hoped, I could gather more traces of the missing creator of this neighborhood by sneaking in... sadly, Uranium Apocalypso didn't seem to show up, so it was a dead end..." 'Wait, you sneaked in? Into a party of guys, who kill good guys for a living? How did they even let you in, let alone alive?'
  105. " Oh, I disguised myself as bloodthirsty, stealthy ninja-assassin from the far east..." 'And they actually believed tha... ?... no, scratch that question, let me guess: your cover is blown, and you need rescue, right?' " Wrong, nobody has a clue... but right now, something else is happening..."
  106. '... and what exactly is that, Agent?' " I... don't know..." 'you don't?' " Well, it's not a visible danger... it's rather a feeling... a feeling, as if something is going to..."
  108. 'What the...was that?? and... hey, Agent Snuggles? Are you still there? Hello, Agent, coming Agent, please coming!' *Brrrzl* *sprrrzl* ... what happened here...?
  109. 'Oh my... oh shoot, I'm agnostic... but still... ...and even worse: what should I tell Blueberry, if he realizes, that Agent Snuggles... and it seems, 8x8, too... well, but at least one problem less to worry, hopefully it got the Countess, too...'
  110. '... though I somehow have a slight idea, what happened at the GIeke residence... or better, how at least one of these guys could escape this inferno... strange, why does the expression 'tie lose ends up...' come to my mind suddenly...?... but still: What - happened - there??!'
  111. Legacy lot, a short time before: "Good bye dear... I already miss you!" " *Snif*, me too, Mommy..." " Bye, Beth!" " have fun in College, Honey... oh, and greet your brother and sister from me... and tell Bea, I'm proud of her, that she got at least 100 friends together... hey, I've currently rolled a want again to have at least 10 friends, so my record isn't that impressive..." "Okay, will do, Grandma..." " Yes, and don't forget to take your lessons seriously, Beth... after all, I desgined the new curriculum myself..." " Yessir, uncle Tony, sir!"
  112. "Oh, it feels soooo hard... somebody has glued my feet to the walkway, I guess... aw, come on, Bethany, you'll be back soon enough... new experience are waiting for ya, put on a smile and..."
  113. "...uhhh...what... oh no, not again..."
  114. "... where... where am I?" " Annnnd.... BANG! HA, that'll teach them... no one, no one betrays Uranium and survives, you hear me??! Oh, yes, you can't, you're all dead now... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! " " Wow, Ma, that's... that's impressive, I didn't know, that this was possible, I thought..." " Hey, if there is anything I know, than it's how to be evil... but you've made quite an impressive hacking program here, son... seems like you aren't such a complete idiot as I thought..." " Oh, thank you Ma... I guess..."
  115. " And now to our special guest for tonight... Hello, dear!" " EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!" " Hm... well, she surely has a remarkable voice organ... might be helpful for an evil laughter later..."
  116. " D...don't come near me... I know carate, teak-sim-do and a dozen other martial arts... well, I read about them in books, I mean..." " *sigh*, well, at least it's a start... too bad, that honesty isn't a real killer or I would be dead by now... " " Oh, oh, Ma, can I do this? The shocking truth thing? Oh please, Ma..." " Pfft... if it makes you happy... you're lucky, that I'm currently out of ideas, so I might as well try your 'plan'..."
  117. " Thanks, Ma... well, hello, Bethany, right?" " Y... yes... and you are...are you... Plutonium?" " Yes, that's right... and I guess, you already know my mother, Uranium?" " W... what do you want from me?" " I'm coming to that right now... *ahem* Bethany..." "... Yes?" " I... am... your father!!!! (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!!!)"
  118. " Ha, I knew it! I knew it, he'd say that!" *sigh* okay, I lost... but I really thought, he wouldn't use that corny phrase, It's so, so... " Young padawan, never underestimate the power of the dark force..." ... I'm not your padawan, wrinkleface, I'm my own master, is that clear?! " *Gulp*, *Crunch*, *Mrmmbl*... but she's right, this phrase is soo yesterday... by the way, Julia, what're you doing now... I mean, weren't you with Malcolm?" " First of all Larch, don't speak with a full mouth, second, yes, I worked with Malcolm, but only for my own amusement, nothing more, so no harm done, and third, you, of all persons should know the primary rule of Eevilness..." " They'll always be back?" "Exactly."
  119. "..." "..." "..." "Uh, Hello, everything okay? I know, this must a mind-boggling experience for you, but..." " Shut up, I'm busy..." " You're... busy?" "...I'm busy with the decision, if I should scream 'NOOOOOOO' now, or rather bite off my tongue than to give you the satisfaction of the most overused dialogue in the galaxy, 'Dad'..." - to be continued -
  120. - Epilogue: somewhere outside Bluewater village - " head... what happened? I just remember this big light, and then..." " Aww, my love..." "Huh?"
  121. "... In all the countless - 'not count-less' - years of my existence, I've never met such...such..." "Wh..what?" ... great, here we go again... to be... oh, you know already...