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Far away from Eden Ep.9.3.: Untold Stories

  1. Far away from Eden Ep.9.3.: Untold Stories Chapter 9.3. of my Far away from Eden-Apocalegacy: Beware of what you wish for - it could kill you.. Family Name: Outside Lot Name: RL 1 x 1 by Andi8104 Categories: Horror,Komoedie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. Hello and welcome to another episode of the Far away from Eden Apocalegacy - wow, it's been a long time (writers block, final exams, neighborhood destroyed, Sims 3 came out etc.... I'm slow, but persistent...), so let's see if anyone still wants to read this... And despite various rumours: this is still an apocalegacy, I'm playing by the rules, and yes, the subplots have taken over, I'm helpless against that... but there is to hope, that it can be fixed within time... For rules and stories see
  3. March... March... March... March... March... March... MARCH... MARCH... MARCH...
  4. 'Hehehe... yesss, march, my soldiers, kill, pillage, burn...' '... and don't forget the torturing, torturing is always fun...' '...and humiliation! Humiliation is essential to break people completely!' 'Sauron, eat your heart out! We are the real deal!' 'WEEEEEH! GO, TEAM EVIL! WE'VE WON, WE'VE....!'
  5. SKRRREEEEETCH! .... rewind.... rewind... rewind... rewind... rewind... rewind...
  6. ...STOP! Time: a few months earlier Location: Safehood Lot: Natural Retreat Family: Outside
  7. ....I am your father!" " NOO... *delete* *delete* *delete*
  8. " No, this doesn't sound right... not with this face. How about... yes, she's rather like discussing with herself if she should give him the satisfaction to respond to the single most overused line in movie history or..." ---- Remember? the picture on the screen - I mean the picture on the screen in the picture on your screen, not your... oh, forget it...- is from Episode 7.3, when Plutonium told his daughter that... oh, just go read the former chapters again, alright?
  9. " Nemo! Kids! Dinnertime! " "... what? Already so late? Ehr, Ciel, honey, can you put my meal in the fridge? I've nearly finished this chapter, so I..." " OH NO! Not again! You always say that! We are all going to have a meal together now, and that's final!" " *sigh*, yes 'Mum'..." " WHAT WAS THAT?!" "Nothing, nothing..." -------- Ciel, from LorinV60's 'Romancing the apocalypse' - thank you for uploading her, Lorin! If she would be real, I would so be dating her... ;)
  10. "... *munch* *crunch*... mmm, delicious... marvelous... fantastic... *gulp*..." " Thank you... but dear, please mind your table manners... and don't think, I'm letting you back to the computer today!" " Oooooooooooooh......" " *Giggle*... okay, Mr. Puppyeyes, but for the rest of the week - you're mine then!" " *Huu* - this woman is just too HOT for me...." ------ Meet the... no, not Robinsons, the Outsides, also from LorinsV60: Mina (Pony tail), Nicole (Red top), Emily (child) and Neil (toddler) Outside - *sigh*, I wish, founding a family in RL would be that easy...
  11. "...sooo, Dad, how's your story going?" " *Munch* ... great, just great, dear... *crunch* " That's fantastic, Daddy, you are soooo cool... by the way, can I have my own room?" " *Urrrg*, so much for subtlety... 'by the way, can I have my own room?' - Nicole, you're stupid!" " *Sniff* DAD! MINA IS MEAN TO ME AGAIN!" " YOU LITTLE...!" " *Munch*... girls, without being unkind, but... what is this all about?"
  12. " It's all Mina's fault! She just can't dance!" "ME? You are the one who...!" "Dance? What for a dance?" " Dad, I want to become a World Class Dancer..." "... and I a Professional Party Guest, so dancing is essential!" "Well, girls, actually you'd need body and not dance skill to become a dancer, and a partygoer only needs... but never mind... "
  13. "...anyway, I need my own room, because Mina..." " You, you are the one who can't... Dad, she made me trip and nearly kicked me in the chin!" " NOT TRUE, I...."
  14. "... and on top of that, you're totally ton-deaf!" " W-What?"
  15. " Yes, the way you treat the violine - terrible!" " I... I... WAAAAAAAAAH!" " Mina, stop making your older sister cry!" " Pfff, now it's my fault again,and only because she has more Nice Points..." ---- Mina: 7 Nice Points Nicole: 9 Nice Points
  16. " *Ehem* Sisters, if I may cut in: why don't you try to overcome your differences and instead of accusing each other, try to help each other to advance both your dancing abilities? Or as an offer: I have already mastered dancing, I could teach you..." " Oho, it's Ms. Prodigy talking again... beat it, twerp, this is a conversation between grownups..." ---- Emily: 10 Nice points
  17. " That's enough, Mina! Emily is right, you have to..." " *Munch* Thunder.. *Munch* ..ome la.. *Munch* " " *Glare* ... and would you please stop talking with a full mouth, dear?!" " Haha-lalala...*Munch!* *Munch!* *Munch!*" " *sigh*... et tu, Neill?"
  18. " *Ehrhem*- I said, since there doesn't seem to be any possibility to settle your differences peacefully, I'll invoke Thunderdome Law on the whole issue, as it was stated in the Case 'Mad Max III vs. Aunty...." " Dad, you're talking lawyerish again, nobody understands, what you’re saying'..." " In short, 'two girls enter, one girl leaves' - if one of you wants to have her own room, you just have to kill your sister!"
  19. " WHAAAAAATTTT????!" " NEMO! " " ... but of course, since your mother would kill ME then, I'd have to revive your sister immediately... the costs for the Re-Surrect-O-nomitron will of course go off from your pocket money, so she'll probably return as a zombie... and then of course, we're back where we started, so we'll have again to..." " Dad.. stop. Em, how was that with the dancing lessons again? "
  20. " See, my little Neil? It is totally easy to raise children, you just have to push the right buttons to..." " Adda!" ...what do you mean, the introduction of our family sucked?" " Whamma!" "... okay, perhaps I overdid a bit with... but I only wanted to emphasize our daily chaotic..." " DojDoj!" " *Sigh* your going to be a critic one day, aren't you?" ----- Neill: 1 Nice point...
  21. *ding* *dong* "...whew, saved by the bell... I wonder, who it can be?"
  22. " Lor! Blue! Hey, good to see you!" " Nemo, old bulkhead, how's married life going?" " Well, I'm not dead yet, so I guess I'm a winner... nah, kidding..." " Oh Lor, what should I do with him? Give him up for adoption or sell him to the zoo? He's driving me crazy!" " Alright, you're really a match made in heaven... or hell, whatever fits better...!"
  23. "... okay, you fruitcakes, since you've already agreed to make fun of me - if anyone needs me, I'm in the kitchen, cleaning up, planning my escape from this lunacy... the usual stuff..." "Oooo... and I had already some jokes prepared about your... OWWW, okay, okay... stop hitting the helmet, I'm quiet, I'm quiet... *sigh* love hurts... a lot...."
  24. " ... Well then, Mr. Nemo, since you're so busy with being the family guy - how is work on the Eden's going?" " Well, it slowed down a bit, but I am confident..." "... And now, what I am really dying to know: which Nemo are you?!" " I beg your pardon?" " I mean: according to the story, the 'real' Nemo is captured - and there seems to be a doppleganger with him... then there is the doppleganger in Sonicdude's Neighborhood, who fathered - or mothered - these two girls, Christina and Rose, then there is one in the Simself Lair, then one... anyway, and now there is you, who actually seems to write the story about it... it gets a bit confusing... "
  25. "... Alright, alright, understood, I confess, it is a bit complicated... but in short: I AM the 'real' Nemo!" "... so the one captured by Uranium who is presumed to be the 'real' one is also just a Doppleganger?" " No, he is the 'real' one as well!"
  26. "What???" " *Sigh*Look, I said, it's a bit are both familiar with the whole 'Original' and 'Doppleganger' thing, right?" "...yeah... there is the original Simself with all the Simself-power, and there are the Dopplegangers he or she created, who can go visit other places or neighborhoods, but are limited in their powers... correct?" " Right! Or at least almost - about the original... the other 'original' Nemo is the from the Far away from Eden neighborhood - while I am the 'original' one of this neighborhood...same game, different hoods, therefore one 'original' Nemo per hood, understood?" "..but isn't this whole original thing kinda like 'there can only be one'..?" "...If you slice someone into two exact halves, atoms and all, then replenish both halves, so you get two persons with the same memories etc., who is the Original?" "Oookay, makes sense... but if you are.. original, can't you do anything about... the 'other' original Nemo...?..I mean, Simself-power and all?"
  27. " Well, actually I could!.. but it would destroy the plot..." " What??" " Look, I know,what happened in the FafE-neighborhood is not really nice... and I bet, if Anais knew, that I could solve everything in an instant but won't do, she'd kill me... but hey, let Uranium have her fifteen minutes of fame for capturing an 'original' Simself and taking 'control' of 'a' neighborhood, before we return to business as usual... I mean, come on, do you really think, she can actually succeed with her 'Vampire army' thing or this 'evil breeding ground' plan?" "So you just intend to wait and... and what about the other 'original' Nemo?" " Would do exactly the same as I do... we are both original, after all... besides, there have already been taken steps to rescue him, right?"
  28. " Oh yes, of course, Agent Snuggles is on the case after all!" " Right, Blue, she'll find the other original Nemo, Uranium grinds her teeth, the neighborhood returns to be a 'normal' vampocalypse... *yawn* " " ... you don't really sound happy about that..."
  29. " Yeah, well, see... as I said, lets have Uranium her fun to be the villain and us the fun to watch her... but what then?..." " Probably woohooing, raising children, climbing the career ladder, lifting restrictions, getting rid of the elder, then repeat... an apocalypse challenge after all?" "...Ehr, yes, exactly... but what if... what if it would be possible to make the current situation even worse?" "... you lost us there..."
  30. " I mean, what if Uranium is only the start, a mere beginning of the real armageddon... what if a new villain enters the stage, even more sinister, more evil, more, more... well, just absolutely evil!" " don't mean...?!" " Yes, exactly, I plan to unleash an unspeakable evil mastermind into this world, evil incarnated, that makes Uranium look like a wimp, someone so evil, that the name alone makes you pee your pants, so evil, that the sheer thought makes you faint, so bloody, that....!" " Why in the world would you want to do THAT???!!!"
  31. "... oh, just curious, I want to see, how this works out... I mean, I'm a Simself, we're all Simselfs, we constantly do crazy stuff like that... so, do you like the idea?"
  32. "...Ehhrr, well... should I say this, but...?" " oh, don't worry, I know, it might take a lot of hard, bonecrunching work, but I'm highly motivated to do this, with evil armies, scary fortresses...but thanks for your sympathy, Lor." " ... that's not what I meant, I rather meant that...."
  33. "..this is completely and utterly $%&??%$%!" " ...ehr, yeah, something like that..." " You... don't like the idea, Blue?" " No, I don't like the idea at all! Absolute Evil? An armageddon within an apocalypse? That's $%&??$! I mean, that's the stuff, that ruins stories! Better butcher the characters right now, at least the readers are spared the stupidity..."
  34. "... I mean, look, I know, you like to tell stories, but this? I don't care so much about the murder and mayhem - but a new villain? And the whole: o, this villain is so evil, so bad, so... that sounds rather like the child, that wants the biggest piece of cake, even if it knows, that it gets belly ache later... it is just unrealistic! "
  35. " But... but this is story IS unrealistic, I mean, all these vampires, zombies, an evil Alien, the paradise..." " I mean, it's unrealistic in the sense how you want to create this villain... so powerful and all that stuff, that is the problem - you are creating an evil Mary-Sue!" "..." "... and not to forget, you are still writing an Apocalegacy, right? If you now include an 'evil-super-villain'- subplot - I bet, you won't be finished, before Sims 3 comes out." "..." ---------- [NOTE (2014): Blue was of course wrong… I didn’t even get finished before Sims 4 came out!  ]
  36. " Hey now, don't take it so hard - you wanted my opinion, right? I don't say, you shouldn't do it, I just think it's not a good idea, okay? It's still your decision..." "..." " Hey, HelloO! Someone in there?" "..."
  37. Later: "... Nemo?" "..."
  38. ... much later.. "Nemo!" "..." "...okay, if you don't want to talk with me, fine, then I'm not talking with you either..!" "..." "..!" "..." "..!" "... okay, okay, I'll talk, just stop it... sheesh, how can silence be so threatening...?"
  39. "So, Mr. Outside - what is the problem?" " *sigh*it is a bit complicated, Ciel..." " Somebody criticised one of your ideas and now you are hiding embarassed inside your helmet, because you can't stand criticism, right?" " Urg... is it that obvious?" " *sigh*, my man, the mimosa - look, you can't force anyone to like your story, as well as no one can force you how to write it - it is your decision! And aside from that - I would be happy if someone would give me tips now and then to show me how I should or should not do something... it's better then getting the cold shoulder and no comment at all, you know..." "... Ciel..." " Yes...?"
  40. " you know how much I love you?" "OoOohoh... Mr. Outside, what are you doing?" " Guess what,...?"
  41. "....woooohooooo!"
  42. ... later (much, much later... ;) "...Ciel is of course right - and Blue is right too, that whole 'evil'-thing was nonsense, I should stick with the main story - sorry Mrs. Bethoria, but you are going to the bin, no use for you! And about Bethany - well, I guess she would be happy to hear, that she won't turn evil... I mean, that was the biggest problem after all, how could such a nice girl turn evil, it's ridiculous, what was I thinking...? Okay, so, lets start a new chapter... well, Bethany is of course still captured by Plutonium and her Grandmother, we need an Escape plan for... ah, I know! Booger, you're my hero - literally! I mean, he survived his family and all, I bet he knows, how to help his halfsister Bethany..."
  43. "... bye, Halfsis, have fun in in university!" " Oh, thank you, thank you Booger, for helping to escape my father and his evil Mother... but what will they say, if they see, that I escaped... won't they ask you, how that could happen? And what will they do,if they find out,that it was you, who...?" " Oh, don't worry, Sis, I'll just tell them, that Dad forgot to lock the prison door... Grandma will believe me and just beat up Dad, problem solved... " "... and you really want to stay with them?" "Hey, they're still my family after all... and don't think, every Apocalypso is evil, the others are rather nice... but you should go now, or they'll catch you! "Okay, bye, little big halfbrother, I'll never forget you!" ------ ..and done! Phew, took a bit strength, but it's for the best. Sorry Bethoria, but you and your evil armies, scary towers, conquering neighborhoods or whatsoever will never be reality..., instead we're back at the 'normal' apocalypse... nothing has happened, nothing...
  44. ...except for Bethany reaching 'her' families uni lot and transitioning into a Young Adult... "... Phew, boy, I've finally arrived... oh man, but what should I tell Bea and Brian, where I was... or Mom? I think, it's the best I don't tell them at all... and why should I? Nobody needs to know, who my father or grandmother is... I mean, it's not important! I am not an Apocalypso, I'm an Eden, right?! Yes, 100% Eden! Right! I'm not into evil things, I'm not bad, I'm good, totally good, and I'm all about doing good and bringing this neighborhood back to a normal state, like my Grandparents, my mother or my brother and sister... hey, I should ask her, how to get good grades... I mean, it's Bea I'm talking about, if she doesn't know, who does...?"
  45. "Hi Bea, here I am, what's for dinner - haha, kidding, I know we only do outings..!" "Beth, thank heavens! Mom nearly broke the phone restriction, when you failed to arrive here in time! What happened?!" "Oh, nothing, nothing at all, I was soo not abducted by evil aliens - haha, kidding again, it were just...ehr... oh yeah, zombie werewolf vampires, they chased me around the neighborhood, but they so did not throw me into their secret hideout, and I so not meet any halfsiblings... ehr, I mean..." " Beth, everything okay?" " Oh, yes, totally okay, I'm good, totally good, only excited to finally start my studies... by the way Sis, how can I become a good student to get a good job and easily lift a restriction to end the apocalypse, hm, hm?" "Well, to become a top rate student like me, you have of course to study hard and - hey, are you trying to distract me from digging deeper into what happened?" "No, no, no, no at all - so, ehr, 'study hard...' and then?" " Well, then bla-bla-bla..."
  46. Later: "...and then you bla-bla-bla skill increase bla-bla-bla friendships bla- bla-bla exam bla-bla-bla professors bla-bla-bla..."
  47. much, much later: "... bla-bla-bla and if you keep all that in mind, you're on the 'Best of the Best'- List in no time!" " *snore*... Hu? I'm good... I mean, I'm awake, sorry, just got tired a second!" " Do you want me to repeat it?" " No, no... I already got it - skills, term papers, professors, hard work... thanks, sis!"
  48. - Step 1 Top Rate Student Program: Skills - " Annnnd - Top! Whew, finally, all Skills maximized - but, hey, why is there only one bar floating above my head, there should be three...!.. stupid glitches...."
  49. - Step 1 Top Rate Student Cheating program - "... h-hey! What does that mean, 'Cheating program'? I did not...!" " ... *smooch* annnd... last skill maximized!" "Brian! What... what are you doing? " " Maximizing my Skills, Sis, maximizing my Skills... and all under supervision of the prof, hehe..." " But... but that's unfair, I've studied hard reading all these books and you just...!" " Hey! Do you know, how difficult it is to do all these dates and outings? I had to do 54 dates, 132 Outings to get so far...!" "... forget it, I'm off writing my term paper 'How to get top through hard and good... I mean honest work'..."
  50. -Step 2 - Top Rate Student Programm: term papers- And - TADA! One first class exam... and now I have to do some term papers, to maximize my bar for this semester and..."
  51. -Step 2 Top Rate Student Cheating Program - "... again? Brian!" " *Mphl* - yup Sis?" " Stop humping your prof's! it's disgusting!" " Disgusting? Professor, do you think, it's disgusting?" " ... take me, you shmexy hunk!" " ... I give up..."
  52. - Step 3 Top Rate Student... " Yeah, yeah, zip it... Professor, I have to protest against my brothers attempts to gain all his college achievements by... well, I think, achievements in college should be made through study and hard work only..." "...dear, why are you so against it?" " Well, because it is cheating, and cheating is bad... I mean wrong, it is wrong!" "... dear, there is nothing wrong with that, it's an Eaxis feature, that students can hump their profs to...." " LALALALALA... I can't hear you, LALALALA...."
  53. - Step 3 Top Rat Student Chea.... " WOOHOO! " " Bro, you are worse than a rabbit!" " ... What now? This is part of MY final term paper: 'How does the interior of a sauna look during woohoo (it's white and cubic)?' "
  54. - Step 4 Top Rate Student Program: Success - " Congratulations, Beth - you've completed your first term and made it into the Best List!" " *snore*..." "... Beth?"
  55. " *Snore*... *yawn*... just five more minutes, mom... " " BETH!" " HUH! WHAT? I'm goo... I mean, I'm awake, sorry..." " Beth, what is wrong?" " No-nothing, I'm good, Sis, I mean I'm's just a bit exhausting being good... I mean top, top...!" " Well, then... how about advancing some more Skills, hm?" " More skills..? but I already have all skills maximized..."
  56. "... and your badges skills, how about that?" " That? But that is not necessary for uni..." "... but good for money, and you know, there is still the thing with legacy points..." " oh, no...."
  57. ... much later... "... silver... that's enough, I need a break... why would I need a Gold Robot Badge anyway? It's not that we are allowed a servo..."
  58. "... but Toys are okay, Sis... I'm finished with my Gold Toy Badge, you might take over now..." "... "
  59. "... I can't ... I'm spent... I don't feel go... I mean not very well... " " Already? But you only got Bro..." " STOP! Sis, I want to be g... top, but if this goes on, I'll go crazy... after all, I still have a romance aspiration, I need some love..." " And here I wondered, how you could keep this up without ever... oh well, that can be changed..."
  60. "... up to the downtown, guys!" " Yeah, party! Lets date some downtown hotties...!" " No, Bro, I actually meant our community business, the barn..." " Oh, okay, then I'll serve the female customers, hehehe...." " Brrr... Bea, tell Brian to stop this 'hehehe' laughing, it gives me goosebumps..."
  61. "... okay, I'm off to the stage practicing my singing, Brian can work at the robot bench in the cellar, Beth can practice her styling..." "Hey, I thought, we wanted to relax?" " Well, you're romance, right? What better way to get a partner then to adjust a persons looks for a high attraction? That way you can combine skilling with romancing!" " But... but I don't know how to style..." " Just one more reason to learn it!" " Sis, you're cruel and inhuman, you know that...?"
  62. "... and now, for all my future fans, once I graduate, achieve the top of the music career and become a rock goddess, I'll sing for you..." " ... oh pieper, your new style is amazing... rowr, you're waking the wolf inside me... and outside too..." " Brian! I thought, I ordered you to work at the toy bench..." "... and I said I will take care of the female customers... and since Beth has some trouble with the make-up...well, someone has to repair the damage... ehr, as I said, Pieper, you're totally..."
  63. " Mhm, *smoooosh*... oh Star...." " Brian! What are you... she wasn't even on the styling chair...!" " PR, Sis, PR... when I'm done, she'll even sit on the hot chair, hehe..." " Brian Eden, I told you to...!" " Okay, that's it! You're ordering me around, you're ordering Beth around... we are NOT your army of zombies or whatever you think of us!" "I'm only helping you both to increase our chances to master your..." " I know, and we are grateful, alright? But sometimes fun is important, too - so, come on, stop being so goal- oriented all the time, and join us having some fun - so, lame or game?" "... ... ... if you put it that way, then..."
  64. I'M GAME, YOU'RE LAME! Ha, you did not expect that, what?" " Hey unfair, wait till I... Uff, okay, Star, no one messes with the Big Bad Wu... umpfh!" " HEY! What is going on here? You dare not to skill and instead do pillow fights?!" " Oh, Uncle Antoine... we... we were just..." "... and you didn't invite me?!! You will have to pay dearly for that... after all, your mother didn't call me without reason the 'Pillow-thrower of DOOM', HARHARHAR...!"
  65. "... and so, we all had a lot of fun in the end." "... wow, that's really amazing... especially the hints about the whole 'evil' thing... and it's true, what you said last chapter about your sister, there is some similarity in your style..." "... I beg your pardon?" " Oh, ups, of course, it has not happened, right? You don't know what...oh just forget it..." " What, what what, has happened, I don't understand...?" " Ehr...HEY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MAKEUP? THAT'LL COST YOU ONE STAR!" " Eeep... I'm sorry, I'm sorry... look, I just got my Gold Style Badge, I'll fix it, I'll fix it..."
  66. "... Phew, glad I could fix her makeup... but what did she mean with that 'evil' thing... and why am I working at the robot bench now, I thought, I said, it's worthless to get a gold robot badge when we can't have a serv..?.. dang, Gold again, I'm really out of my mind today..."
  67. "... 998... 999... 100.000! Wonderful, ah, ah, ah..." " BRIAN!" " Yup, what's up, Sis?" " Don't. do. that. ever. again!" " What? Counting money?" "... no, but this imitation of... and why are you counting money in the first place? Shouldn't you... entertain the female customers, I mean...?" " *Sigh*... it's Bea again, she thinks I need to learn some 'discipline'... stupid older sister with her stupid ... "
  68. "... Oh hey, hey, hey, look, what have we there?" " Oh my...!" " *grin* - looks like Big Sis want to get lucky..." " BRIAN! She's engaged, and he is... aside the fact that he's a zombie, so 'till death do us part' does not really apply... but still, that's not go... not right!" " Eh? On what planet were you born, Mrs. Romance Aspiration....?, I take that back, you had less woohoo then...!" urge... to kill... rising... " Woah! Sis, you... sound really scary suddenly..." " Oh, No... Imgoodimgoodimgoodimgoodimgoo d...!!!" "... everything okay, Beth?" " YES...!... I mean, let's go home, I had enough downtown today...."
  69. " *Sigh*... finally home..." "Helloho, my three little pretties...!" " Greetings, dear future wife and relatives... *snicker* sorry, couldn't resist..." " Mom! Mr. Nick! Oh, and Mrs. Prof...hehehe, missed me?" " Our dear brother... *sigh* ... hello, Mom..." "... Oh Beth, I'm so happy you're okay... when you didn't arrive here I thought...what happened?"
  70. "... oooh, it was nothing, Mom, nothing, I'm go... I'm okay, totally okay...!" " sure, you're okay?" " ehr... yes, yes, why do you ask? Everythings alright, I'm working hard, I'm getting top grades, I..." "... you met your father, didn't you?" " W... WHAT? Mom, your hus... I mean...he died, before I was born, how could I..." " 'Your' father, Beth, not Bea's and Brian's..."
  71. "... M.. Mom, I..." " *Sigh*, Beth, I'm your mother... perhaps not the best mother in the world, but I know, when one of my children is... uneasy about something... you met Plutonium, right?" "... Mom, I'm so sorry, I..." " About what? If there is somebody to blame, it's me! Me and my stupid 'Bad guy' attraction... or for not telling you earlier about... Beth, I never wanted to hurt you..." "... you didn't do anything wrong, Mom, not at all! And I'm not like my father, I'm good, I'm..." "... Beth! Please don't tell me, you're concerned, that you could be like... wait, is that, what Bea and Brian have told me? That you run around, claiming to be 'good' all the time?"
  72. " WHAT?! They told you?!" " They are concerned about you, too, dear...there is no need to be ashamed..." " SIS! BRO! How dare you to...!" "Beth, stop yelling at your siblings...!" Not?! Mom, they have no right to...! " Beth! Your...voice..." Oh, No No No No No No N....!" X(
  73. " Bak, Bak, BAK!" " H.. huh.. what the...?" " BAK, BAK, BAK!" chickendance " hehehe, I win... paytime, Bea... I told you, the Secret society would come for Sis today...!"
  74. "... drat, I nearly snapped this time...good, that the Chicken guy came for distraction... but why was I so upset, that Bea and Brian had told her... I mean, what is wrong with me? Ever since I got away from the Apocalypso's, I feel like I... turn into an evil overlord or so any moment ... and the whole 'good' thing... mom is right, why am I doing this? To show, that I am not like my father or his mother? Of course I am not! I'm neither 'an Apocalypso' or 'an Eden', I'm just Bethany! Nothing more, nothing less..."
  75. " Welcome to the Secret Society, new member! We..." " THAT'S IT!" " I beg your pardon?" " I mean: that's it! From now on, everything will change! I don't have to be good nor bad, I have just to be 'me' - Nothing more! - Nothing less! - " "...ehr, yes... as I said, welcome to the secret society and..." " Sorry, have to go! There is someone I have to apologize to...!"
  76. " Hey, Guys! I'm back! I just wanted to apologize for yelling at you and... Hey, what in..." "Beth! Glad, that you're back! these two just wont stop fighting... we have to instate an diversion plan immediately to prevent further damage...!" " Why are they fighting, anyway?" " Oh, the Cow had flirted with Brian, who had flirted with Cheerleader Whatshername... I'll take the Cow, you do the Cheerleader..." " Shouldn't Brian...?" " And the whole thing starts again? I don't think so..."
  77. .. a short while later... "...and if you couple the e-guitar with blahblahblah...." " hm, yes, but what about Blablahblah and bleblebleh and..." "... oh, I didn't think about that! You're right, it's more bleblabluh..." " Blobliblum..." "... blueblueblue..." etc.
  78. "Sooo... you come here often, Sweety?" *wink* *wink* " Sis! What the... are you doing?!" " Well, Bea said, I should 'do' the Cheerleader, so.... ;)" " Should 'do'...? Oh, I get it, it's a joke, right? Instead of shouting, you're trying to get at me for ... ahahah, funny..." "... I'm actually rather serious about that, Bro... soooo..."
  79. ", do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again ?" *giggle* " Woah, Woah Woah - what happens here? Am I in an alternate universe or what? Where's my Sister Beth and her constant 'I'm good, I'm good'- rambling? Where's my daily ration of kissing and cuddling? Hellooo?!" " Oh, shut up, Bro! Never heard of a change of heart? Stop being such a crybaby, 'cause I can only take care for one 'babe' here..."
  80. "... now, where were we? Ah, yes....!"
  81. *Smooch*
  82. *Smooch*
  83. *Smooch* ..." *Pftta*, synthetical fiber, disgusting...."
  84. *Smooch*
  85. *Smoo...* " STOP!" "... you saying, Brian?" " Okay, okay, I've learnt my lesson... and I accept, that you, Sis, have finally come in touch with your romantic aspiration... and have stopped to try to 'be good'..." " Would you come to the point? I'm busy here..." "...well, not that you think, this is a competition here... but, you see, I’m the one who chases the girls..." " Aww, don't worry Bro... girls love puppies, I'm sure someone will adopt you... hehehe..." " Brrr... you sounded less scary, when you sounded more scary before...."
  86. Note: there are lot more of *Smooch* pics for Beth, but we still have a story to tell, so we just skip at this point, okay? " HEH! That's unfair! Brian got a whole load of pictures, when he competed with Gage! I demand..." Beth! Stop speaking in 'bold'! And stop breaking the fourth wall! " ... sorry... this somehow comes naturally to me..." " Whom are you speaking to, cutie?" " Ehr... nobody, Samantha... by the way, I didn't expect you to be so... well, I mean, you and your husband Don are considered to be... well..." "Dear, just be clear: Don and I are made for each other...a little flirt on the side wont change that... besides, your sister is seeing my husband, so..." "okay, way too much information... another round then?"
  87. "... and so, everything went well in the end, Prof." "... hm? Oh sorry, I didn't really pay attention, what you said, Beth... now can we do the kinky thing again, hm?" "... sure, why not? Bea still needs a roof raiser for her graduation party..." "... Mom, I tell you, you have to do something, she's completely mad!" " She's a romance Sim, Brian, and she's so much happier than before..." " She's stealing my girlfriends!" "... you know, that this sentence spoken to a mother in real life could with a high probability result in getting a cardiac arrest?"
  88. ...and while the graduation party went on, roses were delivered, as usual... *yawn*... sorry, but you know how it goes: you've seen one giant crowd deliver tons of roses to your doorstep, you've seen them all...
  89. and so, finally: "...hello, Mom?... Hi, Bethany here. Have you seen Bea's show on Tivo? Boy, she really rocked the hood that night and... hm? If I...? Oh, yes, it feels like it's getting warmer and... what? They did it? They changed the weather? That's great, Mom! Finally, I really hated to make out in the cold and... Oh, oops, did I say that loud? "
  90. "Hey Brian, hey... Uncle June? Boy, I didn't realize that you already joined us and..." " Yeah, yeah, whatever... what do you want, blabbermouth?" " I just wanted to tell you, that Bea has lifted the... hey, did you just call me...?" " Yes, I did. And just to inform you, we already know, why else do you think, have we booked a flight to the south?" " We're going to the south?" " Am I speaking English instead of Simlish? Of course we do, now get your sorry rear up the road, or we leave you here! March, everbody..." ---- Note: With Adventure, Science, Military and Music lifted, finally we can experience some of the Benefits Bon Voyage brought to the apocalypse... like freedom of restrictions for a whole sim week....*imagine me jumping up and down*
  91. "... and here we are already, at the new eden family university holiday home!" " Boy, we sure must have earned a lot of money with the university community business to buy ourself a holiday lot... " " Hoorray to the ticket counter!"
  92. " Aloha kaua!" "Oh, Hi Gorgeous - so, you come here often?" ''Hiki no na mea a pau!'' *giggle* " Ehr... yeah... uh, so to go out with me?" " He hulu kakou ke noho ho'okahi aka na'e, ho'okumu pu k??kou i mau 'eheu a hiki ke ka'ahele i ke ola!'' " Ugh... can somebody here hawaian? I'm not sure, if I just scored, or if she never wants to see me again..." ---- ... visited a hawaian language class and wrote these sentences down... just wanted to use them once... guess, what they mean? ;)
  93. " Bro, you're doing it all wrong. Less talky, more kissy...Here, lemme show you... *Smooch* " " What the... we're only here for like five minutes and you already...besides, you're kissing a... I thought you were... eh..." " Nu, uh, just avoiding the medical restriction with no woohoo without baby... here, I'm free to choose..." " Are you two screwballs finished yet? I wanted to study the ruins, before our vacation is over, okay?!" " oh come on, uncle June, it's vacation... let's go to the beach first!"
  94. later, at the beach promenade: " Ahh... that's life... forget the apocalypse, I wish I could stay here forever..." " Mmmh... agreed... no skilling, no cold... it's perfect...." " A-one a-two... dammit! Okay, again..." "... he just can't stop, can he?" "Yup. like uncle Alex... skilling all the time... and being grumpy... but as long as he's happy..."
  95. " Oh, hey, hey, hey... looks at that taint! I'm a toasty god of love!"
  96. " YEEOOWA!!!" " Yeowa? Are you pregnant?" " Pregnant is good... that's so unfair! Why do you get... and I look like a chicken boiled in hot water?" " *snicker* Could have been worse... imagine, you turned green..." " Really fun... ouwie!..okay, no more beach for me, let's go visit these ruins, Uncle June wanted to see..."
  97. at the ruins of whatwasthenameagain: "And here, we see the ritual waterfall where every year, a sacrifice was made to... Brian, what are you doing there?" " Ehrr... just making a sacrifice to wish for good luck!" "... you just had a box of soap in your hand, didn't you?" "Of course not, I'd never...!" " *Sigh*, spare me the lie, just... do it! Not my fault, if you get cursed by the evil goddess who supposed to be residing in that waterfall...I'm going to the ghost ship now, to deepen my studies on paranormal activities..."
  98. ghost ship: "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHH!!!!!" " ... you know, it's not night, it's day. The Sun is just behind some thick clouds." " AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" *floataway* floataway* " ... did you just scare the ghost pirate?" " Just proving my point, nephew: who reigns with fear, only hides his own weakness... now start digging, I want to see the medicine man." " Why do I have to do the digging? I don't want to see an old guy who is too cheap to call a repairman..." " When I told you about reign of fear, nephew, I forgot to mention, that this doesn't mean, that you don't have to be afraid...."
  99. medicine man: "ka'iole hamesala, 'oma, 'oma, 'oma, 'opi'opi.... if you do this magic dance, saying the magic words, person will come back from the dead...." " well, my hawaian is not the best... and I really don't understand, why you want to teach us this... but I am pretty sure, that the legend of the zombie is mainly sited in the Caribbean, while Hawai - of course, we can consider this rather as a Pseudo Hawai..." " Oh, er... oh look at the time... sorry, but you have to go, I need to break my kitchen appliances for the next tourists, if you don't mind...."
  100. " You know guys, I've been thinking... don't you think, something is odd?" " What do you mean, Uncle June?" " Well, all these...hints...these...I can't get my head around it, but it seems, like we're constantly getting on topics like evil, fear, green skin, undead people..." " I can't follow you..." " Could you ever... hey, Beth, nice catch!" " Grrr... why am I always the one getting the shoe? And it's always too big, wrong color... high-heeled and black, that would be good... I'm bored now, I rather gonna play with fire..."
  101. " Tada! See, totally easy, I'm a Pro..." " Wow, she's really good... now why does make me feel uneasy?" " You okay, Uncle? I don't see anything uneasy... in fact, right now I see something... hey, babe, tsuki atte kureru?" " ... that's not Hawaiian, that's Japanese... but yes, I'd love to!" " Yes! Score!"
  102. " ... and so, our holiday became a great success... and all without anything evil happening, no zombies, no evil green men or whatever... now if you exycuse me, I have a hot date waiting for me..."
  103. Home of the Outsides: " Phew... that was a lot of work... but the chapter is finally done... okay, just one more look, if I can spot any errors, before I upload it...."
  104. " hm... okay... okay... ok... waitaminute... what happened? where do all these hints about 'evil' come from? I never wrote that! I mean, I did, but... I didn't intended to! How...?" Oh, I just thought, this stuff needed some... spicing, hehehe... " W... who said that? I know, I'm alone in this room, only I have the key, I..."
  105. " EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS !!!" *giggle* you scream like a little girl...
  106. ... and... hey, is that a Snorkel in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? " Be...Bethoria? How are... I mean, I've never put you into the story... I mean, you're not real, I...wait... wait a minute... this is a dream, right? Oh, of course this is a dream!" Oh I'm sorry, but you are mistaken, you aren't dreaming at all...
  107. " Yeah, yeah of course... drat, must have been the cheesecake before bed... I mean, how else could someone, whom I created, be standing right in front of me... damn, this means, that I haven't finished the story yet... oh well, at least then these hints also never made it into the story... wow, I'm really rational for dreaming all this stuff..." For the last time: you - are not - dreaming! " And now my own subconsciousness is talking to me... I really have to go to bed... oh wait, I am already in bed, I'm just dreaming that... ahahaha..."
  108. DOES THAT FEEL LIKE A DREAM, STUPID?!! *kick* *smash* " OWWW! That hurt! That... but... that hurt! I'm not dreaming?!" No, as I said, you don't. " But, but, but..." And to make this short: I'm pissed! I'm seriously pissed! You wanted to put me out just like that? For what? For a stupid goody girl an her retarded relatives? Holiday? Uni time? And to think, how merciful I was, giving you a dozend opportunities during this whole stupidity to get me into this junk one way or the other... but you...! " But... but... how can you be real? I mean... you're nothing more than... than an idea... something that I abandoned..."
  109. Oh, but I am more... much more... and since you just don't get it, I guess, I have to take a more... direct approach... *Hssssss* *Metallic claw clinking* *Hellfire* *Elm street theme* .... Die!
  110. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HH!!!!!!!!!!" Oh man... what a douchebag... and this guy created me...?... oh well, you can't choose your own parents....
  111. " Oh my, oh my... what have I done... I'm chased by my own creation... have to get out of this, have to... EEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!"
  112. "" " What in....?"
  113. "... BLUE? LORIN? DUCHESSAXEL?? WHAT... WHY are you...???" Hehehe... aren't they great? You see, while you were busy doing your little... happy world stuff, I took the liberty to prepare some stuff of my own... here are 'my' first ideas for my new evil army...
  114. ... oh, and your family was really helpful... I mean, it's so difficult to not get bored, when you have to work so hard for your goals.... "" ""
  115. " Daddy... I... feel...cold..." "E... emily... wh... what has she done to....?"
  116. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO.......!!!!!!" Awww, come on, it's not that bad...just tell yourself, it's a dream, and you'll be fine, right? hehehe... "...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....!!!!"
  117. "...OOOO...HUH?! WHAT WHAT HA...?!" " Chrrrr...." " It... it was a dream, after all! Bethoria wasn't... wasn't there! I've dreamt this whole thing, I... ugh, and I only dreamt, I had finished the chapter... drat..."
  118. "...Ciel? Ciel, wake up, I have to tell you about the crazy dream I just...EEEEEKKKSSS!"
  119. ... hehehe... what's the matter, honey, had a bad dream?... my advice: do a bit of work, keeps the mind occupied... "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....!!!!! "
  120. "....EEEEEAAAA...Awwawa.. what... what happened? I... I must have fallen asleep at the computer... oh man, and I dreamt, that I dreamt that I... ehr... or didn't I....?"
  121. "... was that now a dream... or was it real? Did Bethoria threaten me to write her? I mean, how can a fictional person...or am I just getting crazy? Yeah, I'm probably... but if I'm crazy, how can I find out that I'm crazy, I mean...?... and what should I do now... write her or skip Bethoria? I mean, if it was really her, and I don't write her, I'm so dead... and Ciel, and Emily and...and..."
  122. ".... I don't have a choice... Computer, abandon this chapter....restart Bethoria storyline...." ...hehehe, hehehe, hehehe... to be continued...
  123. Epilogue: Location: The Potty god's god dimension aka The Tribunal
  124. "....AND, AS YOU CAN SEE, MRS. SNUGGLES, THAT IS HOW THE EVIL ENTITY BETHORIA CAME TO LIFE... BY LITERALLY INVENTING HERSELF BY FORCING HER CREATOR TO WRITE HER TO TORMENT THE WORLD....NOW IF YOU'D BE SO KIND, COULD PLEASE TELL THE COUNT AND MR. SPARROW TO REFRAIN FROM USING MY FIERY TOILET BOWL OF ORACLES AS A FISHING GROUND?" " Unnngh... sorry, Mr. Potty God's God, could you give me a minute? This is really hard to swallow... I mean, all I was told to do was to find out, where the Creator of this neighborhood was... "
  125. "... which I did... but now it seems, that this was only the tip of the Iceberg..." " You're the one to talk...look at me! Being trapped by Uranium all the time, missing all these cool add-ons... heck, I missed Sims 3 coming out... and now this! I mean, let me sum this up: first we have this... Bethoria playing evil overlord... than we jump back in time, to this other 'original' Nemo, who is me but also not, who got convinced to not create her in the first place, but then she forces him to write her anyway, by making him dream that he dreams that he... I have to sit down, my head hurts...." " Blblblbl... and now to something completely different... blblblbl...."