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Managing Enterprise Content: Solutions that Fit Your Unique Needs

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Our framework enables the management of information assets across an organization, and ties in relevant components and technologies. This could be Electronic Document Management, Electronic Records Management, Workflow, Business Process Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration and Digital Asset Management.

RADcube Enterprise Content Management provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud platforms, creating a highly connected and digital workplace. It offers a robust US DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around management of records.

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Managing Enterprise Content: Solutions that Fit Your Unique Needs

  1. 1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  2. 2. 2Enterprise Content Management Overview DesignStrategy Development & Testing Support & Maintenance Service Offerings Tools & Technology • ECM and Governance Strategy • Business Assessment • Technology Assessment • Readiness Assessment • ECM Roadmap & Assessments • Platform Migration Strategy • ECM Solution Architecture & Design • Business Process & Workflow Design • Metadata & Information Architecture Design • Content Migration • Functional Prototyping • ECM Solution Configuration & Development • Infrastructure Development • Application Integration & Development • Solution Deployment & Testing • Support Services • Release Management • Operations Management • Maintenance & Product Upgrades • Legacy Migrations Accelerators Decision Accelerator Tool s(DATs) ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Validation Accelerator Tools (VATs)
  3. 3. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 3 3 ECM Tools Our ECM system implementation and validation practice focuses on rapid deployment, improved quality and reduced / risk-based validations for all of our engagements. We achieve this through: Risk-based approach to validation Validation Accelerator Tools (VATs) for most standard ECM platforms Experience Validation Accelerator Tools ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. 4. 4 4 NotificationsFile management ReportingRecords management SearchesSystem access and security Validation Accelerator Tools – Our Difference Electronic signatures Audit trails PrintingDocument versioning Workflows Each VAT lists requirements and tests for core and common system functionality and can be leveraged to build the validation documentation suite. The RADCube VATs can decrease both validation time and validation costs by 50%, as well as provide for faster implementation time and better system performance. Among the common functionality (modules) covered in our ECM VATs are: The VATs difference ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 5 5 Digital Marketing Increased Manageability and Efficiency Managing the end-to-end lifecycle of diverse data content can be costly and time consuming in terms of IT resources. In addition, central IT groups have difficulty protecting information assets and sensitive documents from unauthorized access. The Decision Accelerator Tools will demonstrate how you can minimize risk and reduce IT costs and complexity by empowering users to manage their data content. Dedicated and Determined to Deliver RADCube’s experienced consultants bring knowledge gathered from successful. Our technological expertise combined with keen understanding of the business world gives us the necessary skills to help you evaluate how an Enterprise Content Management solution from RADCube can meet crucial business requirements. Enterprise Content Management Decision Accelerator Tools (DATs) from RADCube Services helps you: Ensure increased quality of implementation Gain confidence in the solution Addressing of specific concerns and issues surrounding the proof of concept Best practices, breadth of experience, and knowledgeable consultants from RADCube Support your business vision.Evaluate the solution in your test environment. Tools Infographic ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. 6 6 AlignmentProcess DepthContent/metadata IT ExpertiseBusiness Expertise EMC Maturity Assessment ScopeFindability SecurityBreadth Re-useGovernance Usability Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level. Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level keep growing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In in tortor in urna dolor pulvinar blandit aliquam dolor nulla. EMC Dimesons ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. 7 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Sums of Rating Sum of Median Rating Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level. EMC Assessment Output AlignmentProcess DepthContent/metadata IT ExpertiseBusiness Expertise ScopeFindability SecurityBreadth Re-useGovernance Usability ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. 8 • HCR • OCR • Document Imagining • Form Processing • Web • Aggregation Preserve Archive Types • Optical • Film • Paper Delivery • XML • PDF • Syndication • PKI • Digital Signatures Capture Manage What are the tools and techniques for the contents around an organization and monitoring those tools performance ECM Implementation Strategy Store • Repositories • Library Services • Technologies Web Internet Paper Fax Mobile • NAS/SAN • CAS • Office Document • Form • Rich Media • ERP • E-billing • Financial Application ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. 9. 9 Phase 1 Planning Requirements Phase 2 Sourcing Contract Management Phase 3 Design Phase 4 Build & Test Phase 5 Transition/ Deploy Phase 6 Post Implementation Vision Mission Charter Business Case High level Requirements Project Approach Scoping Change Management Risk Quality Governance ECM Research Tender Vendor SelectionDemo Vendor Selection Contract As-Is-To-Be Detailed User Requirement Fit/Gap Analysis Prototyping Taxonomy Creation Content Audit Risk/QA Process Audit Solution Build Training Testing Document Workflows Customize Migration Security User Acceptance Risk/QA Go/ No Go Criteria Cutover ECM Rollout Final Client Appetence Documentation Post Implementation Review Risk/Issue Register Close Sign off system to Operation Customer Feedback Scope Governance High Level Requirement Stakeholder Maps/ Audits Tender Vendor Selected Contract Management Blueprint IA Design Prototype Models Blue & Technology Framework Milestone Test Scenario Training Documents Transition Plan Workshops Application and Systems Lesson Learned Report Sign off ECM system to Operation Benefit Realized MajorActivitiesOutputs ECM Implementation Roadmap ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. to improve that process to increase efficiency and accountability.. • Integration with Multiple Legacy Applications Requires Little Training, High End-User Adoption. • Provide the ability to continue use the GIS map as the main vehicle to facilitate work. • Avoided capital expenditures for new construction of government buildings • Increased efficiency for routing of documents between geographically distributed sites • Increased efficiency in reduction of duplicate processes by integrating existing line-of business applications with one central document repository • Reduced requests for documents and information from government workers due to availability of documents from internet based GIS maps Client Challenges STLogics Role ECM Case StudyDocuments Instantly Accessible from GIS Maps for Workers, Constituents Client Deliverables ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. • To improve their process to increase efficiency and accountability. • To develop a solution that would provide document imaging and workflow, support remote access, and develop a platform that would allow AP Clerks to work from home offices. • Invoice processing reduced from two weeks to two days • Validation tools improve data accuracy • Workflow logs provide unprecedented insight into employee performance • Automatic matching of invoices and checks saves 40 man-hours a week • Improved auditing capability • Supports secure remote access for home-based employees • XML support saves valuable disk space Client Challenges STLogics Role ECM Case Study County Revamps AP Processing Client Deliverables ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. • Looking for a solution to complete its mature EMR and accelerate business processes • To develop a solution that connects the departments’ systems and processes to each other to improve patient care and save money. Patient Care • Completely electronic medical record for each patient • Improves patient care with immediate access to medical records from any of its facilities Business Processes • Estimated annual labor savings of $517,000 by eliminating the paper filing system • Annual savings of $145,000 in the Hospital Business Office (HBO) Centralizes Disparate Information • Associates EMR to multiple documents relating to an episode of care Client Challenges STLogics Role ECM Case Study Connecting patient information across a healthcare organization Client Deliverables ©2016 RADCUBE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  13. 13. Our Offices Indiana: 9449 Priority Way West Dr. Suite#110 Indianapolis, IN 46240 Phone: (317) 845-5326 Massachusetts: 1245 Hancock Street, Suite #28 Quincy, MA 02169 Phone: (617) 231-7200 North Carolina: 501 Liberty Rose Dr. Suite #4 Morrisville, NC 27560 Phone: (919) 267-1919 Website: | Fax: 1 866 - 896 - 0246 | Email: