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RealGrade 5.0

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Useability Evaluation

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RealGrade 5.0

  1. 1. RealGrade 5.0 Overview Usability Result Evaluation For Purpose RealGrade 5.0 Advantage Done By: The Abdullah(65482) & Khalid(68694) Limitation audience
  2. 2. RealGrade 5.0 overview Overview Real Grade 5.0 is a full-featured grading Result application designed by a university instructor to help faculty score, grade and report students' academic activates and exams quickly and Purpose efficiently based on the University grading scale. Advantage Real Grade 5.0 automates the tasks involved in documenting, managing, calculating and reporting grades, and provides a number of The functions to produce attendance reports and Limitation audience course statistics useful in evaluating student performance and communicating results to students and administrators more effectively.
  3. 3. RealGrade 5.0 The purpose of This Software Overview Result Purpose •To evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and Advantage satisfaction of RealGrade 5.0 software. The Limitation audience
  4. 4. RealGrade 5.0 Overview The audience Result SQU teacher use this Software •To Assigning, calculating, documenting and reporting students' grades at SQU. Purpose Advantage The Limitation audience
  5. 5. RealGrade 5.0 Feedback effectiveness efficiency Satisfaction Overview Result RealGrade 5.0 RealGrade 5.0 SQU teachers helps SQU are the like This teachers keep simplicity and application Purpose records up to flexibility that Advantage because They date, and improve can adapt it to communicates instructors their college. It grades to grading can students, performance. The accommodate Limitation advisors and audience any situation SIS more effectively.
  6. 6. RealGrade 5.0 Advantages •Full integration with SQU SIS, from importing Overview students' information to online grade submission. Result •Support normal letter GS (A-F) and special GS (FW, P, IX…). •Qualitative grading and commenting on students' Purpose scores and activities. Advantage •Password-protected gradebook for maximum security. •Student attendance tracking tool with absence The warning indicators. Limitation audience •Built in e-mail functions for communicating students' grades on assignments
  7. 7. RealGrade 5.0 limitations Overview Result Not to the application it self but more limitation related to personal facts of faculty desire / acceptance to use the application. Purpose Advantage The Limitation audience