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The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines Iowa is a Historic Masonry and Fountain Restoration Company Des Moines Iowa specializes in all types of masonry brick repair, masonry restoration, fountain installation, water features designs Iowa. Whether being a simple problem when tuckpointing can complete the repair to complicated masonry rebuilds. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers/ Masonry Restoration Company Des Moines Iowa / Water Features Designs Des Moines Iowa has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of rebuild.

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  2. 2. Our company, The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers are a group of dedicated master craftsmen with nearly 30 years of combined experience in all areas of masonry. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of natural stone fireplaces, staircases, commissioned pieces and the restoration and conservation of existing stone features. At The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers we have a firm belief in combining traditional methods of masonry with new techniques to achieve the highest of standards and to meet principles of fantastic design and aesthetics. We can produce stonework distinguished by its clean lines and elegant proportions or by introducing high levels of intricate details.
  3. 3. We take enormous pride in the fact that we are involved in the preservation of some of our country's finest historic sites. This pride and enthusiasm echoes throughout our workforce, resulting in a level of craftsmanship rarely seen in these times. The repair, conservation and restoration of our precious heritage demands the highest standard of workmanship and the most suitable methods and materials to be selected for each individual task. All the products we use are natural building materials and in keeping with the original fabric. Our traditional lime mortars, lime mortar repairs and lime renders can be used in conjunction with modern fixing techniques to create a finish which is both sympathetic to the existing masonry yet durable enough to withstand the elements for many more years to come.
  4. 4. SERVICES • Stonemasonry • Masonry and Building Restoration • Historic Fountain Restoration • New Build • Ecclesiastical • Stone Cladding • Facade Cleaning • Specialist Pointing • Stone Carving • Stone Repairs & Renders • Stone Walling • Related Services (Scaffolding access , Traditional Leadwork , Timber and roofing repairs , Brickwork and blockwork , Painting and decoration , Stained Glass Services )
  5. 5. If you feel that any of the services we provide may be of interest to you then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss any ideas with you regarding current or up and coming projects. CALLS US AT 816-500-4198 *All operatives on our approved contractor list have been hand picked for their capabilities and work to the same impeccable standards as us.
  6. 6. Visit our FOUNTAIN / MASONRY RESTORATION / LANDSCAPE photo gallery. For more information on the quality of the material we utilize in our restoration work, CHECK this link: Artificers-1555585914759953/?fref=ts
  7. 7. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers is an operated business which provides high quality masonry and fountain service in the state of Arkansas, Nebraska, Des Moines IA, Memphis TN, Nashville TN, Denver Co, Oklahoma City, Springfield IL, Dallas TX, Florida and entire Midwest region. Our commitment to quality and a standard of excellence on every level is the foundation the company has been built upon. Our skilled and conscientious craftsmen specialize in the historic repair, renovation, replication and restoration of any structure we are contracted to work on. CALL US FOR CONSULTATIONS AND ESTIMATE: 816-500-4198