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Mellowcabs unido sustainable_transport_and_mobility_for_cities_workshop_neil_dupreez_20170330

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization's Low Carbon Transport Project hosted a workshop seminar on sustainable transport and mobility for cities in Durban on the 30th of March 2017. This workshop was presented with the aim of highlighting the benefits of using electrified mobility powered by renewable energy. The objectives of the workshop included: Enlightening members of the sustainable transport fraternity in South Africa; sharing the current policy developments for sustainable transport use and operations; discussing the environmental benefits of including electric vehicles in South Africa’s transportation modal mix; offering insights to the various types of transport modes available and those suitable for city commuting and public services; proposing methods to include green vehicles into local government fleets; discussing the possibilities of converting a fleet to electric drive vehicles through other initiatives; demonstrating macroeconomic factors to better understand how the introduction of electrified transport modes could add value to the economy of the city and South Africa at large.

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Mellowcabs unido sustainable_transport_and_mobility_for_cities_workshop_neil_dupreez_20170330

  1. 1. I’m Neil du Preez, from Mellowcabs
  2. 2. Problem Statement 80% of all urban vehicle trips are shorter than 4km’s. Access to urban areas are becoming limited to fuel-burning and large vehicles, with full-on bans expected within 10 years. The demand for home-delivery has grown exponentially, delivery has not evolved. 23% of all carbon emissions are from urban transport.
  3. 3. Market Opportunity • Three-wheel Rickshaw's make 229 million taxi passenger trips per day in India. UITP • “Small personal vehicles running on clean energy would be the key.” Business Insider • “The Future of Electric Vehicles Is Golf Carts, Not Tesla” Harvard Business Review
  4. 4. A Real, Road-Legal Electric Vehicle
  5. 5. Low-cost, Efficient and Emissions-free
  6. 6. Capable in Terms of Acceleration, Range and Speed
  7. 7. Road legal Internationally
  8. 8. Class-leading Safety Features
  9. 9. Adaptable to Multiple Roles
  10. 10. Designed and Manufactured in South Africa
  11. 11. Multiple Revenue Lines
  12. 12. Prototyping &Road Testing Completed
  13. 13. Removable, Protective Doors
  14. 14. Two Versions Passenger model Cargo model
  15. 15. • Lower operating cost per kilometre. • Significantly less maintenance costs and downtime. • Added revenue streams in branding • Possible special lane usage • Higher operating efficiency • Better geographical area penetration (closed areas, pedestrian zones) • Modular adaptability Mellowcabs Advantages
  16. 16. Passenger Model • Co-operation agreement with Uber, both in South Africa and internationally. • Both on passenger and Uber Eats. • We retain ownership, earn commission on fares and deliveries. • Confirmed projects with Uber in South Africa, India and Sweden.
  17. 17. Cargo Model Superb branding opportunities Modular and Bespoke cargo bin
  18. 18. • E-commerce and the demand for home-delivery has grown exponentially in recent years, an integral part of the process, delivery, has not evolved. • 26 % Annual Global E-commerce growth rate in 2016. • 28 % of Transportation costs incur at the last mile. • Large trucks are difficult to navigate on narrow streets, parking them is almost impossible. • The constant stop/start cycle dramatically shortens the life of critical components, like the starter motor. • Major cities around the world are beginning to charge congestion taxes and limiting access to city centres. Urban Delivery is at a Crossroads 16 Delivery vehicles, 17 Yellow taxis
  19. 19. Superb Branding Opportunities
  20. 20. Corporate and Academic Support • E.ON (Complete Charging Solutions) • Intel (on-board computer, telematics, development) • Stellenbosch University (development of complete drive system) • Ansys (product development simulation tools) • Technical University Denmark (low-speed EV lab) • uYilo e-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme (development co-funding)
  21. 21. True Internet of Things Connectivity. • Secure in-vehicle payments • The IoT allows objects to be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure • Improved efficiency, accuracy and financial benefit. • Data streams from an array of vehicle buses • Securely aggregate, filter, and analyse data in the vehicle • Trend data to drivers, fleet managers, insurance companies etc.
  22. 22. Confirmed Operating Agreements: • Uber (South Africa and International) • Bubblepost (Belgium) • Happymoov (France) • City of Antwerpen (Belgium) • DHL (South Africa)
  23. 23. Uber Sweden  Mellowcab pilot of 40-50 vehicles  Pilot Summer 2018 in Stockholm  Both on Passenger and cargo delivery  We retain ownership, earn commission on fares and deliveries
  24. 24. DHL South Africa  Pilot Q2 2017 in Cape Town  Last mile cargo delivery  Two shifts per day, 40-50 km range per shift. Hour re-pack time
  25. 25. Uber India  Uber has enormous volume in India, and is growing exponentially  350 000 vehicles, 1,6 Billion USD in funding  Mellowcab pilot of 150 vehicles  Pilot third-quarter 2017  Demand for 1000 units/per annum -willing to commit  5-Year lease agreement system with drivers  Advertising handled by the biggest agency in India
  26. 26. Happymoov France  Official transport partner, COP21 in Paris  18 cities in France  Over 300 vehicles currently  Replace fleet with Mellowcabs  Paid pilot project signed for Lille and Paris
  27. 27. Bubblepost Belgium  Active in over 20 cities in Belgium and Netherlands  Delivers over 4000 packages per day  Lease agreement on cargo delivery vehicles signed  We retain ownership, earn lease and advertising income
  28. 28. Antwerpen City  Signed agreement, to implement 10 vehicles, scaling up gradually  Subsidised by Antwerpen  Advertising agreements have been established
  29. 29. International Awards Received • Winner of the International Smart Cities category of the Challenge Cup, supported by the US Chamber of Commerce (Washington DC) • Winner of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Solver Competition • Finalist in the African Innovation Award • Winner of the African Entrepreneurship Award • Winner of the U-Start Africa competition • Winner of Johannesburg Green City Start-up • Top 3 finalist in the Global Innovation Challenge • Forbes Magazine: 7 most Innovative companies in Africa
  30. 30. Team • Neil du Preez B.Sc Env Management- Founder • Ernie Aylward B.Eng Mechanical Engineering- Engineering lead • Bartho Horn -M.Sc. Mechatronic Eng.– Battery Pack & BMS • Benoit de Backer- Masters in Applied Economics-European Representative • Abongile Mzileni –Electrical Technician • Heinrich Raats - M.Sc. Mechatronic Eng. • Sonja Brits- M.Sc. Mechatronic Eng. • Dana Pretorius - Chartered accountant (SA) • Ideso / Marc Ruwiel (design lead) • Cinevation / Karen Bailey (advertising)
  31. 31. Project Status • Road-testing of prototypes now • Final pre-production • Pilot fleet of 40 to be launched in SA Q2, 2017