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Keynote: Russ Wilson - UXPA 2015

Keynote from Russ Wilson at UXPA 2015

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Keynote: Russ Wilson - UXPA 2015

  1. 1. Career Experiences and how they’ve helped achieve more success in design Russell Wilson Partner, Head of Design Microsoft Business Intelligence
  2. 2. 1984: Alston’s Produce
  3. 3. Empathy Think like your customers to design great products Think like your management to invest your resources wisely Think like the people you manage to create an environment for success Think like your peers to collaborate for great outcomes
  4. 4. 1992: SAMRUS
  5. 5. $0 in bank with large debt Alone in a warehouse full of wheels 6 weeks later  commitment for $1.4M contract No call center experience Hired two developers… then four more Successfully delivered the ICC Project!
  6. 6. Salesmanship You must learn how to sell your designs You must learn how influence other roles WIIFM? (salesmanship + empathy) WIIFE? (“What’s in it for engineering?”) WIIFPM? (“What’s in it for product management?”)
  7. 7. Tenacity If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way Successful people overcome obstacles
  8. 8. 1993: ALVE
  9. 9. Great idea (UER™)  raised $2m seed New BOD  “Need a grey hair CEO” Options were slimy Failed to raise $12M Series A anyway Shutdown…
  10. 10. Integrity First determine what your values are (Who do you admire?) Then, don’t compromise them
  11. 11. 2005: NetQoS
  12. 12. CEO convinced me to run “Product Design” 30 people  300 4 designers Awarded “Best in Class” for Customer Satisfaction Sold to CA Technologies for $200M
  13. 13. Accountability Own it Formulate solutions to problems – Fix it No excuses!
  14. 14. Team Most important investment Nurture Focus on potential and culture Can they do the job, do they want to do the job, can I work with them? Do not tolerate brilliant jerks
  15. 15. 2009: CA Technologies
  16. 16. Started as VP of User Experience Skunkworks project  Promotion to SVP 3 CEO’s and 9 bosses in 3 years
  17. 17. Top-down Support Without it, you will not succeed Align on design strategy and expectations: innovation? incremental? Fund to achieve real goals
  18. 18. 2013: IBM
  19. 19. Head of Mobile Innovation Lab + First IBM Design Executive Represented IBM Design in IBM + Apple relationship Head of Design for IBM’s largest software group 0  32 designers and engineers in 5 months 10 apps in 10mos IBM Design Thinking
  20. 20. Stanford / IDEO What we added Hills Playbacks Sponsor Users
  21. 21. Governance Easier to define process than to enforce – Governance The right process for the right goals – innovation vs. incremental Building in “time to think”
  22. 22. Collaboration Easier for some than others  imperative in large organizations Requires well-defined roles and responsibilities Collaboration != Consensus
  23. 23. 2014: Microsoft
  24. 24. January to June: 7  38 staff Creative + Prototyping + Research + Content Dev Prototype as spec Adopted concept of Hills No engineering investment until design sign-off PM owns what – Design owns how – Engineering makes it real
  25. 25. Plan PM drives Design provides input into objectives Specify Hills and Release Plan Design Design drives Design Thinking process Prototype as spec Create HLD – key workflows / main intent Build Engineering drives Agile / iterative Design works through detailed design and changes
  26. 26. Role Breakdown (within Design Studio) Role Breakdown (across BI org)
  27. 27. Empathy Salesmanship Tenacity Integrity Accountability Team Top down Governance Collaboration
  28. 28.