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UX STRAT Online 2021 Presentation by Veena Sonwalkar, frog

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UX STRAT Online 2021 Presentation by Veena Sonwalkar, frog

  1. 1. Crowdsource, outsource, but just do research… Practical tips to do research during the pandemic in India VEENA SONWALKAR DEC 2021
  3. 3. India passed through a deadly second wave this year… Image source:
  4. 4. However, we designers had to continue to build products which will help users in the crisis and make their lives better.
  5. 5. But connecting to users remotely is complicated, esp. in a country like India Image source:
  6. 6. Recruiting users itself is tough Recruiting lower income or marginal groups who do not have online or social media presence may be difficult Image source:
  7. 7. Users are skeptical of outsiders entering their homes or workspaces during the pandemic Image source:
  8. 8. Many of the users may use internet only on their phone
  9. 9. They may not have a smartphone
  10. 10. ‘Zoom’ may be completely unheard of…and forget asking them to open remote testing tools
  11. 11. Internet is still very expensive Internet is still a luxury for many. Many kids had to drop out of school due to this. In this context talking to users was all the more difficult.
  12. 12. They have ‘power cuts’ Most Indians have unreliable power supply with an average of 3 hours per day without power. So they may not be able to charge their phones or access their computers if they do have one.
  13. 13. Here are few ways you can do research during the pandemic…
  14. 14. 14 Here are three ways you can look at… Entirely remote Crowdsource Outsource
  15. 15. Remote Model
  16. 16. Traditional remote testing • Works well with urban or middle class Indians/Asians • Cheaper • Safer
  17. 17. ‘WhatsApp’ Research • Helps understand user’s context/environment • Helps get a diverse representation of users, esp. from the lower income levels and smaller towns in a country like India
  18. 18. Users are familiar with WhatsApp than Zoom
  19. 19. WhatsApp help users provide a tour of their surroundings WhatsApp can be used for video calls as well as to understand the context where users live. It’s easier to carry a phone and show their home than with a laptop
  20. 20. 20 frog for XYZ / © confidential 2020. Participant fallacy Limiting Observer effect There are still shortcomings…
  21. 21. Crowdsourcing Model
  22. 22. Hire local guides who can talk to users while you observe Need not be designers or design researchers
  23. 23. Empower local guides on the ground to do research for you - Train researchers to do it on your behalf
  24. 24. Create tools to help them do the research for you
  25. 25. Warm up & Obtain consent Strike a conversation to make the participants feel comfortable. You need to collect consent before starting the interview. Observe the location When you reach the location, observe the home or shop. Also observe the street and surroundings. Connect with frog team frog team would like to be able to listen in to the interview so we can take our own notes and to be available if you have any questions you can’t answer.
  26. 26. However, ensure you are overseeing and guiding them - Observe them and derive insights
  27. 27. • You need to understand user’s context and a representative needs to be at their home • Language barrier • Gaining trust with users esp. In the covid environment • Test physical prototypes This method is useful when…
  28. 28. Workshops Surveys 28 Diarystudies Other crowdsourcing methods…
  29. 29. Outsourcing Model
  30. 30. Hire agencies or recruiters who can do research on your behalf
  31. 31. Practical Tips
  32. 32. Localguide’snetwork Socialmedia 32 Friends&Family Tap your network for recruiting participants as traditional methods may not work during the pandemic
  33. 33. Arrange to speak to someone in their home Obtain consent to talk to them and record Introduce yourself and observe their location Ask thoughtful questions and listen closely Discuss about their requirements related to the product Show them pictures of the product and ask for feedback Take photo/notes and share them with the frog team Plan the session well in advance and with the local guide
  34. 34. Think of alternate methods and don’t give up!
  35. 35. THANK YOU
  36. 36. Thanks to photos from: Suman Meena Swati Minz