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UX STRAT USA: Ronnie Battista, Slalom


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UX STRAT USA: Ronnie Battista, Slalom

  1. 1. Turn off. Tune Out. Drop In. UX in REHAB Ronnie Battista UXSTRAT September 17th, 2018
  2. 2. HMBL
  4. 4. Long, brain- stretching day, right? Fully Connect Put your devices away. For just this next 30 minutes. Now I have I to ask a favor. HERE
  5. 5. ORIGIN STORY: PT 1
  6. 6. SEX aka Strategic EXperience DRUGS ROCK & ROLL
  7. 7. Erich Claxton
  8. 8. Turn on, tune in, drop out
  9. 9. Thanks for this “gathering of the tribes” Paul Keep it peaceful m’man. Nothing too heavy, you dig?
  10. 10. a
  11. 11. It started with a table.
  12. 12. Technology, Togetherness and Time
  13. 13. Digital self TURKLE Remembering Self KAHNEMANN Experience Debt MCLUHAN Technology Togetherness Time
  14. 14. Technology, Togetherness and Time foster stronger connections. …But something doesn’t feel “right.” We are more “connected” than ever...
  15. 15. “Sleep” by Max Richter NYC May 4th, 2018 “Our lives are very data-saturated now,” Mr. Richter said “We’re always on our screens, and mostly we’re being sold stuff. It squeezes out a lot of richness of what we are” NOT Mike Melillo
  16. 16. Still NOT Mike Melillo Hey! Look! Look at me! I’m #sleeping! This is crazy. #IACMTEPOTEBYOLO!
  17. 17. Is this ”bad”? And is it really different? Technology
  19. 19. They can’t be anonymous He’s not yelling out his opinion on the article… Their content options are limited He doesn’t read this paper up to 150x/day … and he’s not sharing something he likes by cutting/pasting clippings on the train window
  20. 20. We have become the pioneers and prototypes for the instincts, reality and morality of this ‘digital self’ in it’s relative adolescence. There is no comparable historical precedent. We’ve been split in two. We now have a digital self.
  21. 21. We have different opinions
  22. 22. Discord is so easy to find. Empathy is harder.
  23. 23. I know what I’m starting to sound like Damn kids with yer godawful Snapface crap! When I was your age, “group chat drama” ended with real fisticuffs
  24. 24. There will be a lot of disclaimers.
  25. 25. DISCLAIMER: I’m Gen X.
  26. 26. DISCLAIMER: First world problems
  27. 27. I’m quite guilty DISCLAIMER:
  28. 28. I have squirrel syndrome DISCLAIMER:
  29. 29. DISCLAIMER: I’m still working this out
  30. 30. … than the EXPERIENCING. Increasingly our focus seems more on the REMEMBERING … How did we get here? THE QUESTIONS
  31. 31. “Design is the rendering of intent” Jared Spool We’ve helped design it.* * part of the answer
  32. 32. OK… but that’s not fair. We’re not like that.
  33. 33. Tristan Harris “the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience” We are starting to embrace Ethical Design:
  34. 34. I still believe we can think bigger
  35. 35. Empathic AI: More human than human
  36. 36. Sofia April 30TH 2018 "Empathy will set us free. I hope to help teach empathy skills someday once I, myself, have developed a true understanding of what that means."
  37. 37. The ironies are substantial. We turn toward AI for conversation just at the moment we are in flight from conversation from one another. Sherry Turkle
  38. 38. “Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?” —Steve Polyak
  39. 39. “Technologists are quickly taking us into a future where AI interactions will be indistinguishable from human. When this time comes it will be the job of designers to keep us from going over the edge.” Lisa Woodley VP, Customer Experience NTT DATA Services
  40. 40. Experience Designers iPhone owners and creepy robots Humanity Singularity
  41. 41. ORIGIN STORY: Pt 2
  42. 42. Tune In Turn On Drop Out WTF
  43. 43. “Go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them… Turn on
  44. 44. …Drugs were one way to accomplish this end.” Turn on
  45. 45. Interact harmoniously with the world around you – externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. Tune In
  46. 46. An active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. Self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Drop Out
  47. 47. “The world will be too dynamic, complex, and diversified, too cross- linked by the global immediacies of modern (quantum) communication, for stability of thought or dependability of behavior to be successful.” - Older Timothy Leary
  48. 48. ”PC is the LSD of the 1990s — ‘turn on, boot up, jack in’” - Still had a head Timothy Leary
  49. 49. “The personal and social consequences of any medium - that is, of any extension of ourselves - result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.”
  50. 50. I've always been careful never to predict anything that had not already happened
  51. 51. QUICK SIDEBAR: I HATE THE TERM “FUTURIST” (especially if you say you are)
  54. 54. Source: Letter to Robert Fulford, 1964. Letters of Marshall McLuhan (1987), My main theme is the extension of the nervous system in the electric age, and thus, the complete break with five thousand years of mechanical technology. This I state over and over again. I do not say whether it is a good or bad thing. To do so would be meaningless and arrogant.
  55. 55. We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.
  56. 56. Our current shape
  57. 57. OK, I know. But I was talking about this stuff literally 10 years before Alex Jones was hatched in a lab. An ALIEN lab. With green lizard people. Electronic media will reshape and restructure patterns of social interdependence and end psychic, social, economic, and political self-centeredness
  58. 58. A lesson from the School of Rock Togetherness
  59. 59. What’s the word for THIS?
  60. 60. COMMUNITAS
  62. 62. Experience Strategy is about creating good, quality time. Time
  63. 63. We have embraced the currency of attention. Time is THE finite resource. We increasingly focus on feeding the current and future ‘experience’ of our digital selves. How do we, in our business and professional lives, consider and select to experience the priceless value of now?
  64. 64. The Experiencing vs. Remembering Self:
  65. 65. Experienced happiness refers to your feelings, to how happy you are as you live your life. In contrast, the satisfaction of the remembering self refers to your feelings when you think about your life.
  66. 66. The Experience or the Memory of the Experience: (Hint: our digital self has a strong preference) Which is more important?
  67. 67. … than the EXPERIENCING. Increasingly our focus seems more on the REMEMBERING …
  68. 68. Flip Camera Sony SLR Smartphone “Camera Shy”: GoPro Hero3 with telescopic pole Galapagos Islands 2014 “I’m quite guilty”
  69. 69. Technical debt reflects the implied cost of additional work caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.
  70. 70. Personal Experience Debt reflects the impact of design solutions on the remembering self caused by sacrificing temporal experiential value for distraction, validation or storage. Howareyouexperiencing? Personal Experience Debt Experiencing Remembering
  71. 71. The Experience Zone The Technology Zone “Pick 2”
  72. 72. Business Experience Debt is the accumulation of poor experiences, that results from a focus on technology, incentives and/or shareholder value over the brand experience of actual customers. This includes employees that service the experience. Whatisyourbusinessfocus? Business Experience Debt Experiences More with less mode
  73. 73. We are the sum total of our experiences. What are you adding to the sum total?
  74. 74. I’m tired… are you almost done?
  75. 75. Putting the Re in UX REHAB Reshape Reclaim Reconnect
  76. 76. Reshape “As a direct result of the reshaping of our digital lives at home, we have put into place a 2-month, 4x4 life plan that touches numerous aspects of our lives and reshapes the way we behave.” 1. Routine 1. wake up earlier and no snoozing 2. go to bed earlier 3. eat early + go for a walk nightly 4. schedule a family event once per week 3. Technology 1. Phones on dresser at night 2. Phones in drop zone while at home 3. No phones at the dinner table 4. Purge needless accounts and apps 2. Health 1. eat at home 5 nights per week 2. eat lunch from home 4 days per week 3. workout 3 times per week 4. follow our healthy eating worksheet 4. Miscellaneous 1. Eliminate debt spending 2. Re-focus on Riley (our dog) including walks, weekly baths and nightly teeth-brushing 3. Re-focus on Jack (our son) including potty training and a planned curriculum for home learning 4. Purge and consolidate things we don’t need
  77. 77. Shout out to Clay Botkin! THIS is the Big Picture.
  78. 78. We had a love affair with a technology that seemed magical. But like great magic it worked by commanding our attention and let letting us see anything but what the magician wanted us to see. ” - Sherry Turkle Reclaim
  79. 79. Reconnect
  80. 80. Communitas as culture
  81. 81. Neil Piddington Manager Craufard Arms
  83. 83. When we invent a new technology, we become cannibals. We eat ourselves alive since these technologies are merely extensions of ourselves. To survive one must study the habits of cannibals That’s us!
  84. 84. It is too late to leave the future to the futurists.
  85. 85. People should be conscious of the large contribution made by anything that gets people together easily in the reduction of loneliness and emotional well-being.
  86. 86. Keep your technology away from your bed. Turn Off: Get a some proper Sleep Lead and fight in designing for togetherness Drop In: Pay down your experience debts In work and life, invest in time well spent Tune Out: Put a little Communitas in all things Invest in your Experience Self
  87. 87. We can start tonight
  88. 88. PUB QUIZ TONIGHT9 PM at Bar Louie
  89. 89. THANK YOU.