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  2. Legal Disclaimer UkboyToken is a community project and its token is not a security. UkboyToken World is not a company and is not registered under federal or state laws. All humans as individuals or as group may interact with our products and services unless otherwise restricted by laws in their jurisdictions and will use them only for lawful dealings . Big and long-term projects require high level of commitment, planning and are time consuming. All that is described herein is not final. It may be reviewed and amended from time to time. By interacting with our products and services, you are accepting this presentation as is. Forward-looking statements: Words like "will", "may", "project", "can", "capable", "believe", "schedule", "continue" and "prediction" are used in this presentation to serve as forward-looking statements. Meaning that, the actions they are tied to are future possible events that are willingly and does not mean promise, declaration, warranty, completeness, validity, correctness, reliability or financial advice of any kind as part or the whole may change at any time without prior notice. All value gained from the project by you remain yours and non of the project's team, staffs, investors, community or partners will be held liable for any loss that may arise in any of your interactions with the project and its provisions. 1
  3. Introduction Poverty alleviation has since been a tool to ease human livelihood and different governments, charity organizations, projects, individuals and groups have been making attempts for several decades in this regard. The advent of blockchain technology have brought the emergence of projects inline with Universal Basic Income (UBI) to reduce the adverse effects of poverty within their scope. Few attempts succeeded and many could not see the light of the day. UkboyToken project however, is taking a new dimension in achieving similar goal and in a wider scope. Technology however, is everyday evolving with the ever increasing human population leaving some people outdated in their endeavors or completely out of their businesses and productions. Naturally, creatures are interdependent. The large gap and inadequacy of interactions between the rich and the poor has left the universe in a big mess. This is why the rich ones are thinking of a fictional life in the Metaverse while the poor remain helpless and hopeless. Although the need to enhance old ways of doing things is always at forefront, the need to engage the poor to cope with the trends thereby helping them in creating new things cannot be overstretched. 2
  4. What is UkboyToken? UkboyToken (UKBT) is the native and utility token of the UkboyToken World. It is the major power source of the ecosystem and will be utilized in most of the products and services. UkboyToken is designed to make everyone busy and productive and it brings closer the rich and the poor by bridging the gap between them for the world to be much more livable. 3
  5. 4 The project is aimed at alleviating poverty in human world and improving productivity through blockchain technology.
  6. Name UkboyToken Symbol UKBT Supply 10q Decimals 18 Token Info Token Economics 5 2% 15% 10% 20% 5% 3% 5% 5% 20% 15% UKBT Tokenomics Airdrop IDO Liquidity U Foundation Partnership Multi-Chain U Marketplace UKBT Pay Team Reserve
  7. Project Found ✔️ Core Team Gather ✔️ SLP Token Creation ✔️ Website Development ✔️ Community Development ✔️ Website Launch ✔️ Move to Polygon Network ✔️ First Community Airdrop ✔️ DEX Test ✔️ Faucet Deployment and Launch ✔️ Refer To Earn ✔️ Launch ✔️ Second Community Airdrop ✔️ IDO ✔️ Official Launch ✔️ Buy Back ✔️ First CEX Listing ✔️ Charity and Business Partnerships ✔️ U Foundation Launch ✔️ U Foundation Initiative ✔️ Multi-Chain Supply ✔️ U NFT ✔️ U Marketplace Development ✔️ UKBT Pay Development ✔️ Products and Services ✔️ Merchants/Buye rs Onboarding ✔️ UKBT Pay Test ✔️ U Wallet Development ✔️ U Marketplace Launch ✔️ UKBT Pay Launch ✔️ Businesses Integrate UKBT Pay ✔️ U Wallet Launch ✔️ U Chain Testnet Development ✔️ U Chain Testnet Launch ✔️ Developers/Proj ects Deploy On Testnet ✔️ U Chain Mainnet Development ✔️ U Chain Mainnet Launch ✔️ Developers/Proj ects Deploy On Mainnet ✔️ Development Continue ✔️ Achieved Milestone ✔️ Ongoing Milestone ✔️ Future Milestone ✔️ 6
  8. • Real World Utility • Strong Team • Fixed Supply • Good Plan • Clear Roadmap • Future Oriented • Unique • Known Team • Organic Growth • Community Inclusion • Open To All • Sustainable • Transparent • Multi-chain • Huge Marketing • No VIP • Large Market • Flexible etc. 7 Why Invest In UkboyToken?
  9. Our Investors • UkboyToken is one of the few projects that have no VIP reservations. It is open to all categories of income earners including those that do not have money to invest. User interactions with UkboyToken are limitless and borderless as it target enhancing the quality of life of the entire humanity. 8
  10. A number of people (investors), projects and NFT creators joined UkboyToken World. Many exchanges are longing to see UKBT listed with them and numerous marketers and influencers leading communities of 10+ million followers cumulatively are already with us. More are joining hoping to see us working with them. They believe that the move is so much big and is just in its infancy. 9
  11. 10 These are visual overviews of UKBT pools at some prices from the DEX Test conducted on Uniswap to find how best it will withstand hard market times to ensure steady value growth. Read more
  12. IDO • The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is provided to enable the general public access to UKBT at the lowest possible prices and to expand decentralization. It is designed to be accomplished in two phases - Presale and Public Sale on DEX or Launchpad. UKBT will be available for sale at discounted rates to all interested participants. You may buy any amount of UKBT as there is no hard or soft cap for any buyer. Everybody is given equal chance as it require no whitelisting. 11
  13. 12 Price Chart 0 0.0000001 0.0000002 0.0000003 0.0000004 0.0000005 0.0000006 Presale Public Sale Launch UKBT Price Chart Price in USDT
  14. Larger UKBT allocations will be locked to bring the token circulation under good control in order to maintain good value and ensure transparency. Details can be found in the whitepaper. Read more 13
  15. 14 UkboyToken will launch on Uniswap in 4th quarter of 2022. Many DEXs and CEXs are longing to list UKBT without hesitation because it is always a welcoming gem for massive growth and high return.
  16. 15 Some of the DEXs, DeFi Aggregators and CEXs UKBT will reach.
  17. 16 0.000005 0.001 0.008 0.05 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 UKBT PRICE PREDICTION UKBT Price Prediction
  18. 17 UkboyToken World.
  19. UkboyToken World is the global community and ecosystem that uses UKBT to bring together people, foundations, businesses, projects and organizations willing to see humanity in joy built with deep consideration of sustainable development. For this reason, the community have an ever-increasing number of people having great zeal in the project and what it aim to do. 18 The Community
  20. 19 The Ecosystem
  21. The NFT space is growing rapidly and disbursing good. Despite being DeFi, UkboyToken will integrate NFT to widen its scope. We will work to see beautiful and outstanding collection(s) in the name of the project yielding fruitfully to the ecosystem. 20 U NFT
  22. UKBT was previously on Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) an is currently on Polygon Network. In the long run, it will be available on multiple chains with varying transaction fees, settlement time (speed), ease of use and acceptance range to provide users with efficacy. It will also be on its own protocol by 2026. When this milestone is achieved, users can interact with chains they prefer. 21
  23. U Foundation • U Foundation is the charity foundation to convey the major humanitarian activities across the globe. It will go a long way in giving charity to individual needy, houses, orphanages, groups and will also empower people, businesses, existing and new projects among others. Since the beginning, UkboyToken has provided series of earning activities to the general public. 22
  24. UkboyToken will launch its marketplace where users around the world can participate in buying and selling of goods and services either as merchants or buyers using UKBT for payment or other currencies which the parties in trade (buyer and seller) may agree upon. Also delivery fees will be settled in UKBT. 23
  25. UKBT Pay UKBT Pay is a payment gateway to be powered by UkboyToken. It will be used as the major payment method on U Marketplace for the buying and selling of goods and services. Other marketplaces, platforms, businesses, projects and organizations may opt to integrate it as their default or alternative payment method. Users can also utilize it on U Wallet. 24
  26. A non-custodial multi-coin wallet to accommodate multi-chain UKBT will be developed. The wallet will be available for major, growing cryptocurrencies and NFTs as it is going to be compatible with numerous blockchains in the space. U Chain will be integrated immediately it is up for launch. 25
  27. U Chain U Chain is the blockchain of the high ranking to be developed by UkboyToken. It will be designed to solve major and minor faults being encountered in the existing blockchains such as security vulnerabilities, inadequate flexibility, low transaction speed, high fees, etc. When it comes to interoperability, U Chain will be able to communicate with most of the available and future chains. 26
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