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About ukraine

Useful information about Ukraine.

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About ukraine

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to Ukraine!
  2. 2. About UkraineUkraine is a unique country, which combines innovations and traditions, dynamicdevelopment and local flavor, modern technology and ancient history.Today our country is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists and business.There are thousands of cultural and business events being held each year inUkraine, attended by more than 20 million foreign visitors.Our country will surprise you with hospitality, openness, new opportunities forbusiness and leisure and readiness for partnership and cooperation.
  3. 3. Basic facts about UkraineArea: 603.700 sq mPopulation: 46.2 millionClimate: Ukraine has a mostly temperate continentalwith distinct seasons, and only on the southern coast ofCrimea it changes to subtropical.Local Time: UTC +2Capital: KyivLanguage: Ukrainian is the official language in thecountry. Along with the Ukrainian language Russian iswidely used. English is included in the school programand is widely spread in Ukraine. It’s mostly used byyoung people living and working in big cities.Religion: Christianity (Orthodoxy).Form of government: parliamentary-presidentialrepublic.Currency: Official currency in Ukraine is hryvnia.Hryvnia exchange rate pegged to USD.
  4. 4. Ukraine – is: The biggest country in Europe with an amazing natural landscape. Its shores arewashed by two seas - Black and Azov. On south and west of the country there aretwo mountain systems - Crimean and Carpathian. In the top-10 ranking of countries that are worth a visit in 2012, compiled by theauthoritative British guide The Lonely Planet. The homeland of famous worldwide artists, athletes, sculptors, musicians, actorsand scientists. Among famous Ukrainians - Andriy Shevchenko, Klitschko brothers,Mila Jovovich, Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Horowitz, Sergei Bubka and many others.
  5. 5. Ukraine – is: Rich in natural resources. Ukraine has the worlds largest reserves of sulfur andranks second position in World reserves of mercury ores. Also there are more than5% of the Worlds reserves of iron ore concentrated in Ukraine. One of the largest exporters of wheat, sunflower oil, corn and barley. The host country of the European Football Championship, EURO-2012.
  6. 6. 7 reasons to invest in Ukraine:1. Strategic location of the country, proximity to the 4th European Union countries.2. The consumer market of Ukraine is the 5th largest in Europe.3. Five cities with population exceeding one million. The largest of them are Kyiv (population of2.6 million), Kharkiv (population of 1.6 million), Dnipropetrivsk (population of 1.1 million),Odesa (population of 1.1 million), Donetsk (population of 1.1 million). Lviv is currentlyapproaching this status (population of 802 thousand).4. High potential of educated skilled and relatively inexpensive staff. Number of Ukrainians withhigher education substantially exceeds the European level. More than 90% of Ukrainians have asecondary or higher education.5. The development of modern technologies.6. Ukraine is a member of the WTO and we still discuss the expanding of trade and economicties with European countries.7. According to HSBC, the largest bank in the world, Ukraine will be one of the fastest growingmarkets of the XXI century.
  7. 7. Did you know that: The largest countries - investors in Ukraine are:Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Austria, UK,USA, and France.According to the Organization for EconomicCooperation and Development (OECD), the mostattractive sectors for foreign direct investments inUkraine are: agribusiness, energy-savingtechnologies, aviation development. To improve the investment activity in Ukraine afew important regulations that may be interestingfor foreign investors have been adopted. In 2011the changes have been made to the law "Oninvestment activity", provisions of law "On thepreparation and implementation of investmentprojects on the principle of “single window” andthe law “On public-private partnership" becameeffective, which takes into account the importantprinciples that are used in the EU.
  8. 8. Did you know that: Ukraine has ratified the WashingtonConvention of 1965 on the Settlement ofInvestment Disputes between States andNationals of Other States. Foreign investorsare guaranteed the right of return ofinvestments in kind or in currency investmentwithout paying a fee in the event oftermination of investment activity. Ukraine signed the intergovernmentalagreements on encouragement and mutualprotection of investments with more than 70countries around the world.
  9. 9. How to make your businessstand out in Ukraine?If you consider Ukraine for your business and plan an important occasion – Ukraine forEvents local company is your best option.Very often organizing an event in a strange country becomes unmanageable, even for themost experienced event specialist. Many problems can be avoided by knowing the nuances ofwork in Ukraine. We take over your concerns while guaranteeing the quality of the orderfulfillment, as we’re perfectly aware of the Ukrainian market specifics. We love to organize events! Doing the job we love, we approach every order with our soul and make every effort to get results beyond expectations. Feel free to contact us via e-mail: