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Giuseppe Provenzano, Expert of Higher Education and Research Division of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)



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UNIMED, General Assembly 2019

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Giuseppe Provenzano, Expert of Higher Education and Research Division of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

  1. 1. • ChallengesandprioritiesofUfMinHigherEducationandResearch
  2. 2. Side event to the UfM Ministerial Conference on Employment and Labour Cascais, Portugal 1 April 2019 Theemploymentof Mediterraneanuniversity graduates: Bridgingtheemployability gapbetweenadvanced skillsandmarkets
  3. 3. 3 What main converging objectives for further action have emerged? • To offer to young graduates new competences and means for transitioning as best as possible to the work environment, characterized by its openness to innovation and mobility and its fast pace of changing. • To close the gap between university/research world, the job market, entrepreneurship and the needs of territories. • To enhance information flows between the different stakeholders (students, universities, private sector, municipalities, chambers of commerce…) by mobilizing exchange platforms and organizing meetings aiming to increase the synergies, creating partnerships, strengthening networking and supporting multistakeholder approach (enterprises, associations, ministries…) with the goal of bringing closer education to the job market needs. • To facilitate knowledge transfer from research to business in the Mediterranean region. • To use blue economy, bio-economy and circular economy as the newest triggers for economic growth, employment opportunities and new kinds of jobs through applied research, training, mobility and awareness raising in innovative domains creating sustainable development. Somemaintake-awayspointsasfoodforthought The employment of Mediterranean university graduates: Bridging the employability gap between advanced skills and markets
  4. 4. The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) organized, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Egypt, a regional meeting on higher education regional cooperation on 1 December in Cairo. 3rdUfMRegional MeetingonHigher Education Internationalisation: Arenewedstrategic agendaforhigher educationregional cooperationinthe Mediterranean
  5. 5. An action-driven organization with a common ambition Follow us on: @UfMSecretariat
  6. 6. UfMroleinHigherEducation andResearch
  7. 7. “Creating more opportunities for youth”. “Investing in quality education systems in a changing world of work”. “Understanding and addressing key challenges in the Mediterranean area”. UfM | Political Fora 2
  8. 8. Ministers acknowledge: • “the need for increased researchers’ and students’ mobility”. • “the importance of investment in education, higher education and training systems, including vocational education and training”. • “the importance of brain circulation and the contribution of scientific diasporas to regional integration, sustainable development and regional stability”. UfM | Political Fora to enhance regional dialogue in Higher Education and in Research & Innovation 3 • Ministerial Declaration of the UfM Employment and Labour Ministers (Cascais, Portugal, 2019) • Ministerial Conference on Strengthening Euro- Mediterranean Cooperation through Research and Innovation (Valletta, Malta, 2017)
  9. 9. UfM I Platforms for regional policy dialogue 4 stakeholders from: • Higher education institutions, • Regional university networks, • Regional student networks, • Research centres, • European Commission, • International organisations, • Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research, • National competent bodies, • Local authorities, • Private sector, • Civil society organisations.
  10. 10. • Last meeting to take place the ‘3rd UfM Regional Meeting on Higher Education Internationalisation’ in Cairo, 1 December. • Back-to-back with a regional networking and capacity- building seminar targeting international relations offices of universities from both shores. • Launching event of the Horizon Europe programme for the Southern Mediterranean countries (second semester 2020). • Laying the foundations for a working group on ‎research and innovation on priority themes such as green, ‎blue and circular economy. ‎ “Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications: Where does the Euro-Mediterranean region stand?” (EMUNI-UfM conference, Barcelona, April 2019) “The employment of Mediterranean university graduates: Bridging the employability gap between advanced skills and markets” (UfM side-event to the Ministerial Conference on Employment and Labour, Cascais, April 2019) UfM | Regional Dialogue onhighereducationinternationalization andacademicmobility 5
  11. 11. UfM | Projects with a regional impact 6 7 regional cooperation projects have been labelled, worth more than €160 million!
  12. 12. UfM Projects with a regional impact • Supporting academic mobility through scaling-up labelled projects. • Possibilities of engaging with new projects emerging from the Summit of the Two Shores (e.g. creation of a network of maritime vocational schools, etc.). • Supporting projects with emphasis on developing actions in the fields of blue economy, bio-economy and circular economy. • Collaborative approach in the Euro-Mediterranean area on migration and integration related aspects, as an eventual labelling of the project “Rapid Response Mechanism for the Mediterranean” promoted by the Global Platform for Syrian Students.
  13. 13. 8 By 2030, gross enrolment rates in higher education in the region are foreseen to rise up to 40%. The Euromed University of Fes stands as a pioneer academic institution and center of excellence that seeks to educate a new generation of young people with a unique Euro-Mediterranean vision. 1, 070 students enrolled in academic year 2018-2019. 2,000 students are expected to be enrolled at the Euromed University of Fes for the next academic year 2019-2020. 80% of students participating in mobility experiences abroad. 46% of current teaching staff come from outside Morocco, representing 15 different nationalities (Algeria, Belgium, France Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, United Kingdom,…) . TheEuromedUniversityofFes Human development Zoom on a Project:
  14. 14. 9 With an average of about 30% youth unemployment, the region has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. It is supported by a network of 95 schools and universities from 16 Mediterranean countries. 9 Euro-Mediterranean countires are currently involved in the project: Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia. >500 young people, including 47% women, have already benefitted from the project. HOMERe:HighOpportunityforMediterraneanExecutiveRecruitment “The programme made my life much easier as a student and as a young graduate facing the labour market. It has been very easy for me to integrate into the company and finally get recruited” Sara El Khal, informatics engineer, beneficiary of HOMERe Human development Zoom on a Project:
  15. 15. Creating synergies, increasing impact Advancingcooperation withthePRIMAInitiative
  16. 16. From a European to a Mediterranean Initiative Supportingtheextension ofBLUEMEDInitiativeto theMediterranean
  17. 17. 12 From a European to a Mediterranean Initiative (Bluemed-related activites and projects): • Recruitment of consultants/experts to support UfMS in expanding the Initiative to UfM non-EU countries and coordinating with BLUEMED CSA activities • Participation to the EU-MED GSO BLUEMED WG • Participation to nationally organized BLUEMED Information and Consultation Days (June-July 2018) • Hosting of the BLUEMED Week (October 2018); • Co-organisation with DG RTD of BLUEMED session at the FISHFORUM of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (December 2018) • Hosting BLUEMED 4th Platforms meeting and Young Ambassadors training (October 15-18) • REGIONAL SEMINAR ON BLUE SKILLS, CAREERS AND JOBS (Brussels, 19 November 2019) back-to-back with 6th meeting of the Working Group on the Blue Economy (20 November). Follow-up of the Valletta Declaration Zoom on an Initiative: