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Greycon Case Study - PROLAMSA X-Trim

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Greycon Case Study - PROLAMSA X-Trim

  1. 1. Company  Name: Prolamsa  Locations: General Escobedo, Monterrey  Industry: Metal—Carbon Steel Converter  Annual production: 300,000 ton  ERP System: SAP  Web site: Prolamsa is Latin America's largest and most modern producer of "as-welded" mechanical and structural tubing, metal building components, and metal shapes. CASE STUDY - At a glance Objectives  Reduce metal scrap  Choose the best stocks to use among the available  Improve raw material purchase process, determine the stock to buy based on planned demand Key Challenges  Take into account all the properties Prolamsa needed to group the order  Take advantage of the possibility to have a width range for some orders to reduce trim  Integration with SAP Implemented Solutions  X-Trim  APS Connector 2.0  X-Trim Analytics Implementation  The project lasted a bit longer than expected due to the SAP upgrade they were doing which needed a certain period of data freezing.  X-Trim seamlessly integrated to SAP, despite the customized SAP blueprint Prolamsa had, thanks to the use of APSC and Prolamsa’s developers who implemented custom features.  X-Trim Analytics was implemented after the X-Trim go-live, in order to have enough data to be analysed. An on-site training was held and Greycon assessed Prolamsa with the interpretation of the information provided by X-Trim Analytics. Specialists in optimised production planning & scheduling “We are convinced this solutions will give us a competitive advantage, improving or reducing significantly out scrap” Pablo Martinez Production Manager +
  2. 2. Key Benefits  ROI < 2 months  The Production Manager is able to rapidly identify which products have the best and worse margin for the company  The Production Manager have better control of the planner’s daily work. Key Success Factors  Excellent teamwork between Prolamsa and Greycon, supported by a fluid communication.  World-class solutions.  Seamless integration with SAP. Copyright 2002-2009 Greycon Ltd. Registered in England No. 1861647. Registered office at 7 Calico House, Plantation Wharf, York Road, Battersea, London SW11 3TN. VAT Registration No. 422 3242 00. “The success of this implementation project, from my point of view, has been the communication between both parties. Both teams have proved great availability and professionalism to overcome every issue, without any major difficulty and on time.” Pablo Martinez Production Manager Last Update 14 August +