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Q&A with the UserTesting Marketing Team

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Highlights from the free, on demand webinar.

Best practices from the marketing team at UserTesting.

Want to improve your marketing efforts and get customer feedback at the same time? Find out how our own marketing team uses the UserTesting platform to boost conversions and uncover new insights about our customers’ needs.

Take a peek behind the curtain, to see how they used the tool to improve their campaigns, redesign the website, and more!

Listen to Phil and Stef, as they answer questions about how you too can implement UserTesting within your own marketing campaigns and strategy.

This on demand webinar is for marketers who want to learn how UserTesting can fit into their marketing strategy.

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Q&A with the UserTesting Marketing Team

  1. 1. Q&A with the UserTesting Marketing Team
  2. 2. Our Marketing Team • Learn about our marketing team • Find out what you can user test • Listen to Q&A with Phil and Stef IN THIS WEBINAR
  3. 3. Our Marketing Team Guidelines
  4. 4. The customer/ prospect always comes first. We love our customers and prospects and treat them with respect. Guideline #1
  5. 5. We repeat, the customer comes first. We cherish them, protect them, treat them better than we’d ever expect anyone to treat us. Guideline #2
  6. 6. We create great content that our customers and prospects want. We provide value. Guideline #3
  7. 7. To learn how our Marketing Team uses the UserTesting platform: Watch the webinar now
  8. 8. What can you do with the UserTesting platform?
  9. 9. You can test:
  10. 10. - Landing pages - Surveys - Blog posts - Whitepapers - Emails - Videos - Internal search - Competitors - Search engines - Wireframes - Purchase flow - Mobile - Navigation - And more!
  11. 11. Test your own site or app at Or run a free test a
  12. 12. Q&A with Phil Sharp and Stef Miller -Marketers at UserTesting-
  13. 13. What’s the best way to convince clients that UserTesting is an important part of the puzzle? Question #1
  14. 14. - Demonstrate the value by showing them a video of someone using their site/app. - Peek is a great free option. - Give them the power to run tests. Answer
  15. 15. What’s your most effective conversion rate tip? Question #2
  16. 16. - User testing is an effective way to generate A/B testing ideas. - See where your users get stuck, and listen to what your real users want. A B Answer
  17. 17. What is the UserTesting panel? Question #3
  18. 18. - It includes thousands of normal, everyday users. You can filter them to find your target audience. - We provide participants, so you don’t have to recruit your own! Answer
  19. 19. Get access to all 12 questions by watching the ondemand webinar! Watch the webinar now Watch the webinar now
  20. 20.