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Strategic UX - Good Design = Good Business


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Strategic UX - Good Design = Good Business

  1. 1. STRATEGIC UX How good design can build a successful business @ultraman
  2. 2. UX is my life Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  3. 3. SKY+ EPG ANYTIME SKY GO MOBILE WEB Connect users with the business Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  4. 4. “An experience strategy is that collection of activities that an organisation chooses to undertake to deliver a series of interactions which, when taken together, constitute a product or service offering that is superior in a meaningful, hard to replicate way; that is unique, distinct & distinguishable from that available from a competitor.” - Steve Batty, VP IxDA What is a UX Strategy? Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  5. 5. Why do we need a UX strategy? “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  6. 6. These companies no longer exist These companies, no one can live without for now any way :-) Survival Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  7. 7. 1886 1903 1937 1943 Ford Model T Wright brothers 302 Biro first car first flight first phone first non drip pen 1957 1975 1996 2007 Helvetica Xerox star Motorola Startac iPhone First unobtrusive typeface First GUI first mobile phone First true ‘Smart’ phone iPod, internet, phone Impact Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  8. 8. too busy (tip: innovation is key to survival) over analysis not connected (too far) Innovation less risky process, process, political Tactical process quick results comfortable Optimise and fix short sighted old tech Balance Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  9. 9. An index of design aware companies outperformed the FTSE All share by over 200% in both bull and bear markets over a 13 year period - Design Council Value Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  10. 10. Hopes, Fears, RAIDs User behaviours Value map (incl. Competitors) and needs Business purpose and needs join a bunch of activities to create great stuff to survive* Interactions and journeys Validate Prioritise Business model Elevator pitch Build team Connection *improve or differentiate against Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  11. 11. • Ensure survival • Make an impact • Balance innovation and tactics • Build a valuable business • Connect the dots Measurable results! Why do we need a UX strategy? Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  12. 12. Problems, trends & opportunities “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘Faster Horses’.” - Henry Ford 10 Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  13. 13. Omniture, TeaLeaf, Radian 6, customer surveys, interviews consistently low Sky Voice of the Customer report March 2012 Problems Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  14. 14. Trends Trends customer customer Trends Stakeholder customer customer Trends Stakeholder Stakeholder Trends Trends Trends Stakeholder Stakeholder customer Stakeholder Stakeholder customer customer customer Trends Stakeholder Trends Trends Trends Trends Trends
  15. 15. Mobile payments Mobile advertising Second screen consumption sentiment analysis Opportunities
  16. 16. Problem + Trend + Opportunity = Success Formula for success Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  17. 17. Founder Futurist CXO Business owner Strategy / Planning Marketing Producer Customer insight Director of design UX Design Creative Director Graphic Design Development Operations UX Lead Design team lead Sales Customer Service Customer Training Strategy consultant Nerd Brand HR New business guy Designer Finance Step up! Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  18. 18. Define the value proposition “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. Kennedy 15 Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  19. 19. !"#$%&!"#$%&"#'("%)#*+$,-)"(./#,0+1"./# !"*%&!"#*+1.)%1)37#*0%33"1'"#)0"#.)%)-.#;-+# )%23").#%14#56. %14#)091&91'#49<"("1)37#)+#$%&"#7+-(#8+(34#%# 2"="(#,3%*" '()%&50"7#%("#8"33#4".9'1"4#%14#.9$,3"# )+#-." '()%&>?"(7)091'#8"#*("%)"#9.#2"%-@A-337# 4".9'1"4/#.9$,3"#)+#-."#B#-."A-3#)+#7+- !%1)#)+#2-7#+1": !"#$%&!"#C-.)#0%,,"1#)+#$%&"#'("%)# *+$,-)"(./#,0+1"./#)%23").#%14#)?. D("#7+-#91)"(".)"4: Golden Circles Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  20. 20. • Why? Write a sentence that describes your purpose. • How? Match your purpose with design principles. • What? Sell them products and services they will fall in love with. Purpose Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  21. 21. • Focus on main customer behaviour & need • Highlight an important benefit • Describe how you are different or better than a competitor (USP) Sum it up Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  22. 22. Better or Different. Funny! Shocking !!! Accepted Not Funny. • Conduct market research and competitor analysis (e.g. SWOT). • Select 2 important features and map your brand against competitors. • Decide to improve or differentiate. Competitor advantage Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  23. 23. • Match (relationship, channels) value proposition to customer needs • Identify key people, activities and partners • Balancing cost and ROI Business model Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  24. 24. Understand the customer experience “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. ” - Steve Jobs Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  25. 25. • Street interviews and focus groups for early insight • Brainstorming using empathy maps to drive out features • Personas to compare customer segments Empathy maps: The customer Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  26. 26. • Customer behaviours & needs • Functionality with most impact. • Prepare to story map Empathy maps: The journey Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  27. 27. • HTML prototype • Recruit 200 online participants • 3 remote RITE sessions over 1 week • Instant results + quick analysis • Cost effective. Good enough to build! Validation Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  28. 28. Build the right things “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.” - Albert Einstein Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  29. 29. • Team roles & responsibilities • Objectives and user stories • Road map for budget approval Plan Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  30. 30. TV Mobile web Billboards Direct marketing Other? • Marketing strategy plan and timings • Let them know what you need • Consistent tone of voice and brand messaging Empathy maps: Market Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  31. 31. • Be very choosy. Ask for volunteers. Empower excellence! • Get people to clarify and define roles and responsibilities. • When to work in ‘pairs’ and co-locate if needed (Agile, Lean) Team Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  32. 32. Remember technology! • “Hopes and Fears” (success and failure) • Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies. Answer unknowns! • Features against spend, ROI, KPIs met Empathy maps: Vision Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  33. 33. innovative = early adoption (new prospects) useful = can’t live without it (stickiness) aesthetic = love it (customer satisfaction) understandable = easy to use (complaints) unobtrusive = expressive (personalisation) honest = trust (cross sell) long lasting = timeless (less updating) thorough = all they need (pref. over competitor) environmentally friendly = fits lifestyle (use all the time) as little design as possible = uncluttered (speed) 606 Universal Shelving System, 1960, by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ Principles Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  34. 34. • Page component layout • User flows • Interaction models Wireframes Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  35. 35. components • Document lightly (fonts, colours) • High level rules, design rational, flows • Page templates, components, css stylesheets and ux pattern library Guidelines Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  36. 36. • Group user stories under epics (remember customer journeys?) • Prioritise on KPI impact, cost and dependencies (MoSCoW). • ‘Thin slice’ to ensure holistic joined up journey for Release 1 Story Map Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  37. 37. Cool tech, clever partnerships understand explore prototype Release* Research Teach Build Analyse Think Measure Uncover Prioritise Learn *Good enough prototype, roadmap, recommendations Awesome team Launch Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  38. 38. • Keep it lean and prepare to fail fast • Track data and split test (cohort analysis) • Learn from the results to make improvements • Keep doing this! Build, measure, learn Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  39. 39. Learn, measure, & improve “The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates 50 Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  40. 40. • Get UX strategy in to business and delivery processes • Be part of the RACI (rules of engagement) • Set up a design authority Facilitate Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  41. 41. • Give expert talks • Facilitate creative workshops • Mentor teams Evangelise Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  42. 42. Innovation Innovation Tactical Projects Tactical projects Optimisation and fixes Optimisation and fixes *Innovation needs to be practical Improve Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  43. 43. The Association for Managers of Innovation studied why corporate innovation champions struggle to survive.! The study looked at what actions and behaviours put these managers at risk in their efforts to evangelise.! Of the 15 innovation champions in the study, 10 left their organisations and became consultants, 4 joined smaller or start-up companies, and 1 retired. None returned to a Fortune 500 company.! Most of the consultants* have as their clients Fortune 500 companies and, in some cases, their former employers. *consultant is not a ‘dirty’ word any more! OK to get ‘fired’ Innovation subversives don’t all fit Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  44. 44. customer customer customer customer customer customer customer • Start small fires that make a difference in a big way. OK to fail. • Persevere past early stage adoption till it becomes second nature. • Pivot when it starts feeling out of date and make it more relevant. Believe Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  45. 45. Testimonials* “Ideas look great and are really well thought out. I love the way Agile principles are referenced throughout. Powerful and insightful.” - Jonathan Rassmussen, The Agile Samurai “I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t find all these ingredients useful. Some real gems here.” - Julien Fourgeaud, New product wizard, Rovio “Eewei is always scribbling ideas on what ever he can get his hands on including napkins, beer mats and even his hand! It is about time these concepts saw the light of day. Awesome, awesome, awesome.” - Darius Kumana, Principal, ThoughtWorks UK Q&A 25% discount code: PragProgEeweiChen101 Valid after August 3 2012 Thanks Eewei Chen / @ultraman /
  46. 46. 1. WHY DO WE NEED A UX STRATEGY? 5. BUILD RIGHT THINGS • Who will survive? • Plan • Tactical is not good enough • Brand, Marketing & Advertising • Good design defines history • The A-Team • Use good design to improve business • Clarify the vision • What is a UX Strategy? • Design principles • Wireframes 2. UNCOVER PROBLEMS & OPPORTUNITIES • Design guidelines • Story Map • Problems • Build, measure and learn • Opportunities • Innovate 6. GET MORE TO DO MORE • Gain respect • Build up enough momentum • 10 commandments 3. DEFINE THE VALUE PROPOSITION 7. LEARN, MEASURE & IMPROVE • Golden Circles • Elevator pitch and Statement • Facilitate Change • Value Map • Evangelise the strategy • Business Model Canvas • Keep improving • Don’t be afraid to get fired 4. UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE • Don’t stop believing • Interviews, focus groups, empathy maps and personas • Customer Journey Map 8. Q&A • Early usability testing Eewei Chen / @ultraman /